America: How come foreigners come to this country to get educated despite cost, while americans drop out of it?

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I wondered about this, and decided to put here so you can have other opinions too. Please note that I am not pointing to any race, but all races living in the United States that is America.Here: MedlinePlus It is very expensive to get an education in the states, if you are an international student, but yet every year many people from around the world (including the poor countries) are willing, despite the high cost of education in the U.S. , to get to the states so they can have a better education. We should also bear in mind that most of these foreign students are not allowed to work in the United States at first, but even in spite of the difficulties and despite studying in poverty, most of them manage to get a greater degree and PHD, Masters, unmarried. As an example just to cite a few India: Most Indians are doctors or own your own business, live in posh areas, driving big cars we paid for .. (And even when parents are not educated Indians go to sacrifice to give better education to their children and this goes for the Mexicans), most Nigerians are lawyers, most Mexicans are doctors (dentist), or teachers, most South Americans such as Brazilians are interior designers, and the list goes on .... MedlinePlus Now Americans, we have much better advantages, such as loans, grants, scholarships ... but yet more Americans leave school at an early age. Some Americans can not even speak proper English (please do not think I'm being racist here, because many whites or blacks can not write a proper sentence on a piece of paper, or even speak, will say that being without Education has nothing to do with color) most people are happy to start the social assistance system, provided they are able to. Some people think it's okay not to work, and rather stay home and watch TV, play all day, and some even based on the fact that they have no source of income, still seems a joy to have lots and lots of children. MedlinePlus America, is not it time to wake up? MedlinePlus Please note that opinions are welcome every
Answer1mysterychickenAnswered at 2012-09-15 07:14:05
Yes , all of us are fat and dropouts . That's us !
Answer2AshtevAnswered at 2012-10-15 22:06:16
You totally answered my other question about why Americans are so stupid !
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