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Should I buy an 02' Acura RSX Type- S?1myst2012-09-15 08:08:02
I am a car buyer . I'm currently waiting for my taxes to go to purchase this vehicle. The car is a 2002 Acura RSX Type- S with 106k on it . No rust , no mechanical work done apart from a new clutch, and I'm buying it from the original owner . The price of this car is $ 6,600. The problem is that this is out of an individual who lives 4 ½ hours to pick it out of state . Personally I have not seen that car , but he described it to me. I feel that this car is priced very reasonably . You may not have the money to buy the car for a week or so , so my question boils down to whether you should take a personal loan fast for this car ? An Acura RSX Type- S is the car I want, but I'm debating whether it is really worth all the trouble. I have looked around for another type - S and the price of them have been around $ 7500 with over 120K . I just do not want to miss a good opportunity . What are your opinions? I'm also a college student .
1997 Acura Tl 3.2 or 2009 Toyota Camry Le V-4?0Savanna Rush2012-10-14 13:15:46
I need a car and was thinking of getting one of these cars . The Acura has 99k miles and costs only $ 4,800 in cash and the Camry has 48k miles and a cost of $ 13,000 , my bank approved me for the loan. So now I'm wondering , should I have the car in cash or Camry and establish some credit a bit . I do not know if it's important or not , I have 24 years.
A 2001-04 lexus LS430 or 2000-04 Acura Rl?0rahila2012-09-01 05:26:04
Hi , I have a 1997 Acura RL and a first year college student , and in the near future , im planning to buy a car on loan from a dealership , which of these two cars are better .. or should I wait a few years to come to buy one of these? ? ? MedlinePlus any advice
Ok what type of situation are you in?2julee2012-11-04 05:55:02
Im a 23 year old college working part time at a bar. My monthly check is $ 435 and now im renting an apartment with my friends. The rent is $ 980 per month 1 bedroom apartment . My friend and I pay half, so paying 440 a month. The problem is that I owe so much in student loan and becuase I bought a new car when I was 18 years old I have yet to settle payments too . I bought a Scion tC when I was 18 and I have a debt of 14,000 for the car. School enrollment is about 19,000. I try to save money, but it is very difficult to save . Just for the food I need to spend 20-30 dollars a day . I have around $ 367.25 . Am I a good start how come some people my age making me your situation. How old ru and how much do you have saved for around my age.
What type of loan should I take out and what's the best one?0Shelly H2012-09-27 02:00:07
I live in Victoria , Australia . I have a credit card debt of $ 6000 that I want to get rid of him . I think I can make payments of $ 60 a week . I have no idea what type of loan you should go or with whom ? I just want to be able to pay , but there are many banks and deals and stuff that is sooo confusing . Can anyone give me some advice?
What type of dorm would i do best in?0Alex2012-11-02 08:07:35
I am kind of messy i like to stay up late i sometimes i am really introverted but sometimes i am very extroverted i like my alone time but i don't like being lonely i'm not the type of person who will always bring different guys home and ect. i am quick to make friends but it takes me a long time to truely become best friends with someone i don't have to study alot in high school (but i bet i'll have to change that and do a little studying in college lol) i don't mind letting friend borrow my stuff so long as they ask and give it back in a timely manner i like to borrow friends stuff =] but i always ask and give it back qucik i'm not rich and paying for college is going to be funded partially by my parents, scholarships, student loans, and some money me and my parents have saved up i also have gastroesophageal reflux disease which can cause me to be in extreme pain at least once a month (sometimes more) late into the night what type of dorm would i do best in
Which type of financial aid is best? Never had before.?1devin2012-10-25 01:16:03
I need some kind of financial aid. I filled out my FAFSA but that was yesterday . When and how I can get quick money for my university account ? What are the best types if I am not eligible for federal loans ?
What would be the best type of loan for us?0ilovepink2012-10-14 01:05:43
Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy for nearly three years (since high at the time) and our house was included in that, however , the mortgage company just started in February foreclosure even though the house is listed in our bankruptcy discharged . We would buy again and believe it or not , in the Midwest can find decent homes for $ 40,000 or less! Combined monthly income is approximately (gross ) . $ 6000 . We have cash of $ 12,000 to put down and have maintained good credit since the bankruptcy credit scores ( 720 and 680 .... no other debt of a car loan for $ 10,000 and I have student loans that still in the postponement . ) Any advice on what type of mortgage you should. Go after ? I looked at home last $ 23,000 that I would buy ! PS I do not want anyone to tell me you can not get a mortgage for an amount as small as you can ! ! this is not California - ie inexpensive housing in the Midwest
HELP! Where should I go and what type of loan should I get?2kangaroo2012-11-04 07:51:02
The situation : I have a high interest loan very small and close to 4 credit cards totaling $ 8,000 . Desperately want to pay this off or at least immedietely have it all in one consolidated loan . I need to know what would be my best options would be to get a loan with an interest rate very good. My FICA is about 775-800 ( the high) , I own a house (can not refinance. Just made a year ago with a 3 year pre - payment penalty ) , and my debt to income ratio is well ( I make more money than you spend each month ) . MedlinePlus I have about $ 250,000 in equity in my home ( the amount he had to walk with if I had to sell) . Any advice would be greatly appreciated in detail . thank you
I need a lawyer but What type?6chantel2012-10-12 01:34:03
I have some serious problems with respect to two loans and two different schools of the university, I tried to attend and was not able to let the state 4 September 2003 and a loan to the university dispursed October 3, 2003 . I called Sallie Mae both the school and say that the burden of proof is on me and are givin back. The other loan was a scam AIU Online school in which he decided to retire , but since signing online once during the first week of the new neighborhood I have to pay full tuition for that quarter . Both loans are negative on my credit report. I think you need legal help. What kind of lawyer is responsible for this and think how much it cost? ?
What type of dog aggression is this?9danae2012-09-25 13:19:04
I found a stray dog ​​absolutely starved for about a year and almost hit by a car . I decided to take him and picked it up and put it in my car . She was about 9 months old at the time . It's kind of lab mix . She took him home, fed him , loved him . He got along with my boyfriend , son and 2 year old male German Shepherd very well and was able to carry it around all people and other dogs . When funds finally came through him to the vet about 2 - months later , I left at the vet fixed him and put him back the next day. After that day I saw him again was not fully domesticated and again about a week later after the heel stitches try to return to the normal routine of carrying it out . Suddenly, he was acting aggressive towards others. Barking at strangers viciously lifting her hair on her back . Even at home he does not like anyone except my son , I promised and other children and dogs . He does not like people at all anymore. It's been about 6 or 7 months or so and this is still continuing. What went wrong ? Do not scream , do not hit , changed after the vet visit . He still loves the same family of dogs and children , adults do not grow . It has bitten or tried, but the growl is enough to scare anyone as it is approx . 70 lbs . What I can do to help ? I'm not getting to sleep or give it! And unfortunately the work is limited to my fiance and I 'm living in student loans and can not pay $ 100 an hour for a qualified trainer . Is there anything I can do to help ? I tried to let people know what is and has not worked. Not even take them , just grunts . What kind of attack is this? Thoughtful responses are appreciated !
Any type of loan that I don't need a cosigner?2Deliah2012-10-12 21:45:03
I am a student and Chase bank . I've been turned down for credit after loan even with an endorsement ... apparently his credit was not so great . I have a very very small . For like $ 300 or less . So not much . I just do not have a guarantee . I want a legit loan not a scam . Because I need money fast and within the next two days .

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