Why would someone pay the higher interest rates when lower rates are available elsewhere? related questions

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Why would someone pay the higher interest rates when lower rates are available elsewhere?1Brittani2012-10-15 03:30:04
this is a question I have for homework . Refers to auto loans , banks , credit unions and the like .
What do Americans think of these loan interest rates from an Irish bank,are interest rates in the US lower?0concy2012-11-04 01:57:45
From what I know they are higher than US banks? http://www.aib.ie/personal/loans/Persona
Is it possible to postpone student loan consolidation to wait for lower interest rates rates?0Bryan2012-08-22 20:38:02
I graduated six months ago with several federal student loans combining more than 40K . Which is better for me to consolidate now or stay ? Will the fed cutting lending rates ( now 3 % ) affect interest rates offered by preparers loan? Will I be offered either variable or fixed if I consolidate ?
How can i lower my credit debt or get my interest rates lower so i can prevent from filing bankruptcy?0Christia2012-10-11 17:21:38
i have excellent credit , but my payments are eating me alive .... My income has gone down and I'm barley surving but having to pay interest rates exorbant ... I have to have an unsecured loan any suggestions
Why do banks charge people who can least afford it higher interest rates?0andreanna2012-09-03 19:07:03
I know it has to do with risk , but what about the risk that the bank can not collect anything ? MedlinePlus Why not charge people with low incomes , lower rates and those with higher incomes , higher rates ? All *** - on ... MedlinePlus They send people to the wall and then expect taxpayers to bail them out . MedlinePlus I think half of an elephant is better than any elephant . MedlinePlus I just tried to refinance a loan at a lower rate and they said they do not earn enough to refinance , so the rate is still high , even though I just said that you can afford . MedlinePlus It just does not make sense to me at all. MedlinePlus Lower it so you can continue making payments ! No wonder the masters of the universe are in trouble ...
Why don't they simply lower interest rates...?0Pizza2012-10-27 11:18:09
... for owners of existing homes in danger of foreclosure ? They are variable rate loans mostly greedy putting people out of their homes . Redo loans so the owner can stay in their homes and the banks get their money , despite the high rate of an adjustable loan .
How/why do interest rates set by central banks affect market/retail interest rates?0Aldric2012-10-26 22:32:22
I understand that central banks ( the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of England in the UK ) set their own interest rates for loans to / take deposits from government and commercial banks . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not understand is how / why the rate set by the central bank affect the rates charged by my bank for loans and mortgages . Is not my bank is free to charge whatever they want , regardless of what the central bank charges ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I would have thought that competition between retail banks would be the main factor affecting interest rates . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Maybe I'm being stupid ... Could an economics student , or other person in the know ' get well ?
Lower interest rates for consolidated Sallie Mae Loan?2Pam & Hannah2012-10-14 09:30:02
I have a consolidated loan ( before two federal student loans ) with Sallie Mae at the rate of 5.75 % . Does anyone know how to find a lower rate with Sallie Mae or elsewhere ? Based on my initial search , looks out of a consolidated loan is almost impossible . With ridiculously low interest rate at this time , there could be a lender out there who is willing to make me a better deal? Any suggestions ?
Will interest rates for federal student loans raise or lower?0Debby2012-10-05 00:24:55
I've been getting a lot of calls from random companies about consolidating my student loans , they lock in the interest rate , I think. Do you think interest rates of student loans will go up or down over the next two years? Thank you.
When the Fed lowers interest rates, why not lower the rate attached to 30 yr. mortgages?1Help me please2012-11-05 01:56:03
Instead of lowering rates linked to short-term loans to banks lend to each other , why not drop rate mortgages tied to 30 yr ? This would help the economy by allowing those with fixed rates to refinance and put more money into the economy and help those affected by the sub -prime ARMS .
I have found the national interest rates for auto loans, how do I calculate the rates for poor or good credit?0student32012-09-19 03:26:03
I'm trying to help a friend . I do not want to be nosy and ask what your credit rating is good , bad , good , but I was wondering if there is a certain amount of percentage points that is supposed to be added to the national loan rates car I've found Internet . I think the national rates of car loans is based on the credit rating of excellent good , right? MedlinePlus Thanks for your help . It is greatly appreciated.
Why are mortgage loan interest rates higher for fixed rate mortgages held for longer periods of time?0n.2012-10-07 11:16:35
Sorry if this sounds like a silly question , but I do not understand. For example , why are 30 years fixed mortgage rates the highest mortgage rates , vs say a 15, and why are 15 year fixed rate mortgage higher than adjustable rate mortgages ? It seems that lenders are taking a greater risk with an ARM versus a fixed rate mortgage and have to pay a higher rate (eg , comparing this situation with a new car loan versus a used car loan - the risk is higher in a used car loan ? ? ? ? MedlinePlus I can understand a fixed rate loan of 30 than 15 - a higher risk of default by the borrower , but still do not get the ARM be so low .

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