Any info on these college loan consolidation places- Wells Fargo, Next Student, Student Loan Network? related questions

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Any info on these college loan consolidation places- Wells Fargo, Next Student, Student Loan Network?0rabiyah2012-09-08 12:26:02
I'd like to hear from anyone who has consolidated loans through one of these places or if you know of a better place I would love to know . Thank you.
Can I defer my Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation Loan?0turtle dove2012-08-06 20:46:03
I have a lot of small student loans totaling up to me a total of $ 50k. I am currently differ, or more specifically to a payment plan based on income for them as they really do not have much money yet. I would like to consolidate into one loan for convenience, but I am still unable to make payments due , so I was wondering if anyone knows if you can postpone or use the IBR program consolidation loans at Wells Fargo?
Wondering if any places have unsecured personal loans for over 25,000 BESIDES Wells FArgo?0alannah2012-10-01 07:58:02
Wells Fargo does not apply to my state . I have a credit score in the mid- upper 700
I have a question about a Wells Fargo student loan...?0Charine2012-10-01 10:38:02
I applied and got approved for 16,500 Wells Fargo Student Loan Collegiate . I logged on to see if my school certified . Says my school certificate amount is 7575 . I'm not sure what that means . Does this mean that all I needed to pay my studies was 7575 ? I have other federal aid and scholarships , but I was pretty sure I still add more than that amount . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !
Anyone hear every used, is using or have any info or advice about using wells fargo auto finance to buy a car?1Maddie J.2012-11-03 22:20:02
my brother - in-law is considering car financing options and came across this company on the internet helping whiel do a little research .... You think it's a good company to go with ? Do you know what their rates .... anything you can pass along would be helpful for him .... He always paid cash for everything andis now struggling with credit references , etc. to get a car loan . thank you!
Where can I consolidate my private student loan besides Wells Fargo and Chase?2Noah2012-10-06 15:54:02
Where I can consolidate my private student loan , and Wells Fargo and Chase ?
Is Wells Fargo a good place to get a Federal Stafford student loan from??...?3Keanu2012-09-17 12:48:03
I'm working on finding a student loan for school. ive been qualified for the federal Stafford loan . Does anyone know if Wells Fargo also offers the option of payment in which u do not have to pay anything until six months after you graduate ? please helppp :)
How do I consolidate my student loans? I have Sallie Mae and a large private loan from Wells Fargo?0koty2012-09-22 04:59:04
All together I owe about $ 50k in loans w / about $ 40k of my private loan from Wells Fargo . I have to start paying before graduation , which is crazy to me, but that's how my loan and they want $ 400 a month in addition to Sallie Mae want $ 100 + per month . ? I can consolidate my private loans with Sallie Mae my loans ? How I can do ? My goal is to have much lower payments .
Is there anywhere besides Wells Fargo that have non-certified private student loans?0Mark G2012-10-27 08:39:00
Is there anywhere besides Wells Fargo that have uncertified private student loans ?
Student loans: Citi, Sallie Mae, Chase or Wells Fargo?0Brann2012-11-06 01:31:28
Which student loan is the best option? (I can't apply at all banks without being forced into a contact - all I can do at this point is guess) Please advise me which student loans I should choose... Federal is not an option! Thanks Chase: 3M LIBOR + 3.56~12.25% (min to max) no fees Citibank: 3M LIBOR + 4.75~11.50% 0~6% fees Sallie Mae: 1M LIBOR + 4~14% 0~5% fees Wells Fargo: PRIME + 0~4.5% no fees
Does anyone know if Citi bank or Wells Fargo is faster at getting there student loans into the school?1Lace2012-10-10 13:28:02
Does anyone know if Citi or Wells Fargo bank is quicker to get there in the school student loans ?
Info. Necessities on living/moving to Canada with College student Visa--need lots of info--HELP?1lele2012-09-14 06:11:02
Women 18 years who now lives in Florida , USA. Personal motivations to move north to Canada , Ontario or Quebec specifically, what the person that I am moving there lives , can not remember . You have other things to consider before you know exactly where , such as ... thus the following . If soeone could help one of them that would be great I plan to do more research , links to websites would be useful also because today I have not much time on my hands trying to juggle with sleep and jobs 2 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Canadian housing finance costs / requirements x + electric water costs MedlinePlus ____________________ x are covered expenses on electric bills apartments in America? MedlinePlus _______ • What are the least expensive places like ? areas / neighborhoods ? MedlinePlus ____________ x The living conditions ? _________________________ MedlinePlus X requirements to live in these places ? MedlinePlus ________________________ ______________________________________

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