How can the FDIC pay out to millions of people their money if banks go bust? related questions

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How can the FDIC pay out to millions of people their money if banks go bust?0paul miller2012-09-11 20:40:04
We supposedly insured up to $ 150,000 , but who pays for that? Does the Govt get another loan from China to pay 58 million Americans who have accounts at Bank of America ? will not have the money, I do not think so . Where do you think the money will come from to reimburse us? And, just to make partial payments for several months or give notes ? California , we are told may issue IOUs instead of tax returns. Bank of America needs another loan and feel safe banking with them . What bank is safe ? Wells Fargo ?
Get answers from millions of real people.?0sadf2012-11-02 05:53:00
i had excellent credit ,with a fica of 740, i put 18% down ,and bought a house . the lender increased my salary by $15,000. she assured me that it would not be questioned ,,so wanting the "HOME" for my family and children i consented. my interest rate was 6 1/2 % for 5 years ,,after 5 years my interest rate would jump to 9 3/4% .. i felt comfortable with that . but 3 years into the loan ,that company holding the morgage said that because of "certain" issues and spending practices ,my interest rate was changed to 11 1/2 % .. the explaination was that i was becoming a credit risk. i had a HOME DEPOT ,and a LOWES credit account . they were used exclusively for home improvement . That's all i did ,,and i felt i was being screwed ..and of course you can see i was .fortunately ,i was able to go to the NAVY CREDIT UNION ,,and they bought my morgage ,and i got a loan from them . it was for 7%. how was the morgage company allow my morgage to be bought out from my original morgage ,,and why did they have the right to increase my morgage . during this time ,,when the morgage was aquired by another morgage company ,,my interest rates in all my creidt cards was increased . i have paid my 3 credit cards faithfully for 15 years ,,not once di i ever miss a payment ,,but they increased my interest rate . 1st ,,how can my loan be bought out by another company with out any warning ,,how could the new morgage company come in and slap me ,and insult me by saying i was a risk ,how can my original mortgag be bought by another company ?? why did my credit cards have the right to increase my interest rate ?? i still have my home ,,but they value of it has dropped .my property taxes have increased ,,and i am worried i will end up like 75% of this country ,, losing my home .. someone please help me out .
Get answers from millions of real people.?0Duane2012-10-11 09:23:56
I wonder if anyone has tried PRUDENTIAL NATIONAL WIT ? I dealt with a woman named Lisa Simms yesterday and was screwed MY MONEY ! She told me that I could have an endorsement with someone who has a 720 or better, MAKE A PAYMENT GUARANTEE OR PAY $ 900 IN INSURANCE 2500DOLLARS 10K a secured loan .
Get answers from millions of real people.?0aniekia2012-11-05 07:54:59
My husband and I bought a fixer upper (all we could afford...even gave up my diamond, in order to purchase it ) It became our dream home. Throughout the years we began building equity and did use it mainly to pay off debt and loosen up some monies to do some minor improvements. We were doing fine until the last two times we took out an equity loan. The institution that gave us the loan appraised our home very high and we believed in their expertise at the time...they even told us we could even take more than we asked for...but luckily we didn,t. Not long after, my husbands salary was cut 15% and now he,s been killing himself trying to get all the overtime he can ! We have three children with special needs, so basically for the time we,ve been here I was a stay at home I,m out looking for work to no avail and my children are worried, I won,t be available if they need me.We have a mortgage of 370,000. and our home we recently found out is worth only 300,000. not 500,000.! We are desparately trying to stay afloat and so far have good credit, but its tearing our family apart We probably have only one month left before we run out of monies. We don,t have any brand new cars or anything expensive ...its not like we were frivolous, we weren,t What is hurting me all I could give my kids was the time i spent with them, not guitar lessons or dance lessons...and we,ve allways talked about all of them going to college. In less than 2 years my oldest son wants to go to college in New York and we saw a home near the college thats at an awesome price , but if we destroy our credit and wind up bancrupt or foreclosed...everything will be lost, and I just can,t bear to tell him, he can,t go to this school. He has Aspbergers and was diagnosed with PDD when he was 5 yrs. old, so the school chosen must be specific and living in state will make it less expensive. What is everyone doing in this type of upside down mortgage crisis? Is there any way to get through this?
Get answers from millions of real people.?0mufasa 2012-08-11 23:58:03
Are there any private investors who are willing to lend money? I want to do some consolidation, but I will not use any equity in my house. Most banks see no unsecured loans over $ 15,000 - $ 25,000. Willing to pay a decent interest rate , saving more than they offer.
Get answers from millions of real people.?4Marcelle2012-09-28 11:01:04
I owed ​​a payday loan in Kentucky . I have a court date this week 09/19/08 in small claims court . They cashed my check 12/09/08 . My money was there, so they got their money . My question is .... Is it legal for them to cash my check when I had a court date ?
Get answers from millions of real people.?2maggie r.2012-10-06 22:59:02
I have been married only a few months and I am pregnant a few months actually 4 , not due until April. Anyway my new husband has changed dramatically he is not the man who fell in love and married . We found out she was pregnant a few days before the wedding , he seemed fine . He even began to look very happy . He always had the best job for us both actually had a really horrible when he asked me to marry him . I just started a job that pays decent and dignified after we got married . I had to pay so much in so many things from the car loans for students who have not had money to contribute to the house or other house payments . I never agreed to do it anyway . MedlinePlus I appreciate what you pay for , and I can not right now but soon I will be able to. I let him see all my accounts if you want nothing to try to hide from him . MedlinePlus Lately I have said things like " that anything special besides being pregnant " MedlinePlus I'm usually the one who does everything around the house , but for the entire first quarter was a challenge to keep my job , I am proud to say I did not miss a day , but talk to him and I'm a total looser and rake . MedlinePlus Also do not want to have sex . MedlinePlus I feel sad and lonely and want to talk to someone , but none of my friends give any good advice that we all hate , my parents really want us to work out , Also he will not leave the toilet seat , I'm a little afraid and fall in ! Especially at night sometime I see it, I can not understand this and I do not want to divorce called feminist.I especially with a baby on the way :) I do not know what I have never been so low in my life .
Get answers from millions of real people.?0beeni2012-10-19 12:56:28
I loaned a " friend" of mine $ 3000 with a loan to keep your motorcycle along with the title that was signed and it was open. this was the only way I agree with the loan and who had a history of problems with loan repayment and had stopped over. Also the day he was arrested , he asked me to pick up on his bike , as it broke and had no where to store it , so in the agreement agreed to repair the bike needs these repairs were $ 2699.89 . Because her past had the bike titled in my name and gave him six months to repay the loan . I knew I was going to try something and he called the police and said that made ​​his name in the title. With the full cooperation I let the sheriffs take the bike in possession and examined all the documents and checked the signatues was concluded that there was forgery and turned the bike back to me . He was ordered by the judge to set a bond for double the amonut loan he could not do. He still has until February to pay me to still honor . They even offered to take the original $ 3000 but he got angry and left the job and this was in the presence of the sheriff . my question is : Because the title is in my name , I am the legal owner of the bike once your loan period is up ? after being questioned by police and all the problems that this has been just me and not sell the bike to get all my money and return any balance . A lawyer I spoke to said legally I have the bike now . Any idea ? thanks
When people take a loan out do banks get that money from their vault?1llllji8kk2012-08-11 01:37:04
Only by asking the bank syg show you the money you pay from your dome.
Do banks loan money to people that owe student loans?0CC2012-09-10 07:12:03
I want to open a business a small business someday and wonder as you may have to move to another school (4 years ) and may end up with some kind of student debt. Do you think that banks will have the opportunity to borrow money to start a small business . MedlinePlus thanks
How are Banks allowed to lend people money that doesnt exist?!?4ALWAYN DAVIS2012-11-04 07:26:02
The real problem is how " money " works . Banks people pay " money " that does not exist and then charged interest on it . They are the only business that allows them to do this , is legalized fraud. Money is debt . ALL DEBT PAY NO MORE MONEY . Banks first expand the money supply by issuing credit like crazy (credit cards , no deposit home loans , etc ) then banks providing credit contract which prevents the flow of new money into the economic figures each , sending people mad scrabble to find new money to pay old debts . Private banks DELIBERATELY expand and contract the money supply , deliberately create booms and recessions , all while goods acquiesing a nation . The mega - banks own half of the worlds assets directly and half indirectly under all guarantees loans to be in money problems has not , has not and never will be . How come all Federal, State and Local Debt ? All corporations debt ? All small businesses in debt ? Everyone debt ? Nobody bothered to take 5 minutes out of this madness to ask where the hell the banks have all the money you paid ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How are banks allowed to get away with it ? ! Where is Pluto C Rat explain ? !
Why must the people of Britain now suffer because the government lent so much money to the banks?2sameul2012-11-05 06:04:02
Ok , here's how it works , my business is in trouble , so I go to the bank for a loan . First, the bank does a credit check ( banks do not have a high score ) and then loads the interest and charges me to establish the plan . Now , when banks are in trouble ask the government to borrow money . No credit check , no interest of 19% , with no setup fee . Now the government is having to cut spending on public services , as it is much more in debt . I can be stupid , but this does not sound good to me! Banks should be done to make regular monthly payments at high interest and fined if they fail to meet those payments . Banks should not be able to pay increases or bonuses until they have cleared their debts . Finally , since it is taxpayer money we will see interest on this loan is paid to us in the form of a national tax refund ? A system for them and another for us .

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