My Savings Account needs Attention, advice please?

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Asked at 2012-08-09 03:52:03
Here is my situation I have 43 years , I am working full time and attend the local community college part time. I calculated that in three years, I transferred. I do not want to get a loan at this stage of my life, and thus saving money to pay my tuition and living expenses. Therefore, I am seeking at least $ 50,000
I also have additional savings aside.
So here's what my finances look :

Personal Financial Situation
Gross annual salary : $
Mortgage: $ 0 All was paid ($ 800.00 rental income )

Outstanding Debts : $ 0 Payment of outstanding debt
2 years ago .
Savings: $ 10,000 + (now )

Retirement : $ 65,000.00 / I.R.A.

Objective :. To build a savings of at least $ 50,000 for college tuition / Living expenses
, And establish a regular savings account .

Help ! suggestions please !

NOTE : I'm not interested in getting rich schemes online . Please do not waste mine and your time. Thank you.
Answer1popcornAnswered at 2012-08-14 20:57:34
Do not go for HYIPs .

The best option is to invest in Europe. I can help .
Email me at [email protected] for good advice or send a personal message through my profile.
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