My husband and I are thinking about taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt and medical bills.? related questions

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My husband and I are thinking about taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt and medical bills.?9ara2012-09-14 09:10:03
Our house is paid for and their parents think it is a bad idea to take out a loan for unsecured debt in trade to be sure the house. While this would save about $ 500 a month to not have or put something else on the cards and just pay cash? Good idea or bad and if so what kind of loan we have?
Debt ---- student loan, medical bills, credit card --how- where do you start first?4Neetoosha2012-10-07 16:34:04
PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE . I want real advice , not a lecture to tell me how pathetic I am ---- when you walk in my shoes you can judge . Thanks in advance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First - I got married in my 20s and my ex husband ruined my credit . After leaving that mess ---- I stole two years later , financially destitute and the victim of a violent crime , I had to quit graduate school and I moved to another city for me to get back together . Your MedlinePlus taken years for me my life back. MedlinePlus Now , because of the circumstances regarding this 'm loaded with 100 g of unpaid medical bills , student loans 100 + in patience, and about 7500 in credit card debit . Also my husband ( remarried 1 year ) has a student loan of about 30 g credit cards and 5g . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally we both work and want to get our lives together. What should I do first ? I have only about 200 a month in revenue spending after making a strict budget . Not to be broken and miserable forever . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I gave my car to a family member that was worth it and kept it - so we have no car. We also have only bought used furniture, clothes, and pack a lunch to give the idea of our lifestyle .... are not frivolous --- really trying to be responsible and move on. We live in a major city with a combined income of 35g personnel . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( We live in PA - . So we have not had to face wage garnishment ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please tell me where to turn for advice to get myself together. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
I am thinking of taking a secured loan to clear credit card debt , any advice?2Mongolian Shit 2012-11-04 23:25:01
I'm thinking of taking a secured loan to eliminate credit card debt , any advice?
Can my husband get a home loan without credit and with medical bills in collections?0student acc2012-09-06 03:37:06
I already took two credit cards , a car loan for me , and soon to be a car loan for him . i have excellent credit , but do not think I can handle more debt and I was hoping there would be some assistance for first-time buyers with no credit / bad credit ...
Consolidate medical bills with credit card bills?1i.miss.you2012-08-17 12:29:31
I have about $ 5,000 in medical expenses, I'm paying about $ 125/month without interest. Also I have about $ 6,000 in credit card bills and I'm paying about $ 200 a month , with approximately 15 % interest. Would it be wise to consolidate all my debts and get a loan of $ 11,000. I did not know whether it would be good to include medical expenses because currently there is interest in them.
My credit report contains medical bills from my ex-husband. If I have a court order, do I have to pay them?4vikas2012-11-02 01:52:02
In 2007, he was ordered by the court that it was not responsible for these medical expenses . ( The judge ordered that I was responsible for my bills and was responsible for her - I have mine paid , of course not paid her ... ) I decided to check my credit report online , because my ex-husband has also added fraudulant charges to my credit and wanted to know if there was any (which of course , no ! But that's a totally different conflict . ) If I write the three credit bureaus to dispute medical expenses and include a copy of the court order , will they remove the bills from my report ? I live in Wisconsin , so the state law is any invoice obtained during marriage is both parties responsibility , but his court ordered ( and I told him to creditors upset when I called and was told that basically F off ! ) will this work ? My credit score has dropped from excellent to very poor in a year . I'm being denied jobs left and right and loans ... I need to know if it is even worth trying ..
Where can I get money to pay my credit card bills as a medical student?0Cilla2012-10-19 17:26:22
Therefore, I am a 3rd year student of medicine who has spent a little beyond my means , due to the fact that , finally , having money in sight. I get the maximum amount each year in student loans (so that is not a viable option - increasing student loan money ) , and currently has about $ 10,000 in credit card debt . I can lease my car, I own a house , but have a minimum capital in it, and I can not get a job with the school . I can not ask my parents , they have no income to qualify for a personal loan , and probably would not qualify for a line of credit for the same reason . So is there anything I can do to get out of credit card debt ? Or just deal with it until you actually make money ... ? Thank you.
Taking out loan to consolidate credit card bills...?4Carrolynn2012-08-21 23:29:03
I'm taking a loan for my credit cards considate . Is it better to pay those with a higher interest rate for the first time ? If so, where does the money first , rates higher or lower. (eg if you only pay a portion of a bill ). How will this affect me for the monthly amount ? I'm thinking of paying the higher payment (eg , paying my car loan is $ 250/month . , I owe $ 1800 on it. ). Pay is now completely get rid of much of the money going out . I'm confused !
Consolidating Debt I am thinking of open an home equity line of credit to consoladate my bills. Help PLease?1Krissa2012-09-26 04:07:04
Can anyone shed light on this for me. My wife is going back to school full-time has taken a loan for school so paid . She is not working and I'm working two jobs , but still does not pay the bills. I searched a higher paying job , but have not found one . We have cut a lot to try to save money . If I had enough to pay my mortgage every month until next summer would be nice. So I was looking into a home equity loan . We have lived in our home for three years now . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
My friends has $10,000 in credit card debt. Is she better off taking out a loan and consolidating her debt?0mellly2012-09-30 03:33:02
My friends have $ 10,000 in credit card debt . Is it better to take a loan and consolidate your debt ?
I was thinking about taking out a home equity loan on my house to consolidate my debt I've been paying on my?0Caitlin2012-10-16 09:44:48
home for three years , the house was sold for 83,000 've done a lot of remodeling worth about 25,000 aleast need a loan for 23 000 what are my chances of getting this?
I would like to consolidate credit card debt by taking a loan out without using my house.?0krys2012-08-06 12:29:01
Can any bank or lender to help? I can afford a payment of interest of 10 % or less instead of paying 28 or 30 % as the loading of credit cards.

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