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Bank of America Auto Loans require Down Payments?1jordan and brooke2012-09-27 19:26:03
I go through the Internet website , and I can not find anything on the down payment. I went into the bank and the lady told me I have to apply online and all the information is online and not make loans walk ins , and she " THINKS there is a 20 % payment to the bank . " Has anyone done a car loan from Bank of America who can answer my question expirence ?
What is the best bank to get an auto loan wescom or bank of america?2Dorothy2012-11-04 22:27:02
Im thinking of getting a loan of $ 15,000 for a new car toyota yaris 2008 and priced around $ 14,300 my payment is $ 4000 not know how much taxes and licenses to be added.
How can i get an auto loan easily in bank of America?0Davidson2012-10-12 12:24:08
I need to borrow 14,000 to buy a car from a friend of mine cash , how I can get a result I have only 21 years and do not know how my credit with the bank in search of America , but I have to finance a vehicle at a dealership before $ 9,000 I have a reference letter from the dealer that proof of that letter to help get this loan ? please help me thanks
Bank of america private student loans...?0sdfgg2012-10-26 02:47:47
I am a freshmen in degree. My parents and I have covered most of tution with grants / scholarships and Federal Stafford loan [ that I also took with Bank of America ] . I need some extra money to cover books , gas , since I'm traveling , plan meals and club fees . I want to get a private loan from Bank of America as well, but when I looked out an existence of different types of private loans in that country . can someone please go to the bank of america 's website and tell me what type of private loan would be best for me to take . this would be very , very helpful . thanks in advance .
Is it normal for a lender to require the first 4 payments upfront before receiving your loan?3sweetzaidie2012-09-24 20:57:04
I was approved for a loan , but I have nothing to secure the loan . The lender is required to pay the sum of the first 4 payments as security before the loan amount will be procressed . Is this normal ? I'm worried that it might be scam .
Is Bank of America (BofA) honoring 90 day flip rule waiver on FHA loans?1penpal2012-10-08 18:36:03
I want to make an offer on a home , however , was sold after a month and a half (June 2010 ) . I read online that HUD has waived the 90-day rule hitch , but apparently not all are honoring lendors . I'm pre - approved through Bank of America and could not get a clear answer from them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone out there have any information regarding that lendors are honoring ?
Is there any place to get an auto loan that does not require an income of $1500?3Mè ‖ love you 2012-10-14 17:16:02
I am a 21 year old single mother of a 3 month old who attends college online F / t, and works as a waitress p / t at a resort. Is there any point of an auto loan for a student who does not require an income of $ 1500?
Are there online auto loan lenders that don't require proof of income?1Nehal2012-10-21 10:33:02
Capitoné , HSBC and Bank of America ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I can afford to make monthly payments because I do odd jobs for the family and I pay $ 2000 a month for not paying bills .
Is it beneficial for me to split my auto loan payments into bi-monthly payments?0DERRICK2012-09-15 00:14:03
I have a car loan of $ 30,000 to 4.99% for 5 years. I'm thinking of dividing the amount of my monthly payment in two installments . For example , if the minimum payment is $ 500 by the 24th of the month, I will pay $ 250 at 11 and another $ 250 in 22 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Doing this will help me save on interest I am paying the bank for the lowest balance principle I am accumulating interest in a given month ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know making a biweekly payment plan is the best and make an extra payment a year 1-2 , but the payment plan I'm thinking of doing ( every two months) still beneficial ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance !
Can i still get a car loan through my bank (bank of america) without paycheck stubs since i get paid in cash?0Mel- Ms. Sue2012-10-13 03:11:33
? I can just take my income tax papers and if so , what do they do with them ?
I have a student loan check that has Bank of America listed as the bank how do I cash it?2Science2012-10-20 22:40:04
I have a student loan check and the bank of the list is the Bank of America . Nowhere leaves me cash and do not want to go to one of those places fast cash because they charge so much money . I can ? Receivables as Bank of America without having to open an account ? If so , how do I do it ?
Can a Bank of AMerica Credit Card put a Levy on my checking account at another bank?0kenji862012-08-12 18:47:37
My dad passed and letters arrive at the farm. I also note , but did not realize it had gotten so high. I was told by Bank of America credit cards are unsecured loans and can not apply to accounts that can proceed to the collection and if the collection agency does not have luck to return to the bank and the bank will to be amortized and will be in my credit report for 7 years. I will try my best to satisfy. My concern is true I can not Levy ( freezing) of my checking account at another bank.

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