Will someone help me make it on my own as a full time college student with a part time job? related questions

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Will someone help me make it on my own as a full time college student with a part time job?4Clothilda2012-10-19 11:52:03
I live in Los Angeles , my family moved to Texas and I'm staying here because I want to marry girlfriend and live with it , but I do not want to leave either so the only option for me is to stay. Now I do not want to get a loan because I have a job and I know there financial aid. A friend once told me about how if you live on your own, you can get a certain amount of money per month and was wondering if I could get food stamps. I like to be alone and I actually would use food stamps to eat at fast food places . My parents make about 65 thousand a year , so do not qualify for some things , except the fee waiver but as I would be on my own to care anymore ? Any help much appreciated , I have only a year to get everything good and I feel that this might work if I put everything I can on it .
Full Time College Student and Working full time need some advice for $$$?0confidence2012-11-05 03:32:24
I am 22 I am doing good in school but since I work full-time my Financial Aid has been denied. We grew up poor/broke in my family. My pops is deceased and my mother has had a reoccuring illness. The only person in my family who can help lighten my burden is my Uncle but he will not co-sign on a car or a school loan for me. I have tried getting loans and have been denied, I have to pay a lot for my car and I have been getting really frustrated b/c no 1 will try 2 help me although my older cousin and older bro both got new cars that someone co-signed for that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I am from the hood and I know how to survive in that lifestyle but I choose to go to school and work. it is getting so hard i have considered goin back to my old ways or just dropping out and working 2 jobs this semester. Any Advice???
Anyone worked full-time as a full-time college student?0Donell2012-11-02 16:14:36
If you're completely on your own (at 18-20)...how did you do it??? AND have time for studying? I'm willing to completely sacrifice a social life while I'm school, but even so, how do you do it? How did you have the time to excel in everything? Sadly, where I live, it's $650 at CHEAPEST to rent out one single ROOM in an apartment with other roommates. Do people get student loans b/c of this?
Can I work full-time and attend graduate school part-time?1Dana2012-09-02 08:58:03
I just received an offer for a full-time job after months of searching . It has nothing to do with what I majored in , but in this economy after months of searching I had to take what I can get and not have to live with parents I have to pay my rent and loans somehow. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I guess I 'm wondering if graduate schools often have online classes or even classes 6.9 or anything you can reach after a 9-5 job every day of the week ? Also , do you think it would be possible to get experience in a practice that may also interfere with the full time job ? Maybe weekends or something? ( I'm planning on going to counseling psychology and my full time job is customer service ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Money is a problem , but I want to make the right decision to attend school until graduation. If I left work full time can still leave graduate school without work for months with more debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Does anyone have any advice? Please and thank you !
Marriage advice, I'm preggo, in school full time, work part time, but now we fight over money. Please help!?3Jackiee2012-10-21 05:58:56
We've been together 4 years, married four months, and found out I was pregnant one month ago. I've been in school full time for geology and work a little more time as an office manager to help with finances. As we found out I was pregnant, we agreed that I would stay home and stay in school full-time when the baby arrived since they already have a child (7 years old son is not biologically my husband) and would not make sense financially to pay child care that much. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus We recently bought a new car, so we're experiencing some extreme financial difficulties. My husband acts like he was so supportive of me going to school, but in the last three weeks we fought about money and how to spend it (he smokes and we can not anymore) that frustrates him so he says things like: < br> MedlinePlus "Well get a full time job!" or "I buy food, go to work every day." as if what I'm doing is not enough, tonight I'm back with, "Are you going to say that three years from now, when I pull 60k starting salary?" His answer? "If we are not homeless by then." MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Tears instantly. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I feel stressed during pregnancy in the middle school. Do not get me wrong, I am happy and I do not think that children are always something to regret, but I know the stress of raising a child while going to school and would not duplicate that ... but we are here and thought I had discovered ... until tonight. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any advice from some experienced wives or husbands about this situation? I feel very discouraged and misunderstood. My late husband was abusive and it took a lot of time and faith to trust that my husband used to take advantage of the fact that I am financially dependent on him. For the love of God we have not even gotten to that point yet, and he does this? How can I trust that when the baby used to go crazy and insist that I put school on hold. Then we'll have to put up with student loans and no degree? Background of my husband, his mother, sister and niece sister all stay home with their children rather than work. I was raised by a single mother who went to college. So very different educations. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Words of wisdom, advice, anything needed! Please?
Would it be easy or hard to get an apartment working part time and a student part time?0GUY2012-09-29 12:05:02
I want to go to a fo those apartments . I'm sick of living in a basement . I 'm not talking about an expensive apt , I just want a studio for $ 700/month . I work part time and make $ 700 of it, I am a student studying part time online , and get $ 500 per month student loan . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus the owner feel good rent someone like
What do the Federal Stafford student loan people consider full and part time when it comes to repayment?3Ele2012-10-11 03:32:02
I have some college student loans , and I wonder how many credits I have to take each semester in graduate school to stay in deferment. SallieMae website is completely useless = (
Does having no job and wanting to attend college full time make me a bum?0Anony Mous2012-10-11 13:55:43
I had a job for the state field goes here . The work although I sometimes stressed , and after two years of doing what he was difficult to handle college with him . I started oversleeping because of night classes and had to get up at 5:30 am to go to work , so I knew that I was heading towards being fired or let go and put in my resignation . MedlinePlus I figured even though I may live in student loans by the time they have for the past four months . I transferred to an online school called Troy University to obtain a degree in CS . I also managed to finnish my AA in Liberal Arts before I transferred . MedlinePlus So, I'm lazy for wanting to concentrate full-time Troy ? Programming seems very long time and this important involves a lot of math and theory .
I am a full time student and full time employee with 4 dependants--Is my tax refund going to be less or more?2yUo2012-10-24 19:12:04
I have received student loans and have received a few hundred dollars in donations. I have 3 children and a wife who stays home full time. They usually get back a good return , and to pay a lot. I get a bigger refund this year is a full time ( online ) college student and still working 65 hours a week ? Or is taking longer than usual ? I know nothing about him.
I'm a full time student getting married in December. How much will we need to make?4Allen Turner Love's Pussy 2012-11-04 20:48:02
My soon to be wife and I make about $ 1,500 a month. Our apartment is 395 ( all inclusive) Right now my car is paid off and you owe $ 1,000 on it . we have a baby in April. Are we going to get it right , can we afford a car loan so you can get a nicer car ?
How can a college student with part-time job get Auto Loan?2brainywaney2012-10-16 00:13:03
I am in desperate need of a used car . I realize that you have a co -signer to get a loan makes it much easier , but neither of my parents are willing to help . I have a part time job . I have no monthly bills so you can easily make the monthly payments on a car . Where is the best place to get a loan . I would try the credit union , but the closest is an hour away ...
Car loan anywhere for college student working part time ??0Elizabeth O'Loughlin2012-09-25 20:01:03
I've been looking everywhere for a car loan . I am a student in college full time right now and I'm currently working part time . I work for tips only in a police station and really have no paycheck. but I bring about 1,000 each month . Each place until now I've been trying to not accept me . Co - signin not help because I have no one to co - sign . I'm trying to get a car around 5000-5500 . If someone culd help me on this it would be appreciated. thanks

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