Has anyone applied for a loan online with barclays.? related questions

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Has anyone applied for a loan online with barclays.?2Mike Homework Help2012-09-22 14:06:03
I applied online and can not seem to gain any ... I'm starting to wonder if it is a fake website
Have you ever applied for a loan online?0~tundra women~ 2012-10-01 13:51:03
I'm in a financial crisis at the moment and need a short term loan .... Is it a bad idea? I'm just needing around $ 500.00 .... I have never applied for a loan online and just wondered what were some of your experiences .... Announced ... cash within an hour and all that ... My truck broke down and I have to get it fixed in a day ....
Has anyone ever applied for a loan online,if so could anyone tell me the best one 2 go for thankyou?5DoubtfulOne2012-10-09 08:26:02
Has anyone applied for a loan online , if so could someone tell me maybe a thanksgiving 2 go ?
Applied for online loan/ now new jersey?0Cliffor2012-08-28 01:54:16
i did an online loan back on April 9 . One day I decided I was going to see if I qualified for a small loan so I put in my information and my bank information , I should not have I'm learning the hard way .. smh anyway, so I did it right after I lost my job due to almost lose my mom . So my bank account was overdrawed . and closed . I paid $ 100 in August was the amount of my loan was 300 and by the time it was done it was 500 so it means I have 400 left. I never did get a receipt showing the payment made ​​. They also forgot to mention that the law / lawyer is located in New Jersey is not New Jersey law either. I do not know the name of the company that received the loan for me. Nor do I know the address or the name of the law firm . The reason I 'm asking is because I'm really need to know that police do not want to appear at the door to get me my love for this small loan . Does anyone know the laws of New Jersey on loans online or something ? ? ? ?
Applied online for a personal loan?0math student2012-08-31 18:22:03
I applied online for a personal loan . Now I have applied in the past and was given an automatic rejection notice . Now this was a different bank , but this time I got a notice saying that a loan officer would contact me with further details . Does that mean I have a chance to get the loan or just a different policy in banks rejecting applications .
I have just applied for a personal loan online?0sisca2012-09-30 03:01:03
i just applied for a personal loan online to see if I can get one and want to apply for other loans to see who says yes , but yes to loans that have silicone based You mean you already have it and the money is coming. because I do not want to end up with loads loans please help as im really confused MedlinePlus Chelsea :) Best regards
Have you ever applied for a personal loan online?0jamia2012-10-13 12:50:35
I would like to apply for a loan online bad credit personal . Did anyone ever do that and it works ?
I applied for a loan online. I payed a fee of $164. did i get scamed?2Skye2012-10-19 08:16:03
I applied for a loan online. He had paid a fee of $ 164. its been 9 days. i didn; obtain my loan . I also call the phone number and no one has answered in days. i can not find the website more . I think I have cheated . Is there a site that informs online loan scams ? I think the site was called between periouds payment.
I applied for a loan online, i have been some how charged by two companys for what i don't no.?0Melea2012-09-05 00:31:03
Direct MPAR is a company comin up on my statement . This is illegal and is there any way to get my money back ?
I applied for an auto loan online, I got pre-approved for up to $44k. What does this mean?4helly2012-11-06 09:06:02
I introduced myself and said I 'm pre approved for 44k . Then the same guy calls me back and tells me that now I have 48.8k . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He asked about my interest rate , he says he did not know until I pick up the car and I think that finding a finance company . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Am I setting until reformulated dealer ?
I applied for a payday loan online and now I'm being harrassed?1Please help me!!!!!2012-10-01 17:13:02
I recently applied for a payday loan online some that forced me to get into a lot of personal information (I know, stupid . ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway , I received a few calls from a man who I think works for a company that outsources its Washington customer service in India . The first time I called I told him I was not interested but did not need the loan , but he insisted that I owed a cancellation fee of $ 50 . I did not sign or agree to anything , I just applied for a loan and nothing else . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now he is calling and leaving messages , saying he will come to my house so I can sue your lawyer or something. Is this something I should be worried ?
I applied for loan online for cosmetic surgery? Help!?1Mirabelle2012-10-15 07:59:02
I applied online for a cosmetic surgery loan , although pursuit not gave me an answer I just said .... We will send you an email with a response and to make an appointment with my doctor . So I checked my email and told me they would send a response in the mail within 30 days .. is it good or bad ? ? ? If I had adopted not only say that in the email?

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