Now that I have taken control of my credit, is time the only thing that will bring my score up? related questions

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Now that I have taken control of my credit, is time the only thing that will bring my score up?0remae2012-09-09 14:58:02
No payment have lost more than two or three years . I have only a $ 500 limit on my card secured and never keep a balance in that, and I have several loans, mostly student loans and my car recently opened. ( Dad co - signed ) The balances of these are relatively high compared to what is opened ( about 90 percent is ) I'm paying as much as you can. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway I did some stupid things and opened several credit cards in shops when I was 18 and got into my head in college . All were to be collected in 2007. I paid the bills for collections that are not on my credit report . Reports show still 120 days past due but all ended in 2007. I took a lot of hard questions recently , when I opened my car somehow the dealer ran my credit on five occasions . (Once your bank , four of them , scolded them for it. ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway. My score still varies from high to low 500,600 . Is there anything else I can do to bring besides paying for my current student loan debt ? (I've also played all the information inaccurate . ) Or do I have to wait only four or five years for negative information to the fall of creditors and funders to see that I am responsible now?
My current experian credit score is 637. If i finance a car loan will it bring my score up?7lindaprice2012-10-24 16:47:03
I just got approved for two department store cards and was rejected by one or two large . I know the fact that lenders are reviewing my credit score affects , but with the car loan will make the score down ?
How to bring up credit score?1Michael Turner2012-10-08 10:52:02
My wife had a bankruptcy discharged 3/06. Your credit score is currently 717 Experian , 674 Equifax , Trans Union and 723 . It currently has a credit card with a balance / limit of 1000/1500 . and three store cards 0/ 500 and 130/500 and 800/3000 (which is how she has brought her score up where after bankruptcy ) . She also has several student loans and a car loan . She is diligent in paying all the time , in cc pays more than the minimum . I have also loans and cc ยช . My total debt is cc 2661/2800 , 332/500 , account 940/closed , 379/closed account . She is diligent about paying all those above the minimum . My credit is slightly below it ( 674 671 708 ) , because some payments due before we met. I recently paid 3 cc grand total of around 5000 , however , the closed , what I'm learning now was a mistake.We want to get another card to transfer balances ( with a lower interest rate ) and have one monthly payment. I can not get another card because they say my balance / limit is too high . She has been unable to get another card for bankruptcy under his belt , however , it is now important to shop and cc cards from Bankruptcy . We want to buy a house in two years , therefore , pay cards and raising scores.Does anyone have any suggestions about our qualifications bringing even more , the way to get another card to transfer too, etc. We have paid cc debt in 12-18 months, regardless of the transfer. Should we keep the accounts held ? Any info would be great ! Thanks in advance .
I want to bring my credit score up.?0Ashbu2012-10-01 06:17:03
My score is below 600 on the 900 is that I owe on a student loan , 2700 for a personal loan , 240 in CapitalOne credit card , 340 card at Walmart , 19,800 on a car loan with a rate of int 10 , 5%. And my sister has a phone in my name and is therefore delinquit 477. What I can do to increase my credit and less than the rate of int in my car .
How long will it take me to bring my credit score up?1Gerri2012-10-10 01:08:03
I recently went to get a car loan and learned that my student loan instead sent me to collections (unbeknownst to me , I thought my credit was still deferrment ) . Anyway , slashed my credit score . I put my automatic debit payments now so that payments will not be late again . How long will it take for my score to improve ?
How can my husband and I bring up our credit score to refinance in about 9 months?2Calasia2012-09-20 05:42:02
My husband half credit score is 599 and mine is 587. We bought a house in November 2006 . ARM is a 80/20 loan which means our payment will go up in November 2008 . We both have a lot of freight concessions and collections of previous divorces , but we paid a part and are working to pay othres . They have told us that when refinancing only watch the last two years . Is this true ? We have heard so many different stories from lenders and we are really confused . Is it impossible refinace scoring so low. I do not understand is that we have paid the mortgage on time every month and also our car payment , but does not seem to help either. What can we do ? Please notify the two .
Whats the quickest way to bring up my credit score? mine is terrible and im not sure why? i have three credit?0Jarrad2012-08-26 14:46:17
letters that I have never been late for a bank loan guaranteed 've never been late on, and a new car so it was new two years ago , I have never been late on, there are some negative marks on my credit and have law lexington working in removing those . but my score does not seem to come up ! What I can do? I am a responsible , trustworthy , hardworking and I have a credit score toilet!
How should i control my expenditure and save my hardearned money,i cant control myself guys ?1shutera2012-10-01 14:40:03
hi, so I have my own real estate business in India, I am a property dealer and commission based pay me, my childhood was normal, our financial situation was ok ok nt fighters very high, it was normal, so After my studies I have thought about starting my own business, but no one in my family supports me, they want to get some work in a company, but I had a different idea, and I did nt listen to anyone, my whole family went scolding me, but I did nt case, my parents had reduced my pocket money, no one felt that I can do some business on my own, after two years of struggle, I finally took the job and started my earn a good income, which was more than the salary that would in any work, so then the flow of money began, and the guy who always beat me, I used to fly all the money, I never thought of the next day, My parents kept telling me to save some money, but I had built a proud attitude is different and nt listen to anyone, I used to buy useless, parties every day, play in the casino, I just used to enjoy and work, most of my expenses that I was useless, I used to carry wads of cash and show everywhere I went, I'm saying seriously really blew all profits that I have obtained in the past four years, and each month will earn much , and just last year I lost my father, and I felt bad, for six months I was in bed, had lost hold of my business fixed for six months of being out of the market is like from the edge, and I was no savings, I started my sister for expenduture daily, several times gave me a small amount of the bag from my sister, and had been captured and insulted by my sister, I felt bad, then I remembered the time when I was making very good, I remembered my father's teaching, never used to shout at me, he used to say that ur profits or do whatever they want, but as ur father, take my advice,'' cling to their gain '' ur teeth dont go blind, some days or regret son, he always told me this pharse, and how right he was if he had saved my earnings when I was doing well, the savings would be helpful to me today, but then it was too late, I had really suffered, in the middle, but then slowly, slowly I've come back again and again to continue doing business'm just fine, but my problem is when I get paid I still spend as befor just, I just I can not control, I work so hard all day and then at night, I think having a couple of drinks to relax but absurd and I get drunk and again without thinking of taking i blow the money, and then in the morning I feel bad, and I tell myself that I will keep, but I can not really control that, when I used to have any payment nt i still used for drinking and blowing the money used to discuss and take my mom or borrow small people I knew, but I have to blow the money you just can not control, up to one to two days i control, but suddenly came back to do the same, now the kids? what should I do to control my spending habits, I have a habit of living like a king one day, and the next day I went back to be broken, is there any way to control me, I'm scared what will happen, bec My mom tells me that I have a marriage without conspicuous spending, then after marriage, how I manage my own family, she yells at me almost every day, I just nod and agree with it, but the do the same, I think I'm addicted to gambling and alchole and eat out every day, and ingenuity of my girlfriend I double pass his shop, atleast thats ok i am nt blowing in the wrong place, of anyway plz send some good helpful tip thanks :)
Auto Finance inquiries, how much does it bring down my score?0sharon ashford2012-11-02 13:21:29
I had my credit ran about 4 times when I was shopping around for a car loan , how often lower my credit score ? I did this in a span of two weeks .
Why would a long time credit user have a zero FICO score? And what are good ways to establish a score?3Chris2012-10-20 17:50:57
I applied for a home loan and was denied because my FICO score is zero . I'm not sure why. I have had the same credit card for 10 years , used every month , and paid in full each month. I also bought a car on credit , but it was canceled about 6 years ago . I know I 'm not a heavy user of credit (not debt is in my name ) , but I figured no bad credit shocks , which should have a great credit score . Sounds good I would have a score of zero ? I read that pay in full each month is a good thing , but it seems that it has not been . What are good ways to make debt quickly in order to set a bookmark ?
Easiest way to increase my credit score and buy a car at the same time?0ashley budram2012-09-01 14:48:04
I have money in my bank account to buy a newer vehicle , but I have no credit . Is there something like a secured credit card at least the concept ( putting money in an insured account that acts as a credit card ) , but if you do not make the payments the bank does nothing loose . Nothing like that for loans .
Will having 2 credit cards at a time, and paying them off in full monthly, boost my credit score faster?1Tol2012-08-09 22:38:03
Say I get a credit card , use it for gas and put the money into an account where you will be automatically withdrawn to pay the monthly fee in full. this will increase my credit score from neutral . BUT . What if I do this with 2 credit cards? Willit work twice as fast? Ways of not answering my question. - You get a credit card. - Just get a loan to build credit -2 Will take you to the debt, you do not know what happens, not much !

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