Do banks loan money to people that owe student loans? related questions

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Do banks loan money to people that owe student loans?0CC2012-09-10 07:12:03
I want to open a business a small business someday and wonder as you may have to move to another school (4 years ) and may end up with some kind of student debt. Do you think that banks will have the opportunity to borrow money to start a small business . MedlinePlus thanks
If banks use Savings Account money to give other people loans, then why is it that my balance doesn't lessen?1loren2012-09-27 08:56:04
Every time I check my balance online , it is always the same .... if you are using the money from him , if not declining balance ? ? ? * Confused * ...
When people take a loan out do banks get that money from their vault?1llllji8kk2012-08-11 01:37:04
Only by asking the bank syg show you the money you pay from your dome.
How can the FDIC pay out to millions of people their money if banks go bust?0paul miller2012-09-11 20:40:04
We supposedly insured up to $ 150,000 , but who pays for that? Does the Govt get another loan from China to pay 58 million Americans who have accounts at Bank of America ? will not have the money, I do not think so . Where do you think the money will come from to reimburse us? And, just to make partial payments for several months or give notes ? California , we are told may issue IOUs instead of tax returns. Bank of America needs another loan and feel safe banking with them . What bank is safe ? Wells Fargo ?
How are Banks allowed to lend people money that doesnt exist?!?4ALWAYN DAVIS2012-11-04 07:26:02
The real problem is how " money " works . Banks people pay " money " that does not exist and then charged interest on it . They are the only business that allows them to do this , is legalized fraud. Money is debt . ALL DEBT PAY NO MORE MONEY . Banks first expand the money supply by issuing credit like crazy (credit cards , no deposit home loans , etc ) then banks providing credit contract which prevents the flow of new money into the economic figures each , sending people mad scrabble to find new money to pay old debts . Private banks DELIBERATELY expand and contract the money supply , deliberately create booms and recessions , all while goods acquiesing a nation . The mega - banks own half of the worlds assets directly and half indirectly under all guarantees loans to be in money problems has not , has not and never will be . How come all Federal, State and Local Debt ? All corporations debt ? All small businesses in debt ? Everyone debt ? Nobody bothered to take 5 minutes out of this madness to ask where the hell the banks have all the money you paid ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How are banks allowed to get away with it ? ! Where is Pluto C Rat explain ? !
Why must the people of Britain now suffer because the government lent so much money to the banks?2sameul2012-11-05 06:04:02
Ok , here's how it works , my business is in trouble , so I go to the bank for a loan . First, the bank does a credit check ( banks do not have a high score ) and then loads the interest and charges me to establish the plan . Now , when banks are in trouble ask the government to borrow money . No credit check , no interest of 19% , with no setup fee . Now the government is having to cut spending on public services , as it is much more in debt . I can be stupid , but this does not sound good to me! Banks should be done to make regular monthly payments at high interest and fined if they fail to meet those payments . Banks should not be able to pay increases or bonuses until they have cleared their debts . Finally , since it is taxpayer money we will see interest on this loan is paid to us in the form of a national tax refund ? A system for them and another for us .
Is it legal for australian banks to lend money to jobless people /persons with no income?0Her2012-08-30 22:56:05
Credit was given to finish house to sell house sold but the bank holds cash and payments are still required on the property of another that I was thinking of selling after USINS cash from the first sale to fix! now in trouble ( big time )
Is there really a personal loan for people w/bad credit not payday loans but real banks ?0Otto2012-10-03 06:28:19
SOME PEOPLE W / NO CREDIT PROBLEMS ARE ALWAYS IN FAULT BUT COMPLETELY bad decisions in the co - signature of there bad credit
What banks give loans to people with bad credit?0New Girl 1022012-10-17 01:28:42
I have a credit of about 550-600 . Are there big banks that will give me a car loan with such credit? I need a loan of $ 11k and my boss is going to help me pay , but it will not co - sign .
Are there any banks that give loans to people with bad credit?0vickie johnson2012-09-07 14:46:10
Trying to pay all my accounts and only pay one small fee for everything. Are there any hard money lenders out there that can take someone with bad credit . I tried but my credit score is currently not high enough to make even for funding.
How can I consolidate my student loans when the banks dont offer it? Other banks, or outside sources?0bonita2012-10-16 01:27:45
I checked online and could not get it right .
Are banks giving people business loans with bad credit?0Nina2012-09-16 04:50:04
Please do not tell me your opinion .. I want to hear from people with bad credit who have applied for a loan and was approved ..

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