What do I do if I can't pay my medical bills? related questions

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Consolidate medical bills with credit card bills?1i.miss.you2012-08-17 12:29:31
I have about $ 5,000 in medical expenses, I'm paying about $ 125/month without interest. Also I have about $ 6,000 in credit card bills and I'm paying about $ 200 a month , with approximately 15 % interest. Would it be wise to consolidate all my debts and get a loan of $ 11,000. I did not know whether it would be good to include medical expenses because currently there is interest in them.
Can I get help consolidating my bills. I still owe my student loan and irs and medical bills.?0Hol2012-10-10 16:45:40
I can get help ? Consolidation of accounts. I still have my student loan and the IRS and medical bills . ?
What do I do if I can't pay my medical bills?2joe55552012-09-18 17:25:07
I live in the state of Missouri . I am a student of 22 years old , poor school barely passing . During the past year , I have had several medical problems that required surgery , emergency room visits, doctor visits, etc. my parents insurance covered it. Until now . Suddenly , my mom says no you can afford more and gives me a bunch of hospital bills totaling almost $ 2000 and says : " Good luck." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can not afford to buy this. AT ALL . In fact , earn less money than you need to live . I still have to take out student loans just to pay for school and to meet daily needs . I live at home with my parents , but my job on campus just pay for the gas , school fees , food , etc. I currently have $ 15,000 in student loans. I can not pay these bills . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The hospital I should not even expect any money from me . Due to a medical error , I was sent home drugged up one night in the emergency room and hit my car . It cost almost $ 2,000 of my own money to buy a new car, and that was after insurance . They should pay ME freaking $ 2000! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What I can do? I can not afford this, especially since spending the last of my savings on a new car after the hospital screwed me . No need to deal with this right now . What I can do?
Medical bills with no insurance?1Jaylen2012-10-06 03:52:03
I went to the emergency room after having pain in my side for a week earlier this year. Standard tested , including TAC , and was told that didn
Medical bills with no insurance?0Jelani2012-09-21 17:24:02
I went to the emergency room after having pain in my side for a week earlier this year. Standard tested , including TAC , and was told that didn
How to Consolidate My Medical Bills, is there other way out?2yorktech2012-11-04 00:48:01
How to get out of debt , I have legal credit card bills and medical bills and a student loan that I have been unemployed for two years . I have to start over. MedlinePlus Besides consolidating council is a good choice medical bills or any other way to get rid of ?
To pay may Mortgage or credit or medical bills..?0Shone2012-09-01 18:25:02
That is the question ... What is the answer . MedlinePlus Unfortunately, it is inevitable, my beloved home can no longer be sustained . Illness, loss of income, loss of jobs .... Now what . We have two children and goes in the hole at a rate of $ 1,300 per month . He went from over 80,000 to 45,000 in a year. MedlinePlus So ... I have to protect my children . I can not afford my house , even if I Aying on credit cards and medical bills I can not pay my mortgage and keep food unless my creidt cards . I can not use the cc 's hoping you get rear ended and maimed by Michael Jordan . Now what ? What goes first . The second mortgage and home 180kand .. ? more as 125k . The rent .. 1500 p / m expenses 3,300 p / m . Living in az . I own the fucking car , about 16k in unsecured debt , non-recourse loan and a good attitude . Now what ?
Where can we get help paying for our puppies medical bills.?1Karissa2012-11-05 01:56:03
post this question again as there was no solid leads : My boyfriend and I adopted our puppy 3 months old , Elizabeth , June 7, 2008 . We were told the following Wednesday that one of the puppies in the litter had parvo and that she should be tested. She tested positive . Although he recovered, the cost of treatment over $ 1300 and while putting a financial strain on us, that was not the end : After recovering from parvo , she came down with pneumonia and that treatment has cost us an additional $ 450 + . We carried out some loans , but the problem is that my boyfriend and I are students and only works part time to pay other bills (car , medical bills , school , etc . ) If we do not help, we will be behind other bills . We have searched the organizations that can help, but most are for future treatments . Does anyone know of an organization or maybe even people who can help us ? We love our puppy and I tried to do the best for her ...
Can you help me? Medical Bills Has Ruined My Credit.?0sarena2012-09-23 21:59:02
In 2008 I became unemployed . At the same time , my son became ill in 2008 and became ill in 2009 and the two ended up in the emergency room , multiply the tests , scans and an overnight stay in the hospital that he owed $ 7,236.51 , which is now on my credit report on several accounts . In addition to a student loan that is deferred ( start paying student loans next month ) medical bills are the only thing on my credit report . For them it is so cool how can I qualify for anything like a mortgage , rent an apartment , car , anything that forces them to look at my credit report MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I just got a full time job that pays well , before I got the job full-time was only able to pay the agency fee of $ 25 per month , of course I can pay more now , but I'll have to wait 7-10 years to even qualify for anything . The last time I checked my score was BUMMER 560. I've heard of pay for delete by offering to pay a lump sum discount but since I've already been paid and if they find out what I can pay more than probable that a claim for the full amount . My dad told me he can " give" me $ 3,000 to help with my debt . Any suggestion legal feasible .
Please help. How do you fix bad credit from high medical bills?1RIZWAN HASSA2012-10-01 20:43:04
My fiance had been delinquent on bank credit for medical bills . He has since repaid the loan in full. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus When I was in the hospital for a long period of time , your credit card will only be sent to a collection agency . Your credit report does not reflect that the amount has been paid off , but later found the collection agency and payment in full. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He owes $ 0 of debt of any kind now . He uses a debit card and own your car. He had a hard time qualifying for an apartment , but finally got one with a large fee . I feel bad for him because medical bills can happen to anyone. What can you do to repair your credit ? Will it improve on its own , or is there something I could do ?
What's the deal with medical bills on your credit report?2rajshekhar2012-10-20 13:08:02
My husband had a car accident a few years ago ( before I met him ) and he never paid the medical expenses (I would have ordered to make payment arrangements , if I had been with him at the time) . I know I should have made ‚Äč‚Äčarrangements to pay for them , but he did not and now they are all in collections . The total is about $ 58,000. It really hurt your credit score and are forbidden to obtain a mortgage and a car loan . (I have bad credit from my mind to worry about my husband's past, that's a different story , so you can not get a loan either) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've heard that lenders are supposed to look the other way in medical bills and are not supposed to be on your credit report . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is this true ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What can we do to get them off your credit report ? (No way to pay , the amount is too high )
Should I take a home equity loan to pay off the 17,000 in medical bills I have?0tench2012-11-04 02:18:25
I got these medical bills from a recent surgery and its causing a huge financial strain on me. I make enough to live comfortably, but not enough to live comfortably and pay this incredible amount of money every month. I am just wondering, since interest rates are so low right now, is it the right time to take out a home equity loan?

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