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Is there a way one can go about switching online schools?1VIJ2012-09-13 22:54:04
I was taking online classes with the University of Phoenix online , but I decided to change my major to better suit my career . I recently learned that my employer reimbursed the amount spent in class if I get a degree relevant to my work . I also had a heart of MedlinePlus changed and decided I'd rather get a degree relevant to my current job because I think the general topic to be interesting and I have a passion for it . MedlinePlus My general question is : is there any way to change the schools from which I am currently enrolled in does not offer a degree program in what I want to study? I currently have a student loan from Sallie Mae active with 'm currently enrolled in college so I know I just can not get another student loan until I pay this off one. Unless there is a way that you can simply add it to switch to the online college I want. Moreover, the reason I 'm doing online classes is because my work schedule does not allow me to take courses on campus considering having a regular work schedule .
Question about University of Phoenix and switching schools?0Nell2012-10-07 19:34:23
I am currently enrolled in axia college UOP . I have come to discover that this is awful and very expensive . I'm failing two classes this semester due to the fact that I have to be in a classroom does not exchange messages online and waiting for a response . (especially when I need help ) Anyway , I want to transfer to a local college . I had a scholarship pell my first semester and I have student loans today. Since I failed to these classes, what I can get another loan or Pell Grant for the new school ? Thank you !
If you have a federal student loan and you are in the middle of switching schools, but they have already sent?0Afghanistan2012-11-04 09:30:58
will they do a forebearance on it because you are going to another school
Who thinks online schools and techincal schools cost more than tradtional schools?0Bheki2012-08-08 13:40:43
I go to a state university and its only 5k a semester. My husband went to a school with more techincal and student loan debt than me.
What are the best online schools that allow you to self pace?0Uhave2012-10-15 17:53:47
I want to do online courses , either in social work or criminal justice . I have to work at my own pace . Also any information on Title IV loans ? will pick best answer .
Are online graduate schools okay or a rip off?0Harlery2012-09-17 11:39:04
I am a housewife and I like to get my Masters . The closest school with my degree program is 100 kilometers away . Do colleges online for something ? I do not want to lose a lot of money . I need loans to pay anyway.
Are there any ART schools that allow one to get their degree ONLINE ?0ultra2012-09-16 07:34:05
I was made ​​redundant from my school where I did my degree in business administration from having a bad grade in Algebra . I sent a letter of appeal , but I have not heard anything from them yet letting me know if I could continue my education or not. However, I've been thinking about changing my studies and now I would like to study something like fashion design or illustration and wondered if I was going to apply to another school would be accepted by the fact that I have an appeal hangs over my head and still has student loans to another school ?
Are there any TERI-approved online-only schools?0Danelia2012-10-19 17:16:14
I would go to school online and I am looking for alternatives to the University of Phoenix for an MBA . This school does not seem to meet certain standards , but I'm not exactly sure why ** is not as good as regular schools . Not on the list approved by TERI for certain types of loans , so maybe not accredited at a level high enough ? The other question is , is any school online just good enough to be on this list , or is there something specific to classroom instruction for a high level Tier / Accreditation ? How I can know if an MBA school is " worth " ( in terms of unique credentials ) beyond just being an accredited institution ?
Do online schools check credit?1Jenmark2012-11-02 21:47:02
I started an online course in the month I was paying out of pocket. I decided that this course really did not help much at all, so I decided to leave the course . Will tell about my credit because not borrow money or get a loan or anything. The school was PENNFOSTER online users .
Can you buy a car with student loans (university schools, certified schools, other)?0Winnie2012-09-13 04:23:03
Can a student buys a car loan college students ?
How much do the online schools charge to be RN with a Bachelors degree?2Lolerskater2012-10-08 10:00:02
I encourage my wife , but I do not want to get your hopes if you can afford it until later . I do not want a lot of marketing phone calls either, so I do not want to give out our information online . Our credit is not very good . I messed pay a student loan so I doubt we can get a loan for school. Can anyone give me an idea of what these people charge?
Are there any online schools that will issue a financial aid check?0Hilda2012-08-18 23:40:03
Hello I'm trying to be as specific as possible with this question . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Okay, so I took a semester of college and received my financial aid check . That was the only time I ever took half and I have no degree because children see me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , me being a single mom and everything , it's hard not to scabies and school, work , etc. For my four children are under the age of five , so no old nanny here . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , the question is , are there any online schools that will give me a grant check rather than requiring a loan . Example Kaplan called but they are way higher than a community college that required to make loans . Will I have to do of course , basic to carry only the fee down , or know of any class that fits the usual amount and still cut me a check. As I need for a backup sitter etc and I will not let my course or miss work.

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