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Can't stand my life anymore, any advise?1heather.2012-11-05 05:48:02
I am married and I have three children and one on the way, all I do all day is cook all meals from scratch (its all you can afford), clean, fights off and miserable. My kids are 6, 3, 2 and never listen to anything they say. I'm so ashamed when I go anywhere. I think my oldest daughter is the worst she has the attention span of a fruit fly, and just talk all the time that teachers, coaches, or I'm trying to talk to her, I am constantly receiving criticism from all. My other two children are following suit. I love them, but so tired of dealing with these guys just never even try to listen. MedlinePlus I can not stand my husband thought of it makes me cringe, it has ruined my life. They messed up my education now I have 32 and no formal education. I was fired from my last job, can not find one to save my life. (Go to 3 years) My education is fucked so I can not pay my student loans so you can not afford to go back to school because they can not afford even the books. My husband has been in the same company for over 15 years and still pay peanuts, I've been telling for years to get another job, but can not find anything. So of course we are financially hurting so bad, he can barely afford to put food on the table. THEN do you have any more guys I know you are asking, well, my husband's vasectomy failed! (I do not blame him for that) MedlinePlus My in-laws who messed up our last hope, it was a business venture, owners of the house we live threaten to throw us out for not paying rent. We are just 300 behind. (Although we have a lot of $ $ $ $, and my husband is her only child and only grandchild)'m lost everywhere we look the bad things just keep popping up. My husband was recently diagnosed with MS, and is losing his memory and cognitive skills, we will be homeless, only to lose the car, and I just can not handle stress @ 7 months pregnant. What do we do? By the way, this really is not even half of all the bad things that have happened.
I can't stand this anymore?1Kush2012-09-30 09:44:03
All my life I have ignored and picking up after my parents and I can not stand it anymore. I talked to them several times. I helped her out when I can with your money problems, but they do not listen! More than $ 400,000 in debt. $ 120,000 for the same is my brother, who are willing to pay their college loans and car loans to see. However, with my ... I ask one thing. For them, to help me with my college books ... $ 900 once. That's it. They have to pay for loans totaling $ 1.200 Davids a month. And say yes. You know what they do? They spend $ 600 dollars of that money book! It's not like he had no money. They saved for it for me. And it spent a weekend trip for them! They knew I needed some help with college and could not even do that. It's not even that. They spend money they do not have. My mother is an idiot. Sorry. But when I say literally, if not make this house payment we will take. And then spend two hundred dollars of it and I have to take care of it. I'm crazy! What if I say something I call a golf club. I'm trying to help. I've been trying to help my life and I can not stand it anymore. Do not clean the house. My father is a parent stay at home and everything that circling for an hour at most a day and sleep. Perhaps the dishes. The floors are cleaned only by me. Windows only for me. ETC. Then they say that 100% of the confusion is my cats. BS! Before coming to the cats that were doing nothing. I clay after my cats, (three) to clean the litter box. Pick up after your toys when finished playing with them. The remaining plates in the sofa not them. Piles of urine bu they are not taking the dog only once a day. (Nuetured not either) I can not do anything, because although I am a college student trying to get into Radiology and only minimum wage! WTF You can not afford to leave. My boyfriend is trying so hard to find a full time job. Becuase I am a full time student and knows that school is important and does not want me working full time while I'm in school full time. ESP or dental radiology. They do not see the flaws in their ways. They say I'm spoiled. He never asked me anything. When they reached a new car and asked me if you can only count as a graduation present when I was in high school. They have separated my brother car of $ 27,000 U.S. dollars for her graduation present. I do not understand anything! What if I tell anyone who does not think it's a big problem. Or I think I'm ugly as a child.
I feel like my life is at a stand still...?1tawana2012-10-24 16:52:03
My son is 3 years is going to start the day ( 5 hours) preschool on September 7 . I have a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish , but I have no idea what to do with it or if you still want to do anything with it . I feel like I need something productive to do while he's in preschool for 5 hours ... I thought of an online course or degree , but I pay all my student loans . I owe about $ 23,000 so I feel like it's impossible for me to continue my education . I love my son and all, but I want something more out of life ... Is there anything I can do to work towards a career, even if I can not go back to school ? Or is there some way I can get my life back on track , please help !
I hate my life, stuck in a rut, I don't know what to do with myself anymore!!?0Erika2012-09-24 10:23:03
I graduated from high school last year and wanted to go to live on campus, to spend the usual four years there, make friends, learn, and then get a job. But my parents fucked it all. I was born in the U.S., so I'm a citizen, but my parents are illegal immigrants. My mom has been using my social security number for as long as I have memory and now my credit is ruined. She did not pay taxes either. I could not apply for financial aid because of this or student loan, so he was forced to go to a community school. It turned out that she also screwed because they do not pay taxes and are not at least legal residents do not qualify for in-state tuition. Out of state tuition is four times and I can not afford that so I lost a year of school. I will qualify for the state after filing my taxes so I've been working and plan to file my tax return as soon as possible, but I just found out I'm completely broken and have overage charges on my checking account to get money to pay bills for my parents. I feel like I'll never get out of this situation. I do not earn enough to pay the bills I have and certainly not enough to buy a car. I have to stay at home most of the week because I work for a temp agency that only sometimes calls me. I would get a more stable job if I had a car to get there everyday. My parents and I can not stand one another, is a living hell in our little apartment. I stay in my room all the time to avoid them. And I've been down since mid-2008 because my boyfriend / best friend and I broke up. Finally got it three weeks ago, but did not seem to care about our relationship because he almost never calls or asks you to hang out. I feel trapped and I'm so scared that things will never get better. Nor do I agree and with my other two best friends because I've been ignoring, but they are very far anyway. Still, it was a great comfort to be able to at least talk to them on the phone and now I have only about two mutual friends of me and my boyfriend to hang out. If we split I think I should move to Mexico because I would be so depressed and would have to leave feeling better. Please help me! I'm so lost: '(
Can anyone give me some life advise?1Mel2012-10-22 11:56:03
So ... I have 21 years . He had to leave school because they are not entitled to any financial help , and could afford no more because I layed off my job pretty decent . ( I have no credit and my parents have bad credit , so I could not get a loan ) . So now I am back home living with my parents in the middle of nowhere texas doing very close to the minimum wage . Probably take me home ( after helping my parents with bills ) $ 500 per month . That still has to put gas in the car ( approx $ 200 per month ) , plus misc . Expenses . Also I have health problems that prevent me from joining the military . I really do not know what else to do . I have asked a number of other works and havn't gotten any of them because in their eyes , all I have is a high school diploma . I've also considered opening my own business , but seeing that I now owe my old college $ 7000 (which is now , of course , with collections because my payment of $ 50 / month wernt enough) I can not get any type of loan . What would you do ? I'm so lost . I do not want to be dependent for the rest if my life .
DO I STAND BY MY MAN2Halle2012-08-11 01:05:03
My boyfriend and I have been together for 41/2 years ... We were long distance , when we met , so both agreed that it would be difficult . we are about to travel 2 hours by plane .. in the beginning he visits me every two months. maintained our strong relationship. after 2 years of that ... decided to move to a school here to be near me. He went home for summer planning to return and finish his career in the fall , so they went home for the summer. But now a couple of things were mixed with scholarships, loans, etc. . it would be easier / / cheaper to find an internship and ends with their loans, while he can live at home. So this means it will not return, at least not to live. I always wanted to go to the New York area .. so eventually we will try to establish some things and live together. you can imagine we've been through so much together. times as good / / bad ;) then inspiring as his bride I know, life has always been a problem for him, but
What does EMD stand for?0Cherry2012-09-18 02:22:05
I'm seeing some real estate listings . One has this message : " Proof of funds and copy of EMD required with all offers. " MedlinePlus What is an EMD ? What do the initials stand for ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This property is super cheap , the kind of things a person could pay cash (presumably then need a loan to fix it ) . So if you have the money , why do you need anything else ?
What does SEV stand for?0Tapas2012-08-17 14:38:02
So it was applying online for a loan and asked this question ... "What estimate of annual property taxes will be on the property you are looking for? " So I went to an estimate of property taxes online ... and asks me to enter ... "1. For future owners, enter the SEV to calculate property taxes paid by the current owner , enter the taxable value :. " What is SEV ? 1
What to do when you can't stand your in-laws?8hobbies2012-08-28 08:40:15
My family of her husband is almost unbearable for me to deal with now. I've been so kind to them too nice, they've constantly taken advantage of me. I have gone above and beyond being nice. He seems never to return favors. My mother asked about ridiculous things that did not pay for their college brothers and was nearly expelled from school I wanted my husband to co sign and that will make payments on the loan, forgotten long before we've had to pay, so do not hit my husbands credit. Not a priority for her. She always asks for money .. or used to finally began to say no, but still asks again and again anytime you need it and still say no sorry, it does not. Occasionally will launch a desirable thing and demand, and if my husband says they will not freak out, either angry or mourn. It's ridiculous .... it happens all the money and then ask us for money, more of us have more bills and have 3 children and my husband just had surgery on the ankle. I used to always borrow my car and I would be fine, but she has a two-seater, so it stays at home. Now she has my lawnmower and weed wacker and my hopes that I come to find that my lawn is more grown up! haha ... the list goes on and then my sister in laws .. Take care of my sister in law's son all the time and my other sister in law is supposed to make every day at 3, but still has plans for what I call last minute to tell me she work is scheduled later or something or have an appointment. She only makes plans without informing me that she is not picked up at 3:00. When I say that not all gang together and question why I can not do this or that for the other ... and when I say they're not what unnappreciative for all I've done. What's the babysitter .... your child every summer for the past 2 years free, driving my sister around the laws, when they had no licenses, providing them with my car, lending them money that we had to learn that just blew theres on shoes or lying . My mother is special to my husband's nephew, she puts him to the movies, fun things to the pool and never take my children anywhere and never offers to support them. My oldest son are both very good at public and independent dressing, feeding cleaning, etc. I can not stand to live near them my family is 3 hours away and is always against us. My mother is the worst. It's almost enough for me to run the other way and change my name! My husband defends them when on certain occasions, when I used to nanny .. she feels sorry for them, but never for me. I do not mind. If not for my children I'd run like hell ... my family is poor, but they do ... load that they're all so easy going, does not ask anything unless its fall to come out.
How to find a stand in CFO?2skatergrl2012-09-07 10:05:02
I'm looking for someone who is a stand at the CFO , which means you have to have perfect credit , no lates / over 700 Fico . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Basically , you are co - signing an unsecured business loan , what my business grow and prosper . In return , you earn $ 10,000 - $ 30,000 , and a % of the company . We will pay off in lines 12 to 24 months ( negotiable) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For the record , my credit score is not up to par, since the average is 648 , because I was wrong when I was younger and my partner (parents ) is 710 , but has 4 lates student loans was co - signed . He will co - signed for my sister and she forgot to pay for two months , which in return put 8 30 d lates under his belt as she was 4 years worth of loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus For more information - please email me with your contact information . The business is sports related and is low risk and everything is handled by a law firm in Los Angeles .
Where do i stand with my bank?11Stacey2012-09-25 21:12:05
co stupidly signed a loan with my ex for five years. I recently learned that my ex has not paid the loan for a year! Once the bank decides to go to my account and make some money for this without my permission. Not only this I know if I am eligible to pay half of the loan so the bank can make me pay the full amount ? I stand on my site as the reason for this loan was taken out was for my ex can consolidate all your debts. Because of him, not paying their dues , as promised by him my bank has put a block on the withdrawal of my account - my salary is now and what I need to live. Not only this, but have canceled all my direct debits and refuse to take the bar my account unless the loan payments was purchased from the norm - they are asking
As an educator, is there anything that we can do to stand up for ourselves?0Roseline2012-10-08 11:41:44
I recently had a baby and found it to have insurance ( HMO ) through my neighborhood , it would cost me $ 432/check to cover Employee + Child (24 checks / year ) . However, if I was out of work , then it would cost me $ 10 a month . I spend about $ 1,000 / year on school supplies , educational materials , manuals and even copy paper . I offer free tutorials . I go to work at 6:30 am and leave around 5:30 pm . I think much of my own work at home because textbooks are poor . I have an average car , I have to pay $ 600 a month in child care and I have to budget carefully . Again, if I was out of work , daycare cost $ 35 a month . I'm still paying college loans. I've been teaching for seven years and I love my job and if it were not for the students , I would have left after my first year . For those of you who think that teaching is easier , working with a teacher for 1 week. I think it must be some kind of compensation for the lack of our salary . Many of us are taught that our heart is in it , but it can be difficult .

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