Bank of America is the WORST bank in the United States?!!!?

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My husband and I do all our banking with them , checking, savings , mortgage , credit card and a personal line of credit . Our credit scores are in the second half of the top 700 and have never paid late on a bill ever. As a matter of fact, always pay more than the minimum payment . Our facility has a balance of $ 9000. Our credit card has a balance of $ 200. It is the only foreign debt of the house and the cars that we owe . Our debt -to-income ratio is below 30 % . Anyway I called the other day to request an advance of our line of credit for home repairs neccessary (our credit limit was $ 16,500) . Today I went online to check the status of the application and who have been our line of credit of up to $ 10,000. So now not only we will not be able to complete repairs of the house , without dipping into savings but have damaged our credit by increasing debt and available credit ! He blamed the economy ! Give me a break ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What are the chances of this economy that could refinance the mortgage with another bank and get a loan through another bank to repay the loan with BoA ? I ask because from next week we are giving all of our checking account and savings account and go to another bank and we are closing our credit card and any other company that has this horrible.
Answer1neshiaAnswered at 2012-11-02 04:12:02
I read a article on the Yahoo homepage about this earlier this week. BoA isn't the only company doing this. The article actually said it wasn't a good idea to ask for a credit increase or an interest rate decrease because it causes them to review your account and usually ends in a credit limit decrease.

You can move to a different bank but because of the new credit rules they are all looking for new ways to screw you.
Answer2elaine jonesAnswered at 2012-11-03 05:56:43
A lot of the big banks are doing the same thing, so interview them before you make the switch.

Look to smaller, local/regional banks that haven't forgotten the "little people".

That's what I am doing anyway.....
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