When is it appropriate to file bankruptcy?

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sherri r
Asked at 2012-09-08 17:33:03
My husband is 21 years , unfortunately , has made ​​some terrible decisions in your life about money . Today is considered "high risk" for all loan companies you can think of, including credit BAD CREDIT NO troublemakers, lol . Now his (not mine , my name is not on it, and please remember , only recently became his wife ! ) Car is the inaugural . It goes from basic in January , and that will solve a lot of our money problems . However, we need this car , me and my daughter , while he is in basic education and up to date. How long did it take you to come get him ? And the real question I'm asking is - your credit is being horrible, and all this money because it is so terribly behind , if you just declare bankruptcy ? I know it will freeze the repository and we can at least keep the car . He is only 21, I know he's young , but your credit report is four pages long - should still shit . Would it be better to start again , even with a bankruptcy ? ( my credit is good . )
Answer1ArkukAnswered at 2012-09-15 20:34:07
How much is he in debt? If only the car and not go bankrupt , it is much better to solve the problem . MedlinePlus Bankruptcy will not let you keep the car . Maybe I can stop the inevitable, but will have to return if you owe on it . Give the car back and schedule payments to catch up with that company . Buying a car in your name , as cheaply as possible , and make payments. Star managing finances for both. Give an allowance and stick to it . If you do not have a job , get one and help catch up with debt . Start working on your credit with a new credit card with low limits ( you can get with a few hundred dollar limit ) .
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