We are wanting to consolidate our Medical debt and other debt, what is the best way?

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We have a lot of medical debt and can not wait to get our credit back up , also has a loan that you would like included in debt consolidation . What is the best way? We can not afford to pay what we are willing to pay each month . We expect to consolidate into one monthly payment and then pay off well for next tax season . Any idea ? I'm looking for people have done this and what companies they have used too? Or should we go through a bank? Please help !
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hey ,
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Go through a single bank .... chances are you will not find a lender willing to make an unsecured loan , but at least you tried . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Frankly Dear .... there is a simple, 99% of companies offering debt consolidation are scams and can not do such a thing . They take your money , let your accounts in default and hope they can settle for less ... This completely ruins your credit and usually lands in court because your creditor is suing you and not accept an agreement .
MedlinePlus Anyway .... if you can pay for next tax season .... then do not bother with a new loan (not get) and just do the following : pay the smallest bill as quickly as possible and then the next , etc etc
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