I have a past due bill for education, they are holding my transcripts until I pay my bill. what are my options? related questions

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I have a past due bill for education, they are holding my transcripts until I pay my bill. what are my options?1Lan2012-11-03 18:20:03
I had a full travel scholarship , I failed to meet the requirements of the scholarship Buffet WHT in Nebraska in Lincoln at UNL want to go back to college, but now I have a bill from the university continues after stop receiving grants and scholarships. Anyone have any suggestions or where to go from here , without going back to take all the classes that I have already spent and without starting its first year. I have no job and want to move to another State of Nebraska , the school this summer and next fall. I'd like to get some ideas on how to continue my education , my transcripts , initiate a program of work / study or get a job , I pay my bill but can not currently . Also someone has tried to do some kind of arrangements financil to start paying the bill, my transcripts , he enrolled in school or start online classes . I was also recently applied for my FAFSA EFC in 2011 to zero in the hope of summer school / line work-study/on . I just turned 21 and I live with my dad who is also trying to get a loan to refinance the house to help me , but without success so far. I could add more to this issue. but I think you should see what happens during a go from there. please respond.
How do I deal with a past-due credit card bill?0shakera2012-11-06 07:55:58
I'm a little less than $5,000 in credit card debt. I am unemployed (looking for a job) and have not been able to make any payments for about six months. The harassing phone calls are getting to be too much. Yesterday, I received a letter saying I have to pay about $200 by Wednesday or else the whole amount will be due on that day. Of course, I can't afford to pay either amount. I'm running out of options. I have three questions: 1) Was this an empty threat/intimidation? Is there anything the creditors can really do to me, like sue me? 2) Is there anything I can do to stop the calls? 3) Do I qualify for any type of debt consolidation program?
If you offer to make payments on a bill, they refuse it, Is the bill considered paid?0YOY2012-11-05 05:53:53
I have a payday loan and could not pay it when the loan was due but offered to make payment on it and they refused it. I even took a payment in and they refused it. Now they are suing me. Is the bill considered paid in full since I offered to pay them?
Am i eligible for the post 9/11 GI bill if i got loan repayment instead of Montgomery GI bill when i joined?0Calasia2012-10-16 06:26:33
When I joined I signed the Montgomery GI Bill in order to obtain the loan repayment option . the armyhas now paid my student loans , and I'm curious if I am eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill . If I am , how I can access it ? Nobody in Fort Hood seemed to know the answer and nobody seems to know the answer Stuttgart . Can be used to study a Master ? I have my degree. I just want my Master now ...
Under the New GI Bill, can service members who chose the Student Loan Repayment Plan now receive the GI Bill?0Ania2012-10-06 17:30:54
I have read the bill , but the gray area is in the "bar to double educational assistance benefits section ." In section B 3322 part reads : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Inapplicability treated under Service Loan Repayment Program for Education , a period of service count for repayment of an education loan under chapter 109 of title 10 , can not be regarded as a period of service for entitlement educational assistance under this chapter . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does this mean that if a service member completes his three years required to pay the student loan, and other services for three years, then you can also benefit from the new GI Bill ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Link to the text version of the bill : MedlinePlus http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext
My school is holding my transcripts hostage. need proof of graduation.?0shakela2012-10-26 01:28:00
Not the fault of the school that my loan did not go through my last semester . Do not notify me of this until after I graduated and then threatened me with collection. By then I could not get a student loan more , and I do not think I need to explain why it is so difficult to get a private loan , but instead of turning around the collection, let me pay monthly directly to the school . Since then I have become a little over $ 3,000 . I applied for a job requires a copy of my transcript . When asked of the school , told me not to give me my diploma or until I pay off the entire balance that is something we simply can not afford right now. The irony is that the new job will pay more . I talked to the prospective employer and they said it's okay if I can not get an official transcript or copy of my diploma, provided they can get a letter or something on official letterhead from college just to prove that all of my credit fullfilled . The school has denied this. Is this legal ? It prevents me from working , not that I ignored the payments , my payments on time , and the balance is very low compared to what it was. If I could afford to pay now I would, but I can not. Is it legal for the school to do this ? Is there a specific term that should be used in addition to " test chart graduation? " What I can do , I really need this new job and this is the only thing standing in my way of achieving this.
College Transcripts, Loans and the need to provide all transcripts on applications1gilt2012-09-15 21:36:03
I placed an online degree course . I consolidated my loans at the end . The institution said that after they had invested $ 5,000 that somehow or overlooked by them in the consolidation process . The consolidation company refused to add the extra money . Now , while trying to leave the place where I live , in search of other jobs, do not have access to that file. I sent the transcript to state here , where I live , before finding the "difference " . So , how to apply for jobs requesting all transcripts , would not lie to put that information in my applications ? I have no money for my consolidated loan ($ 450 per month ) , plus the loan forgotten . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated .
Is it possible for me to obtain further education after these past mistakes?0Franklin2012-10-19 18:30:07
I'll post a TLDR at the end, I started writing and could not stop MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Since I realized I was gay when I was 12 I hated, causing a lot of mistakes in my life. My main problem is that usually will do everything I can to avoid having to deal with a problem. When I had to get a completed form to apply for my learner drivers license and I noticed the test day I forgot that I lied to my parents saying that happened, which ended with me driving without a license and get caught and lose all confidence my parents. Throughout high school, he began to avoid people as much as I could because I hated having to pretend to be happy, I was skipping classes a lot. I graduated from the skin of my teeth (it has a compulsory grade 12 credits while attending 5 classes I think it's because the teacher did not want to have to deal with me again), but then cut myself and thoughts of suicide (which were unknown to my family, so it's my fault not theirs). My parents do not trust me to cosign a loan and told me that if I worked full time for a year would sign for me next year. I followed the terrible job of being a manager of McDonald I had since I was 14, but knowing all my friends were moving into the rest of their lives, while my parents basically forced me to give up a year of my life was making me more and more depressed. I often asked myself what it would take to make me happy and not be able to get an answer. Finally I decided to wait until the summer, apply to the University through the distance for the first year and if I had to kill myself. My grades were horrible in the last two years of high school for most courses, so I do not think there was anyway I get in my ride very easily as needed courses are courses I was good (I got a 88 in the 12th grade pre-calculus is only 2 days a week), but then I fear that I would do this, get dream job of being a computer programmer and still want to kill me . I just got sick to my first day of school, but I'm pretty sure I just mentally ill, because they always find a way to stop me from being happy. Then I become afraid I'm already behind and I wonder what's the point of going is if I could kill me any day. So you end up never go again, everyone all the time he was lying. The school sends me letters and emails asking me to leave the course, but I can not be bothered, because nothing seems important anymore. So a year later my transcripts has 10 F and I had not paid any of my studies (which I had to save money to pay all the money since I was 14. I go to college with my cousin to I can keep lying and decide I just blew through all my money trying to have fun as much as possible (which is just playing online games and pretending problems do not exist in the real world) until it ran out of money and had to face reality at which I kill. confessed to my cousin, because he wanted to make sure she did not believe that my death was his fault my sure everything would be fine, but my understanding was that she did not want to talk about this, probably because I was doing my best to not talk about it. Shortly after that I decided that it plans to kill me was a horrible idea, I just do it right and be done with it or work towards fixing all errors I've made in life and move on from there. now I have my full drivers license and next year I will have 0 demerits and be back on track for my license. I managed to save enough money to pay my cell phone bill when I was 16 and decided I did not want people constantly trying to talk to me and just this week approved for a credit card secured, to start rebuilding your credit. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now comes the important part, I asked college two years ago and registered for one year of school, never goes to anyone or dropping. I've seen my record and know I have 9 F'st and have never paid my dues. It's been almost two years and not on my credit report, but I have very afraid to call and ask, since I have a way to pay right now. Is there any possibility of the withdrawal of the charges or why they have not tried to contact me from the delivery date for the second half finished and therefore not on my credit report? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I still want to continue my education today so you can do more than the minimum wage + tips, but I'm not going to college in Canada, or even to another country is an option for me. Will my college transcript affect me being able to get into college? If I can continue my education in Canada, could move to the states for more education or monitors can go?
Am I able to use my GI Bill?0R.T.2012-09-10 23:15:03
From now on I am honorably discharged from the Army Reserve , I can still use my GI Bill ? If so , how can I get it? In addition , at discharge was that I lost my 20k student loan payment ?
Please help me pay my $2,500 tuition bill!?!?!?1Berge2012-09-04 09:15:02
I am a student of Queensborough College in New York and was under the impression that my student loan will cover myself, until yesterday when I found out I am not eligible because for some reason apperent . My courses fell by 1 week if the bill is not paid . I know this sounds strange for help online , but this is my last resort ... my parents can afford it and is there any good hearted person willing to help ? ? ? ?
New GI bill question?3Liath2012-11-05 00:53:02
If you get the Loan Repayment Plan to enlist , you can get the GI Bill if I enlist?
One bill consolidation?0Cato2012-11-02 09:03:02
Does anyone know of a company to consolidate all my accounts ( not loans ) and maybe ruduce monthly expenses in the UK ?

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