Is there a way one can go about switching online schools?

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Asked at 2012-09-12 13:35:07
I was taking online classes with the University of Phoenix online , but I decided to change my major to better suit my career . I recently learned that my employer reimbursed the amount spent in class if I get a degree relevant to my work . I also had a heart of MedlinePlus changed and decided I'd rather get a degree relevant to my current job because I think the general topic to be interesting and I have a passion for it . MedlinePlus My general question is : is there any way to change the schools from which I am currently enrolled in does not offer a degree program in what I want to study? I currently have a student loan from Sallie Mae active with 'm currently enrolled in college so I know I just can not get another student loan until I pay this off one. Unless there is a way that you can simply add it to switch to the online college I want. Moreover, the reason I 'm doing online classes is because my work schedule does not allow me to take courses on campus considering having a regular work schedule .
Answer1JonAnswered at 2012-09-13 22:54:04
Well degrees UOP are despised . Traditional universities are better . Eastern Oregon University has online degrees, which are much cheaper , and more respected . Other colleges and universities have online degrees , but a degree from UOP is not taken seriously.
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