Is the my co-signer on my car loan liable after I file chapter 7 bankruptcy in California.? related questions

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Is the my co-signer on my car loan liable after I file chapter 7 bankruptcy in California.?3leticiea2012-08-16 07:03:33
My father co -signed for my car loan before losing income. I filed Chapter 7, but have continued to make payments on the car in an attempt to keep my parents credit card to get ruined . The car appears on the credit hes as default? If I gave back to the agency to come after my father for payment?
How do I file bankruptcy in Southern California and what type should I file?0Meli2012-09-18 16:33:06
Hi. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a very good credit score. I've never made a late payment on anything in my life. However, I am anticipating disaster and see no way out of it. My debt is about 17K in credit cards and student loans about 10 km so that a total of 27K. I'm not worried about student loans, and I'm at school and what they are currently "on hold" until the end and when I am expected to pay them only as $ 110 per month for ten years. But my credit cards are getting worse and worse and the only way I can make myself stop relying on them is to kill them. Unfortunately I have almost zero income (about $ 400 per month) and I'm in college and living with the mother. I have 24 years. This is very sad, I know, but I think it has to present soon. It's a shame because my credit score is 720. I just leased a new car, which is under my name, but again, the family supports me. So ... I think I should file for bankruptcy (Chapter 7 is what I'm thinking) and just live off what I make for thew next ten years. I have nothing of value, and in the morning the lease for my mom, and also want to know if they will take my car when and if the. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please know that everyone says it is a "last resort." I'm seeing it as such. So if it comes to this, what is the best way to go about filing and hoe much it will cost me financially and also how long it takes? Will my debts be cleaned? I heard that student loans do not go away, which is fine by me. Your credit cards that are about to crush me. I need real advice, not only criticizes worthless empty. So please ONLY RESPOND IF POLITE RELIABLE ADVICE. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you guys. Happy holidays.
I co-signed on a car loan the other party is planning to file bankruptcy will I be liable for the debt?1jacee2012-09-12 10:57:05
I co - signed on a car loan the other party had an accident in the car ( the car was totaled , no insurance ) the car was repoed voluntarily . Now I am making payments to garnish my wages are not . Will I still be responsible for this debt if you file bankruptcy? Is there anything I can do to get my money from the other party once the debt is satisfied.
Can i get an auto loan while in the process of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy in california?0redge2012-10-07 11:12:18
My husband and I are in the middle of chapter 7 bankruptcy ..... well over half ..... we went to court a month ago and are now expecting our high card . we have been receiving offers in the mail for a new car loan in the offer that says they can do it without the letter high ..... Is that possible ? going to get in trouble for it? how we will most likely need to download ? we had a car for a few months voluntary repurchase presented above, is what makes the difference ? Be the best you can do is wait until after you have recovered from bankruptcy , but only have a car now and I have plans to return to work soon , so we really need two cars . The answers will help .... thank you!
What happens if a car is exempt (in a chapter 7 bankruptcy), but you have a loan and co-signer?1Demetrius Oliver2012-09-26 12:10:05
Should i file bankruptcy chapter 13?1Dhwani2012-10-24 23:44:03
I'm on the verge of losing control of my debts . Am I missing some payments just to pay the other . My score is less than 600 so no bank lends me money , I've tried. No family / friends can help. I have read that chapter 13 is a payment plan of consolidation, which is all I need . Will this hurt or help my credit ? Should I go with a debt consolidation company instead? If so comany which is best?
Can I file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?0bonnierta2012-11-03 23:29:57
My job is ending in 1 week and I will have no income coming in. I have 3 personal loans and 1 auto loan. They total up to be 92000 dollars and my payments are 1900/month for all these loans combined. If I file for Chapter 7, will I be able to start over with no more debt? I also have 17000 in my checking account and at this rate that will only last me about 4 months with no job or 8 months if I find another job right away. I just want to start over with 0 debt, even though my credit will be shot. Also, what should I do with the money in my checking account? I dont want them to take it, its all I got.
If i file for bankruptcy(chapter 7) what will i not be able to get?0samm ms.sue2012-08-17 07:50:31
like her he lives in a car loan that you can only make the minimum payments so it is suggested that should be declared bankrupt. Will I be able to rent another apartment? I have good rental history is only the car loan and some medical expenses , that something has changed ?
Would you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?0shaje2012-08-15 01:36:02
I have about 60k in debt and a credit score of 500. I could pay the debt with a company consoldation debt payments are about $ 900 a month for almost 4 years. Agencey debt charges about $ 9000 in 60k amount in hopes of reducing its debt by 50 %. The credit score will eventually return and payment of the debt is settled show the credit bureau . Chapter 7 will show a bankruptcy for 10 years, although the scores will be within a year or less and the debts are gone forever. Getting a mortgage will take about 2-3 years , which is at the same time as the program of debt . What would you do if you take out Morales.
In New Jersey what will happen if I have a car loan and I file for chapter 7 bankruptcy?0dories2012-10-11 00:20:59
I was just approved for a high interest loan to buy a car but do not want the car if it will affect tha bankruptcy and I know that I can only keep a certain amount of assets and Im told my deposit account 13k warranty will be free and clear from his less than the maximum .
Should I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (Car repo)?3atiesha2012-09-13 02:01:05
Last year, for me it was so horrible that it could even get a job that pays more than 8.00. I am about 25k in debt and im only 21 . This is including my car was repoed . I had a very large output from 18 , but the year was 20 was so overwhelming all my loans. Car , credit cards , and on top of the 25k to 15k I know student loans can not file for bankruptcy itself , but atleas those not in arrears. Should I go ahead and file Chapter 7 and start working on building my credit again , because after this repository 8.00/hr know my checks start to be arrested , and so now not even be able to work . Please help
Should I file for chapter 7 bankruptcy with my situation?0chaya2012-09-17 03:17:04
I have 27 years old with a college degree that I lost my job last year and had to settle for a low-paying part-time job. I have student loans (to my knowledge have not been touched by the bankruptcy ) , but I have about $ 23,000 in other debt : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Cars to 8,000 furniture company, in 900 , two credit cards in 9000, old apartment in 4500, Comcast 150. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I would have to pay a lawyer to go through the process , but that would be a good choice ? I know nothing so if you have the time and the details more " idiot proof " knowledge , the better. Thank you.

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