Is the financial crisis a good thing in many respects?

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- People have less credit cards . Credit cards are dangerous . MedlinePlus - They teach people to use cash - just like old times MedlinePlus . - No more pre - approved attack the credit card applications in the mail . Less chance of identity theft. MedlinePlus - Banks will have to clean up your act . Collateral Well , good credit , a job you need to get a loan - just like the good MedlinePlus days - Let's keep our cars and more. Fewer trips to the malls to go through the simple act of passing MedlinePlus - Corrupt politicians , senators , business executives can get exposed MedlinePlus - The crisis is exposing the dangers of having a global economy . The whole world are intertwined , and posted on this crisis. MedlinePlus - Businesses and the government will be responsible for risk taking and bad decisions and greed .
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Maybe not. Here is why . We've been here before. What happens when things get around which will ? Will we learn the lessons ? I think not. We have been here many times . Back to the land speculators of the 1700s that went bankrupt . It was not until the poor of the land purchase . The rich , because only the rich could afford to buy land . Margin was the ultimate cause of the Great Depression . You can not run an economy on debt. Has borrowed from the future to pay for today. That's exactly what the debt is . People are irrational . This is why regulation. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We must continue with the Constitution , because it's a brilliant plan , but you must love America. Clearly, the powers that be do not care about the United States. They only care about themselves. It is through party lines . It is universal . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Never trust people . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I wish things could be different . But we'll be here again and could be even worse . The people in power are weak . They get messed up and not learn anything . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus edit : I've been more than those who are fiscally responsible , like me , will continue. Our greatest hope is that financial education for all. But you should know that the financial sector is absolutely against this because then they will earn less. It is against their financial interests , financial education is widespread . I have worked in the industry . I know what it is . My intention is that more people want to see it , really do. I believe in justice .
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