What if America was divided by the states, and each state became it's own country?

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Asked at 2012-08-06 11:00:04
- And in these countries , capitalism is a better system (or a barter system , what is best for "people "). This means that there are larger firms ( gobbling up all the wealth in a few percent) , not subject to more federal rule most people ( keep Americans under his thumb for the money that legally there . Money is debt created through loans ). Debt is an important part of this system , and the money is actually popularized form of slavery.

The Roman Empire fell because it was too broad for a rule to monitor (not immorality, impiety or anything of that nature, as I heard ). I have a feeling that something similar will happen to this nation, but not the size but the corruption of greed that is crippling us in our economic system , which is what our government really is ....

What are the pros and cons of many small countries , instead of a mass attached to one ?

Do not answer if your just going to throw all the garbage pro-US , fueling the popular belief "capitalism = good " b / s ...

Answer1DesslerAnswered at 2012-08-06 11:15:03
Not a bad idea, but it would take several centuries to establish the movement of reconstruction would be needed to reach some kind of balance in each region or state could set its own economy. Basically , we have to eliminate some of the controls of greed in order to put each state in equilibrium. You do not want Idaho maintenance of all California potatoes and keeping the rest of the food supply and holding all other hostages in the country.
We are supposed to be a democratic republic now, but that is fading in the sun quickly with all the socialist programs that " big government " would like to put in place. This bailout will not work , pork gain too involved . A tax cut for small and medium enterprises would be a better idea. And a tax cut for people who actually pay taxes would start the economy faster than massive debt programs .
Moreover , his idea would be to allow individual control immigration states as they want, without the feds tell them they have to take these people. Everyone must realize that our workforce is aging and needs an injection of youth in order to adjust this factor. I think that's why the Feds conspired to allow massive immigration programs to restore power base to vote for the Democratic Party . If the Democrats show some love , will always be in power.
But before this becomes a rant , I'll leave . But I think you have a fairly interesting.
Answer2E.G.Answered at 2012-08-06 15:58:02
That's quite possibly the most retarded concept I've ever heard . Corruption exists in every government, regardless of size .
Answer3MillahAnswered at 2012-08-06 20:32:02
You 've heard of the Civil War. . . No?

At present. . . Only Texas has the legal right to secede from the Union .

I have no intention of seeing the country I love breaking. . . .

We will preserve the Union. . . even if it takes a war to do so. . .

(I am a Republican ... just like Abraham Lincoln )

Dan in Miami
Answer4obertAnswered at 2012-08-07 07:25:03
This is basically what we had under the Articles of Confederation. It proved a total failure as a system , when a convention was called to fix the items, but have ruled out completely, and the written Constitution .
Answer5KylanAnswered at 2012-08-07 20:22:02
That's basically what America was meant to be, until the people allowed the government to trash the Constitution.
Answer6FrancescaAnswered at 2012-08-09 07:39:03
Ok, well, in this very hypothetical example, I think the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

First, I think the federal government solves more problems created by its existence. Our federal government, in theory, should cover only those powers granted by the Constitution, such as interstate commerce, while the general powers were retained by the states.

The central government has the risk of swelling and excess, but this is nothing compared to the risk of hostilities must be present 48 states have tightened. You speak of Europe as an example of how things work well, but since the start of the U.S., there have been many wars between European nations? A ton. How many in the United States? A.

The Federal Government provides for the common defense. How large is the army of Maryland? The California Army? Rhode Island? How much states spend on defense to prevent other states from invading? Right, not much (that is sarcasm. The answer is zero).

You (read as people in general, not specifically ou) did not think much of the capacity of freedom to travel and to act in a giant economy. This is limited or have been in an environment with fully independent states! Though? Rates? Passports? I woudln't want to live there. Especially in a small state. The government goes a long way toward protecting small states.

Am I saying the government is perfect? Not for long! I do not like the ideals of big govt people (read Democrats). I think given the government powers enumerated in the Constitution have expanded far beyond what is reasonable and beyond the intent of the founders of the country. Although the United States v. Lopez (1995) the Supreme Court reduced the commerce clause WELL expansive bit.

I think something must be done, but to divide the states into sovereign nations is one of the worst options, and probably much worse than doing nothing.

And as a side note, if you do not believe that capitalism is good, I would like to ask you a more efficient and practical method of distribution of scarce resources which still maintains the individual's incentive to work hard. Seriously. Please.
Answer7AletaAnswered at 2012-08-10 02:45:03
That's the problem with the current government , each of these politicians want to line their own pockets with cash, cash taxes paid is called greed. If Congress had limited time as the president and mayor, then we could eliminate damaged people out . And retirement is an incredible WTSA money than anyone else and their cousins ​​could live , but no congressman 's life on your money. You can call , to help people , but generally if you voted in the money spent on them. That's the problem with big government, make it look like they need a lot of people , where if a person was doing their joh , we could dispense with most people , their cronies , who are the cheaters. GOVERNMENT In general in the United States, cheaters, those who steal our money, on behalf of the aid or taxes or stimilus is much greater than anyone in the trap of your spouse. But God is in control of everything , and when he has had enough, eventually about all the corruption and fall , those who think we are snowing, all stand before God on judgment day . Jeremiah Lee , read the book of John and see that some are leaving. God is in control, He knows what Obama did as president, and God will use this mess to get more hunger for Him, to go to heaven, making peace with God now.
Answer8firedupAnswered at 2012-08-19 00:19:28
yes, I think it would be better as it could lose the federal government , the most useless of government , besides California
Answer9blacksheepAnswered at 2012-08-27 00:17:17
Not going to happen . There is no reason to believe that smaller countries have better systems . Britain, France , Australia , Japan ... all smaller countries . In the same global economic crisis .
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