I work in the government has a TSP account am I able to use that as collateral for a secured Loan? related questions

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I work in the government has a TSP account am I able to use that as collateral for a secured Loan?0Jeanna2012-09-07 17:33:02
TSP is a savings plan
Can someone tell me how collateral loans work or secured loans?0Baybee Cintia2012-10-04 04:20:55
I have four condominium properties directly . I have planned to establish three security units . I need to know if there are charges or interest related to loans ? If so , what is the current interest rate for loan collateral ? What are the types of expenses that can be expected?
If your bank approves you for a loan secured by a deposit account, is this your checking account?0ZUICK2012-09-03 12:30:02
or is required a deposit from your checking account ? ORRRRRR which is approved for the loan simply because you have an account with them ?
Is there any way to get a loan using your ira account as collateral?0Yc20122012-08-29 07:25:15
If I had a 97K in an IRA , is there any way to get a loan aganist that? I have debts and I'm trying to get some debt relief . I really do not want a retirement account because of the sanctions and the amount of money lost in the process . Are there other options of this type ?
What can I use as collateral for a secured loan?0Kally2012-08-08 10:04:03
I realize that people use cars and houses as collateral for secured loans , but what else can be used as collateral?
I have a retirement account worth$500,000.00 where can i secure a loan using it as collateral?3arjun2012-08-17 19:39:31
I have a retirement account worth $ 500,000.00 where I can get a loan using as collateral?
I cosigned for a car loan .it is secured since the car itself is a collateral?1LaNissa2012-10-09 02:39:02
i co signed a car loan . after being away for a year I found out that the person i co signed by never paid for I can car.what do.can i returned the car to creditors?
I want to get a secured loan, using my house as collateral?1Mubtasim2012-09-15 06:22:06
Unfortunately , my house is owned by me and my partner , and although he is willing to get a loan that I have a problem while loan companies always have to talk to him , and as he works on oil rigs no no contact. Does anyone know of a company will not have to talk to him , I can do things to him for signature , is only verbal communication is a problem .
Using gold as collateral for secured loan?2Claudia Pantoja2012-11-03 04:37:01
? I can use gold as collateral?
Can i get a secured loan using an ipad 2 as collateral?4fishbowl2012-10-03 12:57:02
If I go to a local bank and get a loan of $ 1000 and put my new iPad 2 brand as collateral , would accept that. I have no credit history and I gross 2200 a month. So were going to take that?
Has the U.S. government ever offered physical collateral to secure its debts?0 country girls. -2012-09-27 09:22:03
Has anyone heard of physical guarantees offered to foreign governments to buy its loans to the U.S.?
Using car as collateral for loan - How does it work?1jere2012-11-03 21:18:02
I'm selling my house and the person buying it is willing to put his truck to secure the loan MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What do I have to do MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I mean, I have to have the title put in my name until the balance is paid - and if that does not mean the title regisatration and will have to put in my name MedlinePlus MedlinePlus There must be another way to use a car as collateral because they would have to get insurance and everything but he is keeping the car MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm confused and would like some help from an expert MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No need to respond if you do not know what your talkinf on MedlinePlus MedlinePlus

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