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Do Marines have CLRP? Question for Marine officer recruiter?3suzie2017-09-22 01:07:46
I talked to a Navy officer recruiter yesterday during an exhibition race , and he seemed a very nice and honest . I asked if the Marines had a CLRP ( college loan repayment program ) . I said the Marines do not offer that. He said : "To be honest with you , all the services out there offering more money ( bonds ) of the Marines . 's Army has most of the bonds, and will throw the most money to join , while Marines try to persuade you by telling you how badass it will become. " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus During my research of the various branches , I'm thinking of joining , I found this site http :/ / / cs / joiningup
My mom is very unsupportive of my husband trying to get into the Marine officer's program...What do you think?0ssf2012-11-04 09:18:07
My husband is going to OCS this January, and my mom is really down on the idea. We were excited to hear that he got into OCS to begin with, as he had to have a waiver for his hearing. Whenever I try to talk to my mom about him going, she only has negative things to say about it. This is so frustrating for me because she keeps implying that I don't really understand that the going into the Marines can be dangerous. I'm of the opinion that you should, within reason, allow your spouse to make their own decisions about what career path to follow. He's going to try for logistics as his MOS, so it's not like he's gravitating towards the specializations where you are most likely to see combat.... So, I have three questions: 1.) Have any of you experienced this before? 2.) What do you think of his motivation for joining? My mom says that his motivation for going into the Marines is what bothers her the most. He's going in to help us pay off our student loans, to gain leadership experience to enter an MBA program, and for the challenge. Maybe these aren't the most altruistic reasons, but he is committed to doing whatever job they give him. Is that so wrong? 3.) I'm pregnant and due in July. Everyone he's talked to said that he'd most likely be able to be there for the birth of his child. My mom is telling me that he's an irresponsible parent to join the military when he's about to be a dad. I don't agree, but I wanted some perspective on this point as well. Thanks!
ARMY RESERVES CLRP question?0rodrick2012-08-28 23:25:04
is the army reserves or National Guard offers college loan repayment for all jobs / tasks defined ? if only certain jobs , does anyone have any idea what it could offer jobs for ?
Can anyone help with a question about student loan repayment in the Marine Corps?0Kelsie2012-10-10 17:40:27
I have long wanted to join the Marines. I graduated from college with a double -major degree in English and History , and owes a lot of money ( not a huge amount, just more of what I'd like ) , and wondered if the Marines had some sort program to help me pay for it. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The thing is that most of these programs seem inclined to become those officials . I , however , am not so interested in going that route . Can a Marine enlisted help pay off student loans no? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for your help .
A question for a home loan officer?0kamleen2012-09-30 08:39:03
I am currently in the process of refinancing my house . So far I have been credit approved me for the loan and are beginning the doc loan process , evaluation , etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am aware that the implementation of credit for a car loan or something big like that would be a big mistake and could ruin my chances of getting the loan concluded that I would never do , but what about my credit for running to change cable / phone service ? ( So that I can lower my monthly bills ) that might affect my chances of getting the loan ?
Navy Public Affairs Officer Question, please help.?1Raymone2012-10-05 04:36:03
I'm a sophomore in college majoring in political science and I'm pretty sure I want to be a Navy ODP . But I have a couple of questions before I approach a recruiter : MedlinePlus 1. After bootcamp , what does the training involve? MedlinePlus 2. What is the salary of a PAO ( just wanna make sure that I am financially secure ) MedlinePlus 3. ? I can defer payments on my college loan , while I go for my training ? MedlinePlus 4. I want to go to college . Does the Navy pay for my college after bootcamp ? MedlinePlus 5. Would you be working in an office or in the field ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks for the time to look over all these questions .
Does anyone know anything about the Air Force "CLRP?"?0Shuna2012-10-02 10:02:04
My husband joined the Air Force and his recruiter told him that he could take advantage of the Air Force " College Loan Repayment Plan ." He has been in the Air Force for two years and unfortunately is assigned to a military base instead of an Air Force base . Air Force Personnel everyone seems to know about the program , but no one seems to know how we can get the loans paid . Is this a scam ?
In the army, can I get CLRP (College loan repayment) and then pay to get the post 9-11 GI Bill?0Goodman2012-09-16 23:55:06
Therefore, there is contradictory information aware of this. I asked my recruiter and he said he can only get a "benefit " for enlistment which seemed quite reasonable . So I said usually people use RAC for enlistment and then have the option to pay in the post 9-11 GI Bill during his second enlistment for use after his second term is over. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But a little research on my own and found that there are people who have used both the RAC and paid into the post 9-11 GI Bill in his first enlistment . So what 's the problem ? For those in the military , or are in the process of incorporation , what you have experienced / heard ?
If I opted for CLRP (loan repayment) during my first enlistment, do I qualify for the New GI Bill?0Edwqard2012-08-12 03:53:02
I'ma enrolled in six years and the Air Force has already paid $ 7000 for my college loans ... if you sign up for another 4 years , am I eligible for the post 9/11 GI Bill?
Should I always to to a recruiter about educational benefits first?0Juan2012-09-16 09:08:04
As my question implies , I wondered ... If I was planning on going to college and use of loan repayment programs ( we will use the Navy , for example) to help pay the loans pulled , I talk to a recruiter , even before taking any loan to see what makes me eligible and stuff? Or I 'm better off just borrowing and after talking to a recruiter after getting my bachelor degree on Navy help me pay my loans . MedlinePlus Also, if I were to use the Navy program loan repayment , would still be eligible to use the GI bill to pass to higher levels of education ? MedlinePlus What would make me eligible for the college fund of the Navy ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I've been doing a lot of these questions lately , so thanks to all who have so kindly been helping me !
Is my recruiter lying to me? 10 points!?4BENNETTA2012-10-05 09:35:03
I am currently assigned to Navy CTN DEP , but I'd switch to Air Traffic Control ( AC ) . My recruiter says I should focus on getting my documentation loan repayment before I put in a request to change rates . I feel like I'm avoiding or postponing the issue because it is more paperwork . I do not want to send this job until you have though. My recruiter has been through a lot of trouble to get me a medical waiver to enlist. I hate to be a burden , but I will not be miserable for the next six years .
Choosing between army or marines?5brit2012-10-22 15:57:02
that branch to help my family and me better. I just had a son , and wants to make the right decision for the three of us . Which has better jobs for women . and what I will be happier with MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Marines also offer student loan repayment ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus and do not tell me not to, I want to serve you!

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