I cant get a loan because i have no credit history. How can i build my credit history fast? related questions

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I cant get a loan because i have no credit history. How can i build my credit history fast?1Beauty2012-10-03 22:42:02
I have 2 credit cards that I can pay in full each month, but no trace of any credit on my credit records . im also on the electoral register and do not owe money .
Which one is better to build fast credit history, secured loans or secured credit cards? any bank recommended?0seesaw2012-09-28 04:45:03
Which is better for building credit history fast secured loans or secured credit cards ? recommend any bank ?
What is the best way to build your credit score and history?0RUSHIL2012-08-22 11:24:24
I have 19 years and I'm trying to buy a car quite expensive ( $ 4k or less ) , but I can not get a loan anywhere. The problem is not that I have bad credit , but you do not have enough credits . I have a credit card without delay and that account has been open for 16 months. How long before they start to get somewhere ? If you do not have enough credit , even for a loan of $ 1500 to fix our old car transmission , then I'll be 80 before you even get a new car. It's not just a car to the right ... later became my own home . Ugh !
Take secured personal loan soley to build credit history?1jejel2012-11-04 01:50:03
Hi I have 19 years old my credit history is about 1 1/2 years old and I have two credit cards totaling 2,500 credit and my credit score is 736 now I need a loan , but imagine having a fast and paying back (a secured so that no credit drag ) increase my history / credit score and help my account and have to rent a car in the future . Does it make sense ? Is it a good idea? Thank you !
I have a limited credit history, and I have been trying to build it and I have a few questions...?1Jack Tequila 2012-11-03 13:53:10
I was denied by some unsecured credit cards , so I decided to try secured . I found a master card secured a capital ( the best option ) . However, I was also denied . So I then tried to go buy my credit reports and found some problems . But I could not verify my identity . The questions were very strange . The site asked me my last name and home loan lenders and none were correct . I did not recognize any of them. Could this mean my identity has been stolen ? Is there anything I can do or someone I can contact to resolve this? Thank you !
Getting secured credit card to build credit history. The more (deposit and number of cards) the better?0Tenderly2012-10-13 05:28:42
I just moved to the U.S. . Applied by credit card are rejected because "can not verify" my information . I try to ask Equifax.com credit report to find out what is wrong , but I can not find my profile. My SSN # was published in 1991 , when I went to college in the U.S. , never applied for a credit card or a loan at that time. Now I am trying to build credit history in the U.S. and found that I can do it with a secured credit card . My questions are : Should I apply for one or more cards ? Is there a difference if I can deposit $ 300 or $ 1,000 as collateral? Thank you !
Be debt free or continue to build credit history?5Bb 332012-11-05 23:51:02
Until recently , my credit history is in credit cards . I took out a car loan last year because I wanted a new car and I thought it would improve my credit . I want to buy a house at some point. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Within a year of my credit card and student debt will be canceled and I'll just take the car loan . My question is : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is it smarter to start putting all the money had been used to pay the debts of others toward the car loan , pay at appx 2.5 years , and then , of what is currently budgeted savings toward debt , or to keep paying my car loan at the rate I've been and put the extra money into savings? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know that dollar for dollar will have more money to the plan first because the amount of interest I'm paying , of course , more than the interest on my savings would be winning, but the credit history to have the loan extended and most valuable that the extra money you would have ?
Can one credit Card Build a solid credit History??0kemp2012-10-11 01:37:36
I have a student credit card from Chase . If you pay on time and keep balances low as seven years will help me when applying for car loans etc . Only want and need a credit card . I'm trying to get a perfect score , a decent result ..
I need a loan fast. I Don't have any credit history?2plural noun2012-10-09 05:57:03
I know there FASFA and I already did , but my money is not reaching Unitil after the deadline for payment. I know Stafford , Pell Grants , loans as well . I need someone to tell me about different loan quickly and do not need a guarantee that my mom has bad credit .
I need a unsecured loan with no credit checks and fast payout as i have a poor credit history?4Caroline2012-11-04 03:51:02
I need an unsecured loan with no credit check and quick payment as I have a poor credit history ?
Where can I get a student loan that is: fast, your credit history or employment is not a factor?28k2012-10-07 15:41:02
Where I can get a student loan that is fast , your credit history or employment is not a factor ?
I,m a single mum with 7 children on benefits with poor credit history but need a fast loan?3veena2012-10-02 23:35:03
i , m in desperate need of a small loan , but I'm on benefits with bad credit rating i been online for two days filling in many ways then always disappointed when I do not , nothing is as frustrating ma everything I am I will pay again just an opportunity that no one has been in this situation and has been successful in helping please I need it now

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