How to deal with salliemae to consolidate signature loans. they keep refusing to consolidate my signature loan related questions

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How to deal with salliemae to consolidate signature loans. they keep refusing to consolidate my signature loan0tory2012-09-12 08:07:03
I called several times . refuse to take over the payment . SallieMae want to consolidate federal loans.they has signed a five credits. I do not know how to ensure that the loan will be used to pay right? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus helps nobody
What is a signature loan? I want to consolidate debts to one payment, my bank says choose signature loan or?0Mical2012-09-23 02:38:02
im looking to consolidate some bills and debts into one low monthly payment . My credit union has signed cosolidation credits or loans .. What should I choose ? what is a signature loan ?
Can i consolidate my signature student loans?0NB2012-09-06 14:16:05
I have a lot of student loan company Sallie Mae , is there a way to consolidate those as a lump sum ? I've consolidated my federal . Any feedback appreciated ..
The IRS needs my signature from 10 years ago to prove that the signature she used was not mine... HELP PLEASE!?1ass, donkey2012-10-07 02:01:03
The friend of my father needs my help and I hope you can help me too. Not to mention his wife secretly took out a student loan and forged his signature on it 10 years ago , did not tell about it , and recently died . The IRS told him he had to pay , he talked to the fraud department and was told that if he could provide documentation of 10 years ago showing your signature for comparison that he did not have to pay . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, the problem is that you have moved several times since then , has had multiple banks since then lost much of its former role working any signature on it , they said that the signature of your social security card can not be used , and that requires a signature as soon as possible prior to show that he is not before start going after your salary . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is what I thought until now ... MedlinePlus - Police fines MedlinePlus Hospital bills , MedlinePlus - Taxes ? - Maybe you still have your old bank records? MedlinePlus - Lease or whatever in your house ? MedlinePlus -Credit card company ? MedlinePlus Utilities bills? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus All ideas will make me very grateful , or anything you pin point it for me . I'm sure there's someone who can be contacted to retrieve a document signed by 10 years . If it helps anyone who gave me your social security number to make online searches and such, but of course I will not give to anyone or putting it into fraudulent sites . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks , and I really appreciate the answers given .
Will taking a signature loan from a bank to consolidate credit card debt hurt my credit?1Peggie2012-09-21 22:40:02
Is taking a signature loan from a bank to consolidate credit card debt hurt my credit?
Is there a way you can get salliemae loans and consolidate with another company?0karen smalss2012-08-15 00:15:02
Is there any way to get loans SallieMae and consolidate with another company ?
Salliemae keeps sending me stuff to consolidate my 4 loans with them, should I?2suzie2012-10-09 19:31:02
I have 4 loans through them - two sub - des and 2 . each is $ 3.5ky has an interest rate of 7.14 % . I have been patient in the last 12 months I have been saving to move. during that time my monthly payment went from $ 145/mo to $ 175/mo . Anyway , have been bugging the hell out of me to consolidate my loans - one of them said something about after June ( or was July ) first I will stop being able to get a fixed interest rate . I have very little knowledge of how this all works , really , so any advice would be helpful.
Is there anyone in the USA that gives unsecured signature loans?0dav-02012-09-04 01:09:02
Does anyone in the U.S. offering unsecured signature?
Student Loans-Private Signature.?0Loubs2012-09-07 07:20:02
Private student loans , including student loans firm providing services Sallie Mae . I am well aware of the nature of Sallie Mae . They are the classic " have your cake and eat it too " , and subsidized loan sharks . MedlinePlus However, there are delays due to unemployment , low income , etc ? Or , just annoying and threatening for a while , and then write ? Note, I'm talking about someone who has no assets . home , ie boats, late model cars , motorcycles or similar . Someone whose income is variable, nothing a little every week . MedlinePlus These loans intitiated of about 6-8 years, and where in the deferment while in school , however, listed as doubtful accounts on a credit report , unlike Stafford loans , which are listed in good condition . Private loans are in a gray area , the lender can play with the rules that they want , they get paid no matter what.
I need a unsecured signature loans does anyone know of a place i can go?3Cole2012-08-24 23:39:03
I need a unsecured signature does anyone know of a place I can go?
Private Student loans ( Sallie Mae Signature), Can't pay?0jesup2012-08-29 05:40:03
I have about 48,000 in loans from Sallie Mae signature . They have limited payment options , and forebearance my limits are about to be reached, approximately 21 months in total available time , without going to school at least half- time again. The last loan was taken in 2001 . Once you leave in June patience , want more than $ 1,000 to go online , and they want 380 per month thereafter . I can not afford this, do not have plans ICR ? I have over 120 thousand in loans fed , but have left a lot of indulgence , with the option of a direct loan from Ford and ICR . Guess I'll have to let private loans to go , after all , can not have your cake and eat it too .... but who am I kidding , they do! Also, I am between 40 and 50 years old , with assest no, no house etc. .. and have never had a start in life. Please keep comments on all smoking or drinking , or why they 've borrowed , etc. .. what 's done is done , and did it with good intentions , even if alltruistic .
Are there any legit and safe signature or unsecured loans online.?0taize2012-09-02 01:50:06
Is there a safe and reliable firm or unsecured loans online . ?

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