Want to better my life for my kids sake. i have 3 kids and im still with their mother. im unemployed, no money? related questions

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Want to better my life for my kids sake. i have 3 kids and im still with their mother. im unemployed, no money?3kenji2012-08-11 20:23:04
I've been looking for work during the last 2 months here in Slidell, Louisiana. Theres just no jobs absouletely thios in the city. all jobs are 30 minutes in New Orleans. my girlfriend is tired of me because I have no income to pay the bills comin. I have a car, but its low repo so I'm scared to drive anywhere because there are going to come and pick it up. my girlfriend recently got a $ 4,000 of their student loan. I asked him to help pay for the car that way I can get a decent job to support all 5 of us. but she refused to help me. and let me remind u (my girlfriend has been a homemaker for the last 3 years. when I was a job I took damn good care of me her and my children of 3, paid my car note both his car insurance 11 throughout their credit cards and so on). he does not believe she did wrong, but the way I see it is ****** to clean again. his car was in repo too, but he paid she paid her car insurance and watever else who owed him and jus left me stuck. she is constantly expelling me home because she says i can not aspire to the air because I did not pay anything. I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago in new companies and refuse to take me, but I have yet to find a job. she wants me to do this and that, but I do not think I can trust her for a ride to work. to make a long story short, I want to go to job corp. I talked to a counselor. Im just debating weather or not I leave my children behind. will until the end in Texas, but if I stay here and get a job in my car going to get repos and I can not rely on my girlfriend to give me a ride to work sick to walk to work at Burger King, etc.. . .. then ill be back at square 1 again. Should I leave or should I stay? ? ? ? there are always 2 sides of mThe history, but this pretty much sums it up here either ... please anyone with advice because I'm running sum goooood time to enter the job corp, if I decide to go
Why can't I sell my kidney, I am a single mother with 2 kids and a tuition to pay, it's my life.?4Dyla2012-10-01 03:39:02
I'm healthy , working at some fast food restaurant or some other undergraduate work will not keep us a float . Loans that are used to get to school , everything is cut . I want to take my family , and some political BS wants to direct our lives ? The illegal sale of organs exploits the poor , and not vice versa !
Can my kids father take custody away from me if I live short-term in motorhome with kids while I go to school?2Crissy XD!!!2012-11-04 23:55:02
Ex - husband was a hustler ( legal scam artist ) that has ruined me financially . I'm in school so you can re-enter the workforce and be completed in April. My financial situation is very bad at this time , although child support , with massive student loans . I've been thinking about borrowing a motorhome for a family member to me and my children live in working until you get the next summer . I can not pay my rent more . I do not drink / smoke / party / I have a boyfriend , so I have had primary custody since he was three years ago , but is furious about having to pay child support and he said it will ask the court having the children live with him in his place now that he has bought a house . He lives 250 miles away . Do you have a good chance to get it? I'm hoping to live in the only short-term ( less than a year ) motorhome . I'm trying very hard to provide stability for my children , but I'm being as poor as it is making it very difficult.
If you are single mother, how do you support your kids?3Julia2012-11-02 21:12:02
Therefore, I am working as a cashier in a bank , and I am 20 years , second-year college student . In my bank , many women are single mother aged 23 to 30 years . My question is [How They support their children ? ? ] MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that our salary is $ 10 an hour average, maximum and $ 11/hour . We are in Oregon , where our income tax is very high . So our monthly salary is usually around $ 1200/month . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no support from my parents , and I feel the salary is too low . I have to pay $ 400 for rent , $ 130 for utilities , $ 200 for food , $ 90 for car insurance , $ 200 for car payment , $ 30 for cell phones , $ 300 for student loans , and these are necessary things . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm as curious as other cashiers themselves because most single mothers tellers out for everyday meals , shopping very often , but their children go to nursery , etc. Do you get a lot of help from the government if you are single ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It may be asked , so if someone could tell me that would be great. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
My mother is kind of supportive of my husband and I having kids, but?3Marche2012-10-10 17:16:03
I brought my mom today that my husband and I have decided to start trying to conceive and was the first thing brought up , " You two have other financial concerns and I really want to have children at this time ? " I noticed that he had his doubts . We have serious financial problems , the only problem is that we live in expensive California . This place is outrageously expensive ! Most of our money is spent on food and rent alone. MedlinePlus It really hurt me that my mom was not happy with the idea that my husband and I want to start having children for financial reasons . We are not fighting each month, just b * tch a lot about how expensive it is in California (which is why we are moving to Georgia next month . ) Are the only debt is my student loans and car payment and bills , which only have a small dent in our salary every month . My husband is a Marine , so we and our children will be cared for medically and dentally , also extended his contract so that you will get a bonus of $ 45,000 that we are putting most of the trash in a CD account. MedlinePlus I do not understand if my mom was just being overly cautious mother and me and my husband or what? Does anyone have parents trying to convince him to have children because they think you're not ready ? MedlinePlus We waited a while after we got married to try to have children , and waited until we were older . So we were excited when we were both on the same page where you want to try for children , and when we share the news with family who were crushed when my mother came to us with the "Are you sure ? " scenario .
Advice please I am a single mother divorced for 2 yrs now i have 4 kids and joint custody so?2kamleen2012-11-06 08:00:02
I have worked full time for six years in the same job , but I only do about 1300 a month and I am deeply indebted . I have joint custody of my 4 kids so we do not need support. 'm Beign adorned by two companies WOW reading this still sounds bad so many mistakes when I was younger . I need more income, but pay daycare and rent and car note and things are so expensive . I want to go back to school , but I 'm paying off student loans in the past and it will take me at least 5 years to get out of student loan debt and reg . debt. I can barely pay my bills I have no family to support me this is me and my 4 children living with a low income and want out , I want better for my children and me. I want to get outof debt and go to school but I have f ** ked so bad in my life fianacially now my children pay the price for any advice in everything we feell desperate .
Why do Americans waste so much money on having kids at a young age?7Lea2012-11-04 08:15:02
For example , I make about $ 200,000 per year in salary, plus another $ 50,000 of side projects , investments , and at my consulting thing . I currently rent a decent ( if a little small ) house for $ 875 per month, pay about $ 20K on my student loans per year (so that it has been in eight years ) , I have to pay taxes on a total of about 40 % of revenues (federal , state , local income , cap , payroll , along with rates and business licenses ) , and I drive a used truck I bought outright for $ 6,000. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not spend much money on other things , so, after other expenses , that leaves me with about $ 105K per year to simply save and invest . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently I have $ 215K in various bank accounts , plus another $ 190K in other investments . I am currently 28 years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is how people in general should strive to live . I will be able to fund my own retirement , for example. I will not need government attention . Many Americans can not even do MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus One of the main reasons for this is because they have children , and have children too early , before they have a lot of accumulated savings . Children are expensive . They can cripple your career progress . They are big time sinks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no children until you are in the age range of 35-40 . By then , I'll have more than a million dollars in savings and finance will not be a concern. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Why can not Americans in general choose this path ? Why are my compatriots so hugely irresponsible when it comes to financial matters and children ?
I Need to raise money for a card shop! Ihave a ton of kids who are couting on me, poor credit I NEED HELP!?1Helo2012-10-12 09:49:02
Hi, I'm Ruth of Michigan . There is a mall (Gibraltar Trade Center ) Consit several cabins with small businesses , which mine is a small card / toy store which is a busy place . Although probably only have 400 square feet , this place is always busy .. I have acess to the exhibition area , so you have a good sized area yu -gi - oh , Magic , and other tournaments . The problem is the trade center open only three days a week and just raised the rent to $ 1,200 a month. For about $ 800 more (all included ) I found a building right next to a high school and Elementry school , place in a perfect location ! I know that all children and customers by name and all the regulars are willing to do for them what it takes to get this open . But fear is the down payment, and the lease of three years . I doubt I would qualify (I have good credit ) for an SBA loan and needs 5 - $ 10,000 . Well FunRaising ideas.How NEED legally raise funds for the children to have a local card store ! They are counting on me . HELP
2 kids and going broke?4Fern2012-10-22 03:02:03
How do you get ahead ? I work full time , I need a loan and have terrible credit . Spend a few days crying because my husband and I work and still in debt . We do not have bad spending habits - Unless you call feeding their children ill - Does anyone know of a lender who will be supported with an unsecured loan to someone with bad credit ?
How can he get her and her kids out of his house.?2agksg zgh2012-10-26 05:23:03
My partner bought a house for himself and his girlfriend and their children so they could all live together. 2 bed home rented out and rented his house 2 bed outside. Got a 16k secured loan as a deposit on a house with 3 bedrooms . All the time she's been seeing someone else , but did not know until recently . They separated and he agreed 2 let him rent the house (verbally ) to
I know i should save $ for a down and have been but something always come up with kids and it's VERY HARD so p0Johnathan2012-08-12 19:52:03
I know I should save $ for a down and have not been but something that always arise with children and is very difficult for pleeeease , no lectures * smile * :-))) . Here is my question. I was told I am eligible for the horse 80/20 loan ( with bad credit that I'm fixing ), but the loan can be 20% to 10% interest ! I've done some calculations and if this is the case I will be paying about $ 2300 for the first mortgage and $ 800 in negative equity and the second basically have that when we finally move , I get right? Should I expect to save at least 3% for SONYMA loan that gives a 6.7 % interest? PS : My dad has great credit , and said he would co - sign. What about a 100% loan with PMI instead of a piggyback loan ? What would the monthly mortgage is guesstimating the house is $ 430K ? His advice is appreciated heart . With the interest rate piggyback loan after 30 years you would have paid over a million dollars in a home for $ 400K . Do I have to calculate this wrong?
Who gets the house in divorce with no kids?1La2012-09-13 19:08:03
We have no children , just a bunch of trash - bedroom set , TV , gaming systems , computers, cars 2 2, there is a lot of value . None of us has a steady job but the two could probably survive with college loans . Sorry to be me because: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1.My husband was unemployed for 2 of the 3 years we have owned the house ( with ZERO income unemployed) and I worked all but eight months , with $ 400 a week unemployment when he was not working . So did most of the payments / invoices . MedlinePlus 2. My family has worked in the house MedlinePlus 3. I'll have a roommate when he would not. MedlinePlus 4. It was my credit score and income obtained the loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have experience with this that could point out some key factors ? PS my husband is violent , threatening and insults with witnesses . I do not know if that will help, but I worry that he will burn the house . I still do not want to lose my home.

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