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ARMY SLRP need help, please reply...?1Karley2012-09-17 04:36:03
i have consolidated my Stafford loans in a bank , Does the Army still pay my student loan ? All the credit I have consolidated federal student loans are stafford .. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Furthermore , how does this SLRP ? At the end of the year you pay 1/3 of the loan by paying directly to the bank ? , So in three years the entire amount must be paid.
How does the army SLRP work?0Normalized sense 2012-09-07 13:47:03
Well, he enlisted in the Army Reserve and I I have a SLRP of : 20.000 . My recruiter told me that I can use it to pay off my student loans for college . But I heard that this only works if payment had already enlisted loans before . I plan to go to college in the spring of 2012 , so obviously I have not taken any loans yet. So who is right? Does the SLRP for 'm attending college , or how. Please help . MedlinePlus Thank you.
Army (SLRP)-Defaulted Loan?3Christophe2018-07-28 02:40:05
Hi folks, a quick question ... I am looking to enlist in the Army Reserve .. Right now I have student loans defauled but scored over 50 on the ASVAB to qualify me for the repayment of student loans. But in reading web pages online differernt the Army did not make a payment to a full year of service, and the soldier has to file the necessary forms each year for the adminstrator to the unit for payment of the army ... Asked if I get existing loans b4 i submit to the adminstrator unit is 1 year after enrollment but this will invalidate all my SLRP or will I still qualify .. It is very important to get the correct answer. This is kind of a deal breaker for me .. and there is a number you can call
30K Army SLRP but no student loans, will I be able to use it?2Butter2018-07-28 02:41:45
I joined the Army Reserve in February 2011 , part of my education benefits SLRP my contract was $ 30,000. He had just graduated high school, so I have no student loans. My recruiter told me that you can still use this money to far and borrowed money and incur the department during my six years of service commitment . This is the main reason that I am in a TIA a year in a difficult MOS instead of one month AIT just about the money . The point is that now that I
How do I get my SLRP benefits? (army reserve actively drilling)?7oso2018-12-14 00:05:35
I've been reading on various websites on the Loan Repayment Program Student . I have the 20k SLRP in my contract and I'm not sure how I'm going to get it? I know it's a little more complicated to process GI Bill ( IMO ) . anyone who knows or has personal experience that would be great .. thank you!
I entered the Army DEP recently, and planned on getting SLRP but they only offered me GIBILL?0stepahnie2012-10-19 19:23:19
I signed a contract for four years , we stated that my 68X does not qualify for student loan repayment ? Is this legitimate , I was it was either GI Bill or SLRP ...
Question regarding Army: student loan repayment program SLRP?0Blake2012-09-29 14:44:04
I have Stafford loans and private student loans . Does the army paid for my two loans as a program SLRP ? ? ? My total loan amount of $ 34,000 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus any help plzzzz ? ?
How to utilize Army Reserve SLRP (Studen loan repayment program)?0Vivien2012-09-18 03:12:04
I need some money for college . How do I use my SLRP ? What is the total process from start to finish ? It's like taking out a loan ? What are the qualifications and funds are always available or first come ? How fast I can receive funds because school starts soon
Urgently Reply?0cayeman2012-08-08 03:21:04
Hello is there anyone out there who successfully obtain a loan online , can you please let me know as there are automatic stops many out there that can not be trust , I find a trusted lender
Would you reply to the letter from your daughter?1Camilya2012-10-16 21:22:02
Mom, MedlinePlus You may have hurt you, but you do the same to me all the time. You come from high and mighty when you constantly give me "tips" on how I should run my life and then when I did not take them give me a hard time. Like his way is the only way to make things right. Example, when you were here and we were doing laundry when he tried to show about five times how to do laundry and give me suggestions. I know how to do laundry, I do it when you're here and I manage quite well and you have to teach me anything. I think not go high and mighty, Scott has his own opinions and I have mine, I do not speak for him, I speak for myself. You can not think you're better than others, but their actions indicate otherwise sometimes. You were positive about me changing my major, but there are so many times that you are negative and sound critical. And the stories in detail and one thing that was in high school. I have no trouble communicating and processing with anyone else. The only problems that I communicate with you, so maybe its not me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yes, it is your right to change your mind about things, but it makes you look like an "Indian giver" and lose respect for you when you do things well. As you say nothing at that time to silence me and not think about the consequences later. Example, when you promised the Monte Carlo in high school, that's just you promised me, and what you did? TRADED IT! How do you think I feel? I could have still had that car and not have to worry about making car payments. When you say you do not care if I have to pay for glasses for the rest of my life. As we sat there told me to do that will take it back. And uh, I guess I did. What else do you do now? Im pretty sure he meant the other day that you will not help me pay my student loans. What you said it would pay half each month. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've decided I want to control my loans this year, so at the time I will keep and spend it on what to spend. And if I'm in a rush and need to use'm going to because that is my right. You are the guarantor not the dictator of my money for school and school-related expenses. You send me a document I have to pay and a copy of the invoice and I will pay when you have to be paid. I do not need more controls me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I love you and I'm not doing this to hurt you, I'm doing this for me better and maybe one day you can see where I am coming from. MedlinePlus
Read the case and reply the questions.?1d2012-10-06 13:41:01
In July 1976, Kukeo Tanaka, former Japanese prime minister, was arrested on charges of MedlinePlus accepting bribes ($ 1.8 million) of Lockheed Aircraft Company to secure the purchase of several MedlinePlus Lockheed jets. Secretary of Tanaka and several other government officials were arrested along with him. MedlinePlus The Japanese public reacted with angry demands for full disclosure of relationships Tanaka. MedlinePlus Later this year, had overthrown successor Tanaka, Takeo Miki, who was widely MedlinePlus MedlinePlus believed to have been trying to hide the actions of Tanaka. In the Netherlands, the same year, Prince Bernhard, husband of Queen Juliana, withdrew three MedlinePlus one hundred positions he held in the government, military and private organizations. The reason: MedlinePlus was accused of accepting $ 1.1 million in bribes from Lockheed in connection with the sale of MedlinePlus 138 F-104 Starfighter jets. In Italy, Giovanni Leone, president in 1970, and Aldo Moro and Mariano Rumor, both main MedlinePlus Ministers were accused of taking bribes from Lockheed in connection with the purchase of MedlinePlus $ 100 million aircraft in late 1960. They were excluded from the government. MedlinePlus Scandinavia, South Africa, Turkey, Greece and Nigeria were also among the fifteen countries of MedlinePlus Lockheed, who admitted he delivered payments and at least $ 202 million in MedlinePlus "Commissions" since 1970. Participation of Lockheed Aircraft in Japanese bribes was revealed to have begun in 1958 MedlinePlus when Lockheed and Grumman Aircraft (also a U.S. company) were competing for a Japanese MedlinePlus Air Force plane contract aircraft. According to the testimony of Mr. William Findley, partner MedlinePlus Arthur Young & Co. (Lockheed auditors), Lockheed in 1958 engaged the services of Yoshio MedlinePlus Kodama, an ultra right-wing war criminal underworld figure and reputed with strong political MedlinePlus links with officials of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. With the help of Kodama, Lockheed secured MedlinePlus the government contract. Seventeen years later, it was revealed that the CIA had informed MedlinePlus then (by a U.S. embassy employee) that Lockheed had made several bribes while MedlinePlus negotiation of the USDA Agricultural Research contract.1 In 1972, Lockheed again hired Kodama as a consultant to help secure the sale of its aircraft on MedlinePlus Japan. Lockheed was desperate to sell aircraft to any Japanese airline was important because MedlinePlus struggling to recover from a series of financial disasters. Cost overruns in a government MedlinePlus Lockheed contract was pushed to the brink of bankruptcy in 1970. Only through a controversial MedlinePlus Emergency government loan guarantee of $ 250 million in 1971 did the company closely to avoid MedlinePlus disaster. Mr. Carl A. Kotchian, president of Lockheed from 1967 to 1975, was especially anxious MedlinePlus to make sales, as the company had been unable to get a contract as many in other parts of MedlinePlus as the world wanted. MedlinePlus This grim situation almost gave a strong boost to sales in the largest untapped market MedlinePlus Left - Japan. This push, if successful, could bring up revenues of $ 400 MedlinePlus million. A cash inflow will go a long way in helping restore Lockheed MedlinePlus fiscal health, and would, of course, save the jobs of thousands of employees of the company MedlinePlus Kodama eventually succeeded in engineering a contract with All Nippon Airways Lockheed- even surpassing McDonnell Douglas, which was actively competing with Lockheed for the USDA Agricultural Research Sales thereof. To ensure sales, Kodama Lockheed requested and received about $ 9 million MedlinePlus during the period between 1972 and 1975. Much of the money that was supposed to then Prime Minister MedlinePlus Kukeo Tanaka and other government officials who were supposed to intercede with All-Nippon MedlinePlus Airlines on behalf of Lockheed. MedlinePlus According to Mr. Carl Kotchian: "I knew from the beginning that this money was going to the USDA Agricultural Research prime minister's office. "3 It was, however, convinced that by paying the money, he was MedlinePlus Be sure to get the contract of All Nippon Airways. Negotiations finally scored more than $ 1.3 MedlinePlus million in contracts from Lockheed. MedlinePlus Besides Kodama, Lockheed had also been advised by Toshiharu Okubo, official USDA Agricultural Research private trading company, Marubeni, which acted as the official representative of Lockheed. Mr. A. MedlinePlus Carl Kotchian later defended the payments, which he saw as one of many "Japanese business practices "that had accepted the advice of his local. Payments, USDA Agricultural company was convinced, are consistent with local business practices. "" 4 MedlinePlus Also, as I said, these expenditures did not violate U.S. law. I should also MedlinePlus would like to emphasize that my decision to make such payments came from my view that MedlinePlus the. (Contracts). . provide workers with jobs and so result in Lockheed MedlinePlus advantage of their position, their communities and shareholders of the corporation. I MedlinePlus Let me emphasize that payments to so-called "high Japanese government officials "called on all by Okubo and not out of my hand. When MedlinePlus I said "500 million yen is necessary for such sales," from a purely ethical
Does this reply mean that my parent qualified for the PLUS loan?0lane mullis2012-10-25 22:28:18
Serious answers only please ... I know it's long, so thanks to anyone who can bear with me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I am a U.S. student going abroad to study at university in the UK. The college offers student loans who attend for $ 5,500 if you have a low EFC ​​and is a dependent student, but says that if his father does not qualify for a Parent PLUS loan then you can apply as an independent student for $ 9500 . I wanted to qualify for the loan of $ 9500, so I asked my mom to borrow Parent PLUS assuming it would not be accepted because as far as we know, she and my dad have always had terrible credit and my mom is currently unemployed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, she applied for a PLUS loan, and after entering your information and accept a credit check came this reply (to all intents and purposes, my mom will now be baptized BLABLA): MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Dear BLABLA, You are allowed to borrow a Direct PLUS Loan, pending receipt of additional loan records of the school attended by the student or. This determination is based on the results of a credit check: INFO SERVICES LLC EQUIFAX MedlinePlus P O Box 740241 MedlinePlus ATLANTA GA 30374 MedlinePlus (800) 685-1111 MedlinePlus The records of outstanding loans must be received within the next 90 days. If records are received loans more than 90 days after the initial credit check, a new credit check will be conducted to determine continued eligibility. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus If you have any questions regarding the next steps, the status of your loan, when the loan is disbursed (paid), or no longer wish to receive credit, contact the school office for financial aid. MedlinePlus After the first disbursement of the loan has been made, the loan will be assigned to a loan servicer and will be provided to the administrator

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