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Can I get a student loan living off campus working toward an online degree?0ST pls ASAP2012-09-13 20:46:04
A little background info : I am a 21 year old bachelor, who is a sophomore at a school where I have been living on campus . I have made several basic classes that are credits that can be transferred to an online program that I follow. My problem is that I do not want to live with my family . ( much as I love them ) I was staying at my sister's house during the summer , but she is a fighter who just had puppies and two cats , and she did not clean up after them very well . I prefer to get an apartment in which to continue my education online . I wondered ( as I do not know much about student loans ) if a student loan will cover the rent and everything that comes with living on their own over the online degree. If there is any difference , I think it would only be temporary since qualifying for financing my Indian tribe that I will apply again after maybe a year . I can not apply for funding Indian immediately as I sort it out messed up by being irresponsible and doing all that was told to do by the tribe . So I'm in a kind of probation. What kind of student loan should apply and what would be the best route to take now?
Do my parents have the right to keep me from living on campus?1Stacy H2012-10-19 07:05:02
I have 17 years and will turn 18 a month or two after starting college . I can not live at home because of an abusive father ( emotionally and mentally for me , my mom physicist who is in the hospital for unrelated reasons ) and the need to live in college to have a easier lifestyle ( I only to be taking care of myself then , get a job on campus , commuting and I have no car or license anyway , etc ) . My tuition, room and board not being paid if I live on campus . If I can not get over 4k less per year . Room and board is about 3k - 5k per semester . I will not have a meal plan because they live in boyfriend housing off campus and is cheaper to buy my own food . It economically makes sense for me to live on campus despite having to take out a student loan anyway, but living on campus seems a little more after all ( 1k ? ) . My parents do not want to live on campus because 1. Finance 2 . Crime in the city 3. It is 45 minutes away . My grandparents say they live on campus is part of the experience and how you get to school anyway if you live in the house ? My parents are not paying for something less than $ 450 entry fee and housing (250 input , 200 homes ) . I do not know how to ask for $ 450 or to say " hey I 'm living on campus ." I have money in the bank that I can not play without the consent of the mother , but it will be like you who do not live on campus . And she took $ 800 + on my own without my consent . I 'm mature and I'm in all AP classes and instant messaging on the honor roll . I can do my bags and live on campus , even if they say no ? Message me if needed! Thank you.
Living off-campus for College?0m2012-10-09 05:13:19
Background Information : I have been commutting my university in the last three years . I like to live off campus in a house with people of my senior year from next autumn. Now I have not really a specific group of people in mind , but my school has a website to help with that . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Problem: . Probably will not have cash to pay 6k rent / utlilties MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What kind of options do I have here . Briefly spoke with the receptionist at my financial aid office and more or less told me that my son can not be increased because the loans are maxed by default . And that I had to get a loan elsewhere. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had money saved , but I needed ( if necessary ) a new car this year , and I messed up my FAFSA ( my parents did a lot of changes and change money last year ) , what he did for me I have zero financial support of my school and had to dip into the money he had saved to pay the house rent / utilities , ended up going to school for fifty years / balance. My question is , what kind of options I have , is another loan , the only possibility? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know this is a bit specific , but all the answers / experiences are appreciated . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus CRL
My award package overview says that I am going to be living on campus?3Harold Taylor2018-07-28 02:38:25
Online prize pack my view shows that the condition of the house , I'll be living on campus . While I 'm going to be living away from home , I'll stay at home parents of a friend , not at school . This puts my need almost $ 9,000 more . How I can fix this? Will this affect the amount of money received in grants (which was not much to begin with ) loans, or both ?
I am currently a student of University of Phoenix at axia (online campus), and have a question about credits..?1eng2012-08-09 18:14:03
I'm almost finished earning my associates degree, and is very demanding work. I put anywhere from 55-65 hours a week at my job and am considering taking a break until you get a little more acclimated , I have yet to complete some training , etc. Does anyone know if I can withdraw my student loan renewal and take a break, but still keep my credits to return later this year or early , possibly next year? When credits expire ? Thanks to whoever can help me.
I am living & working in usa can i get personal loan in india?3K'sMom2012-09-18 09:14:06
I'm living and working in the U.S. I can get a personal loan for investment in India I am a citizen of India and the U.S. workng on a work visa. If you think you can please tell me what bank or I can go online to get it or is it ?
My name is mike, i am an online college student. i need a student loan to pay for my family's living expences.0Debbi2012-10-07 03:59:29
Heres the deal, all my school related expences are served by federal loans . I'm about to have a family of 4 and I was out of work in a workers compensation case . my question is, is there some type of student loan that you can use with a co -signer , to pay my expences life ( about 15,000) that I can Deffer payment until graduation ? if so , how do I get it ?
Is financial aid different for an online school vs. campus?0ginny2012-08-13 21:31:03
I am currently enrolled in a community college , but was denied financial aid because many classes have fallen. I'm really thinking about making an online school instead ( the campus is not just for me), but did not know if I dropped classes at the community college would affect the financial support for an online school ? I have no way to pay for school .... because they can not get loans without collateral and I have no one to co-sign for me. any advice?
How important is an actual campus vs online schooling?0Tristan2012-10-13 07:11:50
I am a sophomore at a Big 12 school majoring in Accounting and Personal Finance . It baffles me when I read the articles on the students graduate with a lot of student loan debt and no job or go into default . I can not see a life to pay all these debts when theres cheaper alternatives . So ask the question , if I stay in my college to get my associates and then go home! Taking classes online because I am motivated about school not only the cost of large universerities . How important is a degree from a univeristy as K -State at Brown Mackie or Kaplan ?
Living at Home, Working, Schooling, Mom Problems?0Na2012-10-05 09:49:13
im 25 and I moved home after graduating college , and I was looking for a job and need to pay a lot of students loans.i found work quickly and have since been working full time and going to school now full-time again . i dont love living at home, but even today money is financially independent of my parents in every way (food , insurance , cars , etc ) , with the exception of income which I understand is still a problem is huge with my Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 pm.she angry if im home and see me sitting in line for an hour or if I'm running errands for her. She constantly asks me to do things for her when she knows I'm on my way to gym.she makes me feel guilty for not having done more for sounds stupid and ungrateful I am to be living here.i know it is busy and works hard , but so do instant messaging and frustrated that his taken so long to get my looking for a better paying job and am not a party animal , but I'm so out of place?
Should I finish up college online or live in the dorms on campus?0HONEY BEE2012-09-05 05:38:05
A few years ago , my family decided to move south . Because I was about to start college , I decided to go to a near and be with my friends . Fast forward a few years and now I am in his last year with a little less than a year until I graduate . The problem is this : My dad got a job about seven hours north of the university and of course , my family moved with him . I am . Alto and so trying to transfer to a school in the north would add unnecessary amounts of time until I graduate I'm basically left with two options : MedlinePlus 1. ) Stay in campus dormitories . This tactic would at about 7k in loans . I'm debt free now so it's not like it would be the worst thing in the world , but is 7k 7k and have to return the money would still be a nuisance MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus 2. ) Terminate my line last year. The university offers most of the online curriculum ( which I have taken things that do not) , completing my remaining courses would be a cakewalk with the exception of my class completion recently added to the online offerings . I like to be able to save money and stay debt free , but practically would separate myself in the North because I have no friends here . The course would be good for me , but practically would be committing social suicide in a sense . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What should I do ?
Can you get Loans For off Campus Housing if your attending College Online?1sunnie2012-08-10 07:35:02
I have curiosity. The reason I ask is that I always wanted to attend college in Florida and I'm in Michigan. There is no way for me to get there, because it does not have the funds (no less than a loan pays off campus to move ?) So yeah, basically if I decided to make the online university through them , I can follow to get a loan to pay off-campus apartment rent , food bills Ext ? I ask because my boyfriends parents are starting to get nervous at us and only one of us a job and bring just about $ 400 a month. I'm getting ready to complete an Associate Degree in 3 weeks as well , but decided I wanted to try something else.

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