Is there a way to get a no credit check loan with a monthly payment plan? related questions

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Is there a way to get a no credit check loan with a monthly payment plan?0Olga2012-09-11 17:22:03
I'm trying to get a loan to consolidate my debt (around 2000.00 ) MedlinePlus and I am a college student with no credit for ........
Car loan with $350 monthly payment. Total of 60 monthly peyments. Interest rate 1.20%. How much am I borrowing?1Hi everybody2012-11-05 11:43:06
to buy the car? Thanks so much for the help
What effect does paying off a mortgage or loan twice monthly rather than one payment monthly.?3freak on a leash 2012-09-30 13:04:02
If you have a monthly loan payment of, say 1000, but provides for a refund of 500 to 500 at the beginning and end of every month what is the effect on the interest and repayment term .
If a loan charges off for non-payment, does it continue to be reported as "charge-off" after payment plan?0kuno2012-09-06 23:37:03
If a loan charged off for nonpayment , but then the debtor enters into a repayment agreement , the creditor can continue to denounce him as a "charge off" in the debtor's credit report ? Can the debtor compel the creditor to exchange the debt situation in the credit report , and now they are paying him?
Write a Visual Basic program that will compute the monthly payment and total payment of a loan.?0karra2012-10-14 15:23:13
The system will read the following personal information of the customer: MedlinePlus - The amount of the loan ( loan) MedlinePlus - Length of the repayment of the loan in months ( months) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The system will calculate the monthly payment and issue of this customer along with the amount of the repayment of the loan
Bad credit. How can I get a personal loan with a reasonable monthly payment?1badi2012-08-24 01:24:21
I ruined my credit by marrying Mr. wrong in my 20 years. It's a snowball with me refusing to pay for things he lied about.Now is gone, but the bad credit score is not. I have no credit cards only debit cards.I have paid several used cars and loans payday, and the payment of rent time.That matter not disclosed in their credit score, take it.Prosper I accept custom . I need $ 2000 to get new glasses and move.I have a job, but I'm not living in a nice area and the need move.Im a hard worker , 38 years and have had two jobs in management in the past . I have my eye on another. I want a loan where I can pay about $ 100 per month or about how that.That I 'm not going to be fighting all the time to do so and will paid.Im trying to get my act together and really appreciate financially good advice.
I need a $5000 loan to pay off my car but have extremely bad credit. I can pay it off with low monthly payment0Doran2012-09-16 04:37:07
I was the co -signer for my sister and was too late to help . Now , the vehicle has beened repossesed . I have until July 30 to reach $ 5,000 to pay for it and get the vehicle back !
19 years old, 760 credit score. monthly payment on 10k auto loan?0Ameen2012-10-07 21:05:03
I want to get an auto loan for about 10k (more if possible ) I can afford a monthly payment is $ 200 - $ 300. I heard that in Florida if you have a car loan should also get insurance coverage. My current insurance is the minimum coverage of $ 100 per month . Any help on how to go about getting a loan at this rate ? My payment will be less than $ 1,000
What is the best way to pay federal taxes when you have no cash. Credit card, loan, IRS payment plan?2Kali2012-10-26 05:27:03
I owe $ 2,000.00 . What would the interest rate , how they accumulate , how long do I have to pay if I went the route IRS payment plan? I know I should take more during the year , but if I did , I could not live on my paycheck.
Is it possible for me to buy a new car with poor credit and have a low monthly payment?0N-UNCOUNT-COLL 2012-10-09 22:45:23
I want to buy a new car in the near future , but I have terrible credit . My plan is to keep the car for several years , and I am a college student who makes about $ 900 a month. I know that my interest rate will be high , but that's not my problem , my concern is that I will have a higher monthly payment to the loan used to finance the car . Is it possible to have a lower monthly payment on a car loan with bad credit? I do not know anyone who can sign jointly with so that's out of the plan. Please help .
Will changing my monthly student loan payment affect my credit score?1uma2012-09-22 01:43:03
I've been paying my student loan consolidated for 3 years. I had about 12 years left until I received a points deduction of 1% on my rate ( reward for 2 consecutive years of self - takes ) . Now that my loan rate is 4.75 % . Now will be paid in 10 years 8 months if I keep at the current price of $ 215 per month . I can easily afford to pay more and was looking to drop a rest of seven years for an additional $ 80 a month . This would save me more than $ 2,100 in interest paid over the life of the loan . What I have is curious that this negatively affect my credit score ? I know that the longevity of the accounts is a factor that increases your score . Will reducing the life of my loan for almost 4 years hurt my score in the short term or long term? The loan will change even with my 10 years in total. What I really like to do is reduce the lifetime of the loan to the minimum possible without affecting my credit score . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks to anyone who can help .
Is it possible to get a small car loan with a down payment with no credit check?0Anais2012-10-12 01:15:21
I've been working in this job for 1.5 years, making over 70k and have $ 2000 to put in $ 6000 - $ 7000 car . Is it possible to get a loan for the remaining amount , even with a year ago reposession and credit horrible?

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