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Barclays pre approved loan?0toad2012-09-09 05:25:02
I applied for a loan pre approved in my Barclays online account as 10pm last night . The state says that your loan application has been reieved . What does this mean? You mean you have been accepted and if so when do I get my loan in my account?
Has anyone applied for a loan online with barclays.?2Mike Homework Help2012-09-22 14:06:03
I applied online and can not seem to gain any ... I'm starting to wonder if it is a fake website
My father took personal loan from barclays who is responsible ?2Core2012-09-11 00:28:03
My father had a value of 2.32000 , and bank personal loan in January this year have not reported this 2009.but to any member of our family. but he died in July. the bank began to take the amount of rs 8383 of your savings bank all the money repayement father is the sole bread winner in my family we are in bad situation as it is responsible for the refund.
Provisionally accepted for barclays loan (Apple macbook) what are my chances of getting it?0siskiyou student2012-10-19 17:00:52
I recently got pre-approved for a credit card with a
I took a loan of 9000 pound from barclays and 5000 from Lloyd Tsb in 2008. However?3Helena2012-10-11 06:36:02
I left the UK in the same year (2008) . I made only two payments ( because of the recession has not been paid) . However, I do the rest of the money payments to Lloyds TSB and Barclays both right now. Will I be in bankruptcy now? I can make the payment ? Both banks now? I travel to the UK for an urgent workpiece U.S. bk . well my bank accounts will be opened in the past three years . or banks would have closed ? Can anyone advise
Has anyone reclaimed bank charges from Barclays?2׷PsYcHo-PuNk�� 2012-09-17 09:14:03
If so , please share your story ! How long did it take? Do you close your account ? V 'm worried about it because I have an overdraft and a loan with them and have heard that legally could close my account and demand a full refund ( which would be impossible ) .
A training company had me take a loan out via Barclays. They've gone bust; do I need to repay the loan?1TRISRAN2012-09-04 02:17:03
Last year in December I started a computer training company . I did fill out a Business Partner loan to cover the cost of training . I personally have not seen the loan money into my account , went directly to them . My payments will begin in November this year. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have just been informed by a student of this training company that just got laid off . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does that mean you still have to pay the loan ? The contract I signed , said the company will pay the course fee if I work for them after training this year . But I can not work for them if they do not exist. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please let me know . I do not want to pay
How come I got approved for a car loan and financing with Dell but I can't get approved for a credit card?1Zero2012-10-20 17:49:57
How is it that I approved for a car loan and financing with Dell , but can not get approved for a credit card ?
How was I approved for another car loan yet cannot get approved to refinance current vehicle?0bull2012-09-11 15:06:05
Scenario : I have 19 years . I got my first car last summer and my dad cosigned for it. Despite all my payments have been on time , no bank or credit union has been willing to refinance the car for me , as they require at least two years of credit history and just have one . However, today I went to two different car dealerships and was told I could get approved for a car that is '05 onwards , less than 50k miles and about $ 7 - 8k to keep around what my payment current cost , all without a guarantee . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How is this possible? Just went to the bank last week and they said 'no' to refinancing , dealers are now saying that I am authorized to other loans .. ?
If i got approved for a car loan can i get this approved after 20 days of purchase?1Sherif2012-10-04 13:37:03
I bought a car for $ 5000 and has since been adopted by the rest of the loan . drove the car for 20 days , now the dealer tells me I've been rejected for a loan and I 'm going to lose my down paymentsi
I want to buy a home and was approved for a loan, but once i got married I could not be approved. Need help!?2UZOWULU CHARLES2012-11-03 17:19:02
Me and my husband wants to buy a house , but have bad credit so you can only be in the loan application . So I applied and was approved. We got married two weeks ago and found a home. The problem now married I do not qualify for the loan because your car payment and child support to be mine so its like you do not make enough money to support all this . We were told to get the house divorce and remarry . Has anyone been through this or have advice ?
I got approved for 15k for a car loan w out a co signer. If my mom co signs will I get approved for more? ?0Biren bahkta2012-10-13 04:31:43
The car I want is 21k . My mom has a little bad credit , but it makes a lot of money

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