Child support from LLC?

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I had a child support case and opend was paying $ 1,400 for two children . she is wkng calimed shw only part time . She agreed to close the case and work out of court . We did agree on wage income of $ 7.25 hr min . and pay their monthly $ 900. Now she is getting greedy and open the box for more $ ... I know she has more than $ 7.25 a hairdresser owns ( under the name of her ex-husband ) , has just received a new Tahoa almost Denali , rented a bigger house , just married . IDont MIND PAYING FOR KIDS ... Only you'd be stolen. I know most of your business is cash ... what to claim a min . amount of taxes ? I can get your book room / your documents subpenad car loan ? And I have an LLC 49/51 with my wife i I pay monthly and the rest goes to LLC . if I paid ( $ 1000 yr EX ) is that what used to calculate total $ 1,000 or half + $ 500.00 as they are 49/51 . MedlinePlus We just need answers I can find the REAL experianced or near income tax or car loans (which showes income right ? ) Is all. $ Earned LLC nor pay MYSELF just what support I can use to contact you if your help ? THANKS !

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