I was applying for my Student Loan (Student Finance Direct) online, it is asking me to send in my passport? related questions

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I was applying for my Student Loan (Student Finance Direct) online, it is asking me to send in my passport?1blessing2012-08-20 00:33:27
to prove my identity in the big picture of writing little is given the names " Los Angeles," I dare say local authorties all this advice, as Hartlepool , Darlington , South Tyneside Council, London , etc. Then lower on the writing of my highest prize " Authority" is the City of Newcastle (I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne) . Who do I can send my passport to these Los Angeles or the City of Newcastle.
Can I just update my bank details online [Student Finance Direct]?0big red2012-08-13 00:35:37
Hello Since I received my first loan and grant installments I opened a student account and closed the account that you are aware of FSD. I fear that if they call I will be on the phone for a while and I can afford ! Theres an option to update the bank details of my account on the website, but if I can upgrade my quota in January they finally enter the account right? Anyone done this way or phoned SFD to change bank details - if you call , what number do you phone and call duration was about ? thanks
Applying for student finance after clearing!and a bit of a mess in finances?0nenette2012-11-02 19:10:56
Bit of a dilemma, I'm going to be a mature student and I have to have confirmation of student loan approval for course fees in two weeks! (not sure if my college will wait longer.) I cant apply to student finance England just yet as i owe them
Applying for a student loan online or in person?0xboxwee2012-08-31 19:09:02
Is it better to apply for a student loan online as salliemae.com or talk to a counselor at school ? i made ​​all my information , but you have to wait 7-10 days for processing and then return there to begin the loan application . the front desk representative , basically , I ran out of the office , so we had the opportunity to ask questions . In addition , they needed my tax information to parents as well as mine . although im 20yrs old and filed as a dependent on my tax information was told that I have to be at least 24yrs old to be an independent , why moms need my information and she be responsible for payments if I get my student loan ?
Can I withdraw an online federal direct student loan consolidation application.?0michy2012-09-12 15:44:05
I filled a line of federal student loan consolidation application , and decided not to go that route . Complete the application and pay on Friday . Will the DOE allow me to withdraw the application on Monday?
I'm trying to set up to pay my student loans (federal direct) online. They want a phone number for my bank.2Marian Akinsete2012-10-20 23:25:02
My bank PNC . Do not just give them the number of my local branch ?
Applying for both student loans and a maintenance grant?? online application help?0sads2012-08-29 04:28:14
im trying to apply for a student maintenance loan , tuition loan and a maintenance allowance , but when completing the application , I ask questions about the eligibility of grant and have almost completed the application and have the terms and conditions at the end stating that have applied for loans only . Is it necessary to completely finish before sending an email to my mother for alias student ID to complete support for the application, or when I click " accept " that left me only to loans and not to the grant? please answer if you know what you're talking about , this is kindof my life here ....
Need to get student loans, ideally by applying online tonight. Not sure where to go. Credit issues.?1fko2012-09-25 19:35:03
I have 30 year old single mother and I'm trying to go to school full time to become a nurse , and part-time work . I need student loans to help me in way next two years of nursing school . My ex is about to lose the house ( I suspect) who cosigned for him . It is almost 35 days late in paying the mortgage and I fear that my excellent credit goes down the drain. I'm thinking maybe I should apply for a student loan at this time , before he ruined my credit with a mortgage ( if that's what ends up happening ) in the next couple of months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Where should I apply? Is this something I can do online ? Any advice ? I'm looking for low interest loans to students who do not pay me until I'm in the nursing feild make money in a couple of years . Advice? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Student finance online...'approved'... What does that mean?0Juan Colis2012-10-15 06:16:58
I recently applied for a student loan. They sent me a letter with my ID and password etc MedlinePlus It says it has been approved in the box on the login page however is referring to my application or my current loan ?
Does it make sense to get $40k in student loans to get a bachelor degree in finance/accounting online?3Mattie2022-06-06 07:51:12
I want to get an online degree in finance / accounting , I was thinking of doing it at the University of Missouri Columbia online . MedlinePlus I have 30 years old and has no other debt .
Do you know of a student loan that gets send right to you and not the school??1SENiOR '092012-09-18 22:30:03
I'm going back to college and need to take a loan . I want to get some add'l money to buy a laptop , some school stuff and pay a credit card , and so do not have to worry about it while in school . Does anyone know of any online loan perhaps to offer the right for you and not send them to school ? ? ?
Applying for student loans before applying to college?0ughh help2012-09-26 03:45:06
I want to go back to school . I have to do it online though. i need a grant or student loan paper . ? I can apply for and obtain a student loan before choosing college and my courses ? or I have to do after signing up?

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