Would getting 4 secured credit cards and 2 Secured Loans boost my Credit rating in 1 Year? related questions

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Would getting 4 secured credit cards and 2 Secured Loans boost my Credit rating in 1 Year?6pig, swine2012-11-03 04:48:02
Could get 4 secured credit cards secured loans and 2 improve my credit score in a year?
Which one is better to build fast credit history, secured loans or secured credit cards? any bank recommended?0seesaw2012-09-28 04:45:03
Which is better for building credit history fast secured loans or secured credit cards ? recommend any bank ?
My bank doesnt offer secured loans only secured cards is going to not make my credit as high when im trying.. ?3bola2012-09-10 12:17:03
to rebuild my credit as high as possible . I'm worried about the card will not be enough? help
Using share secured loans and secured credit cards to rebuild credit?0Amelie2012-10-01 07:02:03
BACKGROUND : My Equifax score is 516 .. I just raised 61 points to 455 in the last 30 days for " clean " , my total credit outstanding is 24,000 to 17,000 .. or about 74 % at maximum .. 12,000 of that balance is a car loan that I was late in beverages and have had it for 10 months MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my question is : I want to lose my reason for using credit .. below 50 % this increase my score ? And if so to what extent? MedlinePlus My plan is this : use my credit union share secured loans .. I just got one for $ 1,000 and can reach as many as you want essentially the same $ 1,000 .. I want to get at least 10 of them ( $ 10,000 ) to pay one or two months after posting bail my back and pay the next and so on until all pay off in the second month .. MedlinePlus I am also receiving a $ 2,000 secured card next week .. thus bring about maximum credit to $ 36,000 and ill be below 50 % usage .. MedlinePlus Any comments questions or ideas are appreciated .. MedlinePlus ( Note : I can not use my money to pay down the balance directly because I have anindoor flea market and needs the funds to pay suppliers and invoices at the end of the month .. but I can not use it in the mean time and this situation is no risk)
Is 2 secured credit cards and a secured loan enough to rebuild credit? detailed info inside 10 points?1Sum1Special2012-11-04 22:07:02
I have defaults on student loans a few years ago , due to the difficulties . also a credit card . i finally started to pay off student loans and I hired a company to repair my credit by sending letters to take my negative reports. Meanwhile I wanted to build my credit because id like to own a house in two years after im married . Will 2 secured cards and a secured loan work ? help
Is 2 secured credit cards and a secured loan to much? i need to rebuild my credit its terrible?0abeer2012-09-25 12:32:02
Is 2 secured credit cards and a loan guarantee to both ? I need to rebuild my credit is terrible?
I just received my secured credit card how can i use it to best boost my credit?1Vows. 2012-11-02 08:36:01
I only applied and accepted and received my secured credit card today and I'm not exactly sure , other than to pay each month , about how to use it to increase my credit score . In 2007 made ​​some very stupid decisions and my credit score was at a record low of 420. I began to pay all my debts and loans and now I'm 569 and I'm trying to do in the 600. My credit score has not budged in recent years despite having no new arrears and pay off my car loan and student loans on time. I just get a secured credit card help , and now that I have I have no idea how to best use it to boost my score . The limit is only $ 500 , I thought of using it for recurring expenses like my phone bill and insurance and have paid off automatically . What do you suggest ?
If I have get 3 secured credit cards and pay my car note and student loans?3Snikkahz2012-11-01 22:43:01
time will be my place FICO score and how fast . Its now 500
I want to start building credit but i dont want any "secured' cards or loans?0Noelia2012-09-29 02:11:03
Im 18 years . I want to start building my credit , but idk . I do not want any " guaranteed " credit cards or loans . I applied some letters and have been rejected bc i do not have good credit . My problem is that there is no credit history . Help ? ? ?
Looking to re-establish credit w/secured cards and loans....advice and ideas needed please!!!?3Bradle2012-09-08 02:52:03
Long story short, it was more or less forced to declare bankruptcy in 2005 , and am currently paying slowly down 2 new credit cards (my score has gone up 32 points to 532 in recent months - Im using simulation Equifax puts me about 625 in 10 months if I 'm paying the way ). My next step is to get a credit card secured , and pay over the next 8-10 months to jump my score a little more. I was also thinking of getting a loan from a bank and paying it slowly too. Recommendations on what card companies and banks to go through? PS : If you have any other ideas on how to restore credit, throw 'em in here !
Need to have 2 open revolving credit accounts to build a credit score. having 2 secured credit cards help?2kel2012-08-30 00:36:16
I have a capital of a secured card. I always pay on time and keep a few dollars over yet . I have a car so it will not get a loan and pay 25-29% on a car that does not need. from the bankruptcy that I got a really good job making the most 100k/year . i have managed to save fight 30k this year. I'm mostly trying to find ways to build and goin to get a credit score. and I wonder if you have 2 secured credit cards is a good idea?
2 secured credit cards better than 1?0deajia2012-08-15 15:52:03
I am a new resident to develop my Cradit zero. Requested a $ 500 secured card from Bank of America, now, after doing some research, I think it should have been $ 1000. ¿ I can add to the card or create a new one with the same bank? Or do you do it online from another company? I'm not planning to take a credit card or store.

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