What are the early repayment fees if you take out a First Plus type loan? related questions

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What are the early repayment fees if you take out a First Plus type loan?1Twinkle2012-10-05 11:07:02
Does anyone have any experience of taking a loan company First Plus or similar? To repay the loan ( in whole or in part ) earlier , what they charge ?
Do I have to pay early repayment fees on my loan?0tonahnello2012-09-01 15:26:03
Just wondering with the new laws in Australia that are being brought in from July 1, 2011 if still I have to pay my fees for early repayment of my loan. MedlinePlus We got the loan in October 2010 and the current rate of early repayment is $ 3000 for the first year . MedlinePlus Do the new laws only affect new loans or loans for everyone ? MedlinePlus thanks
Paying off a loan early - fees?1Bromine2012-10-10 20:01:03
This is my story : MedlinePlus I have a small loan through my local bank a couple of years ago. It was only $ 3000/36 months and the interest is a bit high . Not sure of the exact number but my interest payments are $ 109.55 a month. Interest is high because this was my first play ever financially. I'm almost finished with college and have a small amount of money that goes into what I like to pay my loan . I have 9 payments left, and when you add it all up , that's $ 985.95 to pay. However, my online account says " AMOUNT BALANCE AT 10/06/08 1032.59 " . Where is this number coming from? I paid on time every month , never missed a payment and have never had problems with the loan. I'm confused because I did not know of any fees or closing costs . I'm thinking about calling tomorrow and get a direct answer , but would like some advice early. Thank you !
What is the type of car loan where if you pay it off early you get money back???0FlowerPower2012-09-07 16:10:02
I need to know the proper name for this type of loan and my credit card has to look to get this type of loan
Does any one know of anyone offering an early holiday express type loan?2Isabel2012-10-20 00:08:02
I was eager to get an early tax loan as soon as possible for the holidays. Does anyone know of someone who still has something like this? Or something similar I can do for some extra cash for the holidays?
IBR - has anyone actually gotten this type of loan repayment?0nana2012-10-08 19:34:22
I applied once, something was wrong with that request , so I made another . Is something new . So I made another and, yes , something was not right . I applied about 6 weeks quarter and now all I'm getting is in the mail threatening letters on my payments are due. It is absolutely amazing !
Student loan early repayment?0jaimee2012-10-05 21:54:22
I had a student loan balance under 2k with SM and only paid off early to avoid interest , will this affect my credit score negatively? I have had the loan from 01/11 and have always paid at least the minimum required .
What are the repayment term options for an FHA loan? Are there prepayment fees?0Saiyda2012-10-03 00:51:10
Are there other options for loans to 15 years or 30 years ? ? I can get an FHA 20-year loan ? Make FHA loans typically have prepayment rates ? Would I have the option of making biweekly payments ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please state your source, if possible. I want to make sure I have the most to - date and accurate information possible. Thank you !
What happens if I make an early repayment on my personal loan?1Raheel2012-11-04 19:19:03
I just said to have
Booming Iceland makes second early loan repayment to IMF?0Niqua Lov3ly2012-10-15 10:23:44
Iceland , whose economy has recovered rapidly in 2008 after the collapse of its banking sector , on Friday paid $ 483.7 million in loans to the International Monetary Fund . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The prepayment , following another of over $ 900 million in March , is a symbolic step for the country of just 320,000 people , as it works its way out of a financial crisis that hit the economy . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The Icelandic government was forced to seek help from the IMF and Nordic partners to stabilize its economy , and imposed strict capital controls to prevent a complete collapse of its currency . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Read more : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finan
Will early loan repayment inprove credit score?0HELP ME PLEASEEEE2012-09-23 16:33:02
Will inprove early loan repayment credit score ?
Is the Army the only military branch with a student loan repayment program type of help?1 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2012-09-25 10:59:06
Why not other branches adopt this program is really useful ? Does the Army have a large budget or something ?

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