Can your car be repossessed for being late on your house payment at the same bank, when your car loan is not l? related questions

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Can your car be repossessed for being late on your house payment at the same bank, when your car loan is not l?1Allard2012-09-28 22:17:02
A friend of mine is behind on their house payment and a credit card . The bank said that if not enough come retrieve his truck even though the loan is not delinquent truck . The three loans are with the same bank that is a credit union .
My bank repossessed my car without any notice; I was only a couple days late. Do I have any recourse?2mhy2012-11-03 15:52:02
The bank wanted to hold me responsible for a cashier who had claimed that was bad (unbeknownst to me ) . He had refused to pay , but had asked some elements to show my responsibility . Instead , my car repossessed , sold and still expect me to pay the balance of the auto loan . Do I have any rights if not follow due process or as an injured or otherwise ? Note : never provided proof of my responsibility for the cashier's check . "
If a car is repossessed for non-payment, do you still have to pay off the loan?1nette2012-09-15 07:03:03
My father - in-law co - signed for a loan . The person who helped to not make the payments. The car was recovered . Chrysler wrote , demanding payment . My father - in-law took a second for Mortgage repayment. MedlinePlus This happened 10 years ago . MedlinePlus My father - in-law is a senior, who is easily intimidated by authority figures . MedlinePlus Since the loan was paid , if the vehicle has not been returned ?
Which is better? a loan from a bank or cash payment to buy a car or a house?1asheem2012-11-05 04:29:03
Banks are willing to provide loans with many rules and regulations attached . It is certainly tempting to have a car or a house of our dreams with money easy to get . This way we loose rs ? or is it better to wait until he could pay cash ! .
Can my car get repossessed if i make less than min payment each month?0k-ray2012-10-03 12:40:05
I am a student and some stuff came up so I can not work as much as I used to. I have a car loan and the payment is 500 a month. if you only pay 100 per month , but you pay each month could get my car REPOSSED . I know I will be raped in interest and late fees , but I want to keep a car to go to school .
What happens to my secured loan on a repossessed house property?1rodrigo2012-08-28 17:36:18
I had my foreclosed property last May , but I also had a loan secured on the property . The house has sold about 3 weeks , but I keep getting phone calls from the guaranteed loan company that I owe $ 33,000 because the house was sold to the mortgage people used to tell me how much it was because I had just thirsty 18 large deficits mean for both mortgages and loans . Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks .
Can my house be repossessed?0Palace2012-09-14 10:04:04
So for a long boring reason I will not go , I have 3 secured loans / mortgages in my house ! This was great a couple of years ago , but now my house is in negative equity and changes in my work made ​​me really fight. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, the real problem is the third secured loan . My question is - can they, as the third charge , initiate a recovery procedure when I say that you can not pay the full amount and reduce my payments . In fact , I'm up front with my two other loans . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'm in the UK . Thank you.
If my house was repossessed and I have a loan secured to the property does it get paid off ?0Scotty2012-09-30 20:47:02
When m , and the house was foreclosed house sold for
Will Wells Fargo negotiate payment on a Repossessed vehicle?0Ramandeep2012-11-02 23:32:35
We were underwater on our car loan 2 years ago because of an interest rate of i believe 29%. or 19%. Anyways they repossessed the car and they claim we owe 8k and some change in fees (auction costs, depreciated sale value..etc). Anyways, a collections agency wants to settle for 35% of that 8k. Can i offer the 3k to wells fargo directly and have to repo removed. I don't plan on financing another vehicle.
I have a car loan through the bank can I purchase a car on weekend or weekday-late if the bank is not open?0naisha2012-10-02 11:02:02
I took out a car loan through a bank for $ 54,000. I want to buy a Buick LaCrosse. The bank will not give me straight to the check until you have the car in mind . I go to the dealer tomorrow , but I do not get off work until 6pm. ? I can buy the car I want with my loan and still transfer funds to the dealer without any problems or do I have to wait for a day when the bank is open and the dealer is open .
Im late on a car title loan payment0Sum1Special2012-09-26 11:08:05
Im late on a car title loan payment MedlinePlus I was due on Friday, the interest rate is 300 percent 160 I owe how much summed to me to be two days late since I plan on paying them tomorrow .
Late payment on perkin loan?2need more help please2012-09-28 23:53:03
I realized that my loan payment was due on 12/01/07 perkin but I heard on 5 and paid for it .... Now I know I made a late payment, for the first time in my life . I've been paying bills since I was 20 and am now 25. I fully paid car loan , car loan working on second ultility accounts etc , so does the first time late payment affect my credit history bad ? is 4 days late , you may ask the person to cancel the loan late payment or do anything that I will not get bad credit ?

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