Can somebody explain to me how the banks make their profits? related questions

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Can somebody explain to me how the banks make their profits?2shako2012-09-26 17:02:04
In simple terms , please I'm not a financial genius ! MedlinePlus In my opinion I think we can safely assume that offers everyone the 21st century with the banks , everyone has some kind of mind and everyone who earns wages paid in the bank , now that the growth in Australia , the population is very small ( about 1.4 % per year) , not to say that the only banks can attract potential new customers are babies and immigrants ? MedlinePlus If bank A attracts 10 new customers tomorrow probably will be 10 customers will leave and take their business to the bank B or C. .. However, I can not understand why when I look at the balance sheets of Australian banks profits have tripled in the last decade . I earn about $ 42,000 per year, so no matter what you do, no matter how many accounts , credit cards or loans that I have my financial input in the banking system can not exceed $ 42,000 per year, which account fees have increased , but surely this can not explain the extreme increases in profits in the order of 10s of billions of dollars, how do ?
Can someone explain to me whats goes on with Auot Loans from banks versus financing from dealer?0msh2012-09-18 13:54:11
I do not understand any of this until the end ... Just vague interpretations of what I read online , I have no one who can do about it in real life and I'm worried about going in tomarow either a bank or dealer and fucked bc I misunderstood something . MedlinePlus Pros and cons of each would be very helpful . MedlinePlus Also, my husband and I have bad credit ( the company I was working for the month calapsed our son was born ... trying to get back on our feet , so ... ) we are waiting for the good in the car payment or loan also help get our credit back up ... MedlinePlus Any advice at all would be great , thanks
What is the best way to split the profits of my vintage clothing sale?0nelle2012-09-14 15:05:05
Hello MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am having huge mixed feelings about a business that I decided to enter a new friend . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The story is this : I have a small vintage clothing business that is making more enjoyable . I recently borrowed some money to my parents to buy some shares I saw advertised that was so amazing that I could not pass . Anyway , I am slowly returning and my business (which is a small room in an antique market - there is a central checkout counter taking money from customers , so you have to be there) seems to be doing a good good return . I can pay
In India, will business profits be taxable if the loan dues exceed the profit?0Regina ?????????2012-10-11 13:47:45
Just wanted to know if I can start a business by taking loans from the bank and if my business benefit is less than my loan repayment installments , how much will my tax liability according to the Indian law ?
Should banks be forced to make bad loans?0Tobey2012-10-27 12:40:40
The fundamental cause of the financial crisis of 2008 was Federal regulations require banks to make "sub -prime " loans . ( The banks complied and were subsequently charged with " predatory lending " ) Now there is pressure for banks to go through the same ordeal that nobody wins again .
Can Banks make error on loans?0Airelle2012-09-21 10:11:03
Hello MedlinePlus I had a loan with NatWest about 9 years ago , I could not keep up with the payments and was handed over to a debt collection agency who have been paying for about 6 years , 3 months ago NatWest sent me a statement saying the bank account was closed the balance is
Can I make myself more attractive to banks as far as getting a small business loan?1Melbut2012-10-10 08:36:02
In two and a half you will get a trust fund of $ 50,000. I want to start a business that would cost about $ 400,000 to start. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that I need very good credit . I have not got a college degree and do not plan on getting one . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I can make a business plan bulletproof , and have excellent credit , along with the $ 50,000 to throw what are my chances of getting this type of loan ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there anything else I can do to feel more attractive to the loan ?
What banks in Virginia dont make you deposit money to open it?0Koia2012-11-05 00:17:05
Im trying to open up and new bank account so half of my direct deposit can go in that and i can save. Anybody know what banks dont make u deposit any or not alot of money?
Are there banks that consolidate your credit card debt so you can make just one payment a month?1Seth2012-09-01 20:17:03
Hello , MedlinePlus I am a student and I'm getting nervous about my credit card debt ( $ 5,000 ) . Such is the hassle of paying on each card each month . I want to consolidate all the debt and make one payment each month and start paying them . It's hard bc I'm a student and have no income . I have school loans that I use while in law school . Any suggestions ?
Have money to make monthly payments on new car. Bad credit wont allow banks to work with me. What can I do?3marcellous2012-10-27 03:47:02
Most banks are me down car loan and if a lender approves , they want large down payment up front.
Why do so many so called Conservatives insist that banks were forced to make loans to people who could not pay?6jasey2012-11-04 00:38:02
When the reality is that banks encouraged these loans , for the following reasons . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus # 1 Management fees in any other risk . MedlinePlus # 2 could have these loans as AAA securities marked so as legally could maintain capital reserves while earning an interest premium well above capital reserve held as treasury bonds or cash held by the Federal Reserve . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Too bad that people can not get out of your head ....... and see what happened . MedlinePlus Pretty sad .
Will breaking them up, adding a 1% tax, increasing cash/debt level make banks more likely to loan money?3icelocsgirl2012-11-03 18:24:02
Oh and do not forget these convictions in each conference. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Are these measures to encourage banks to ease up on their lending practices and maintain the flow of money in the street ? Or say they are more punitive and likely to make banks tighten credit?

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