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I need a loan for college but i dont have a cosigner and can t get one. at this point i dont car about interes0Franky2012-08-09 08:09:02
I need a college loan bad! if you get money for college as soon as possible and I will not be going back this fall, and that breaks my heart , literally. My parents do not have good enough credit to co -signer of an application and I have no credit at all . Are there loan companies out there that will give me money for college even though my credit status and the fact that I have no guarantee .. At this point, I really did not matter how high the interest rate is the time I get the money for school. Is there a company that lends money based on what your future will work or anything like that . God, please somone good news for me.
Any type of loan that I don't need a cosigner?2Deliah2012-10-12 21:45:03
I am a student and Chase bank . I've been turned down for credit after loan even with an endorsement ... apparently his credit was not so great . I have a very very small . For like $ 300 or less . So not much . I just do not have a guarantee . I want a legit loan not a scam . Because I need money fast and within the next two days .
What type of loan can you take at age 16 without parent cosigner to pay for college classes (I need $400)?0]akeT2012-10-04 04:36:04
I've been looking for work for two months , but can not get anything ! My pay for college classes winter term is January 14 , and I'm short $ 400! I'm under 18 , so you can not take any loans or anything, and I'm still enrolled in high school ( high school and not going to pay for college classes ) , but I'm taking classes outside school college credit on my own , and I used to have a personal assistant job unofficial and won some money for the summer and autumn period , but I have more work because the employer moved , and I have enough money for the long winter ! < Br > MedlinePlus I wish I could borrow or take loans , but I'm under 18 , and most of my friends do not have the money , or if they do not give it to me, because all of them are teenagers and this is big money to them . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If I had to get some kind of full time ( yes, I said full-time) work for the next week , I'd take it without hesitation , but there are none ! Tomorrow I will go to Baskin Robbins and a chocolate coffee seems to have openings as they saw craigslist , but I will not be able to make $ 400 for January 14 anyway, even if they work full time, only I do about 300 or so ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have 16 years . What should I do ? Parents do not pay . By the way , I can not apply for financial aid because I'm still in high school .
Why dont we require Solar of some type on new buildings & houses like they did in California in the 1980's?0Shasha' HELP ASAP!2012-08-25 22:40:02
During the years of the oil embargo in the 1980s , the State of California requires all new residential buildings to install solar hot water heating . Hot water , a family of four , an average of $ 55/month as Sempra Energy. With the current federal tax credit is amortized in only 2-3 years , so why do not we require all new residential construction in the U.S. ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Solar Electric ( Photovolataics ) has dropped in price to the point where it can pay for itself in just 10 years ( or less ) in desert areas like southern California, Arizona , Nevada , New Mexico and much of Texas , where summer cooling bills are outrageous . Why are not required in all new construction ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus With long-term (10 + years) Solar Electric Sallie Mae loans can actually pay for itself from the beginning when the company factor in federal tax credits and state ( like California ) or utility ( such as Nevada ) incentives . Why not require it and give property owners Government guaranteed , long-term loans at low interest rates to pay for it ?
I have a 630 credit score and im 19 i dont have a cosigner how can i get a car loan for about 6000?1Mason2012-11-04 00:19:02
I just change jobs for more money , but I have a cs 630 and 19yrs old and has been down How I can get a loan
I need a cosigner for a motorcycle loan but dont have one so how much cash would i have to put down to be appr?0sharney2012-10-11 13:42:34
I need an endorsement for a motorcycle loan , but it has a way of how much money would have to stop being ca ?
How can i convince the bank i dont need a cosigner?1gazelle2012-10-12 22:22:02
We have no credit , recently moved to our work have shown long term to a lender . I know we have job security , but you did. We need a car as soon as possible - basically the transmission is becoming dangerous. MedlinePlus And absolutely everyone we know has bad credit or has already signed also by all other family members bad credit . MedlinePlus Is there anyone who will give you a car loan in this situation ?
What else can I do if I dont want to go bankrupt and I dont quality for a consolidation loan?0Katerina2012-09-27 08:14:05
I have about $ 18,000 left on a car loan from the bank at 3.25 % , $ 12,000 in student loans left and at 8.75 % . Its top is not enough to go broke and did not quality for a consolidation loan ... What else I can do to help pay it off faster and easier?
I keep getting turned down for payday advance loans? it says i dont meet the criteria? they dont do credit che0flip2012-11-02 12:45:06
ecks so im wondering why i keep gettin turned down?
Is it true, if I have a cosigner for my loan-once repayment start the cosigner gets the credit history benefit?1dorina2012-11-05 00:27:02
I was planning to have a car loan and being new , I have the intention of having a co -signer . Someone told me that if I have a guarantee , once you start repayment - he / she is going to make a profit and improve your credit history and no change in my credit history . Is it true ?
Cosigner defaulted on loan, other person paid off the the first cosigner won't sign the title over..?0Shari2012-09-14 01:00:03
My mom also signed a car loan for my nephew ( we know , bad move - not required reading = ) ) . My nephew had an accident and do not have adequate coverage . My nephew stopped making payments on the car , I took over because mom on a fixed income . I'm in the process of getting the car fixed , in an effort to try to recover our losses . Now the ungrateful punk refuses to sign the title . What can we do ?
I need a cosigner for a car loan. I make alot of money and will work something out with cosigner?1Keema2012-08-25 01:13:20
I am a professional businessman , I need a cosigner for a car i have been renting currnetly car for 800 a month for two years becuase my credit is not good I am trying to repair my credit , but need a cosigner can anyone help we can work something to your liking .

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