Bad credit & medical debt won't allow us a loan for a business we're already making money at...need help!? related questions

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Bad credit & medical debt won't allow us a loan for a business we're already making money at...need help!?0laji2012-09-03 23:49:03
my ( new) husband and I are trying to recover from divorce where we adopted for cleaning. I have a lot of debt on my credit score that my Ex is slowly paying off, medical debt is in my name , because I was the one who took my daughter to all doctors ... she has 5 diseases in medicaid and I have now , which helps . My husband is a truck driver and I see only a couple of days a month until I can afford to move to California to be where you drop each week ... he has a great 'run dedicated ' now that guarentees good miles , after being with a great company for three years and made it to an elite team of drivers ... but their lease in February ... and we can not go to the bank for the money , we are living week to week and have struggled throwing his head above water , so I'm looking for a way to get to ) some money for a down payment on a truck and b ) hoping for a move . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus no subsidies for these things ... at least I have not seen since the governement and no family to call too. His father is dying now in another state and finance have been short so that my husband could take time off to get him into hospice but her father is leaving nothing too buriel enough to at least not have to add that to our current mound of medical debt . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus we are praying but a few places to help research . ! thanks for any help you can be!
My college wont approve me for a loan due to first sememester/grant wont cover expenses/bad credit/no cosigner0xxCeLoL2012-08-18 11:07:02
I'm trying to get a personal loan to cover what I do or I can ask
Good first/small business ideas? money making...?0cathyj2012-08-06 17:05:02
I am 15 years , I really do not want a paper round or whatever and some people said it was a good idea to have as a small business or something to earn some extra money. I do not mean something that will take 4 years to start , commercial loans , etc, even if it is just to buy things cheap and sell them on, what is good for buying and selling, etc. I was wondering if any of you had no experience in small business kind of things. Does anyone have any good ideas ? ? thanks
Have money to make monthly payments on new car. Bad credit wont allow banks to work with me. What can I do?3marcellous2012-10-27 03:47:02
Most banks are me down car loan and if a lender approves , they want large down payment up front.
Debt ---- student loan, medical bills, credit card --how- where do you start first?4Neetoosha2012-10-07 16:34:04
PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE . I want real advice , not a lecture to tell me how pathetic I am ---- when you walk in my shoes you can judge . Thanks in advance . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus First - I got married in my 20s and my ex husband ruined my credit . After leaving that mess ---- I stole two years later , financially destitute and the victim of a violent crime , I had to quit graduate school and I moved to another city for me to get back together . Your MedlinePlus taken years for me my life back. MedlinePlus Now , because of the circumstances regarding this 'm loaded with 100 g of unpaid medical bills , student loans 100 + in patience, and about 7500 in credit card debit . Also my husband ( remarried 1 year ) has a student loan of about 30 g credit cards and 5g . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Finally we both work and want to get our lives together. What should I do first ? I have only about 200 a month in revenue spending after making a strict budget . Not to be broken and miserable forever . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I gave my car to a family member that was worth it and kept it - so we have no car. We also have only bought used furniture, clothes, and pack a lunch to give the idea of our lifestyle .... are not frivolous --- really trying to be responsible and move on. We live in a major city with a combined income of 35g personnel . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus ( We live in PA - . So we have not had to face wage garnishment ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please tell me where to turn for advice to get myself together. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
I need $1500 quick for car repairs but I have bad credit and the payday loans wont' give me all the money from1Justine2012-08-27 04:36:02
one place. I can pay it back in a month's time. I've been in my job for over 7.5 years and have a good job . I just need help with repairs and came out of nowhere . MedlinePlus Thanks , MedlinePlus Michelle
My husband and I are thinking about taking out a loan to pay off credit card debt and medical bills.?9ara2012-09-14 09:10:03
Our house is paid for and their parents think it is a bad idea to take out a loan for unsecured debt in trade to be sure the house. While this would save about $ 500 a month to not have or put something else on the cards and just pay cash? Good idea or bad and if so what kind of loan we have?
Where can i get a loan to start my business but i have bad credit and the banks wont get me a loan please help?0Lyndsay2012-08-26 23:28:16
I'm trying to get my business going , but I need a loan to buy my materials for my business . I'm starting a medical business and the collection and I have everything , but only loan for some supplies .
Where can I get money to pay my credit card bills as a medical student?0Cilla2012-10-19 17:26:22
Therefore, I am a 3rd year student of medicine who has spent a little beyond my means , due to the fact that , finally , having money in sight. I get the maximum amount each year in student loans (so that is not a viable option - increasing student loan money ) , and currently has about $ 10,000 in credit card debt . I can lease my car, I own a house , but have a minimum capital in it, and I can not get a job with the school . I can not ask my parents , they have no income to qualify for a personal loan , and probably would not qualify for a line of credit for the same reason . So is there anything I can do to get out of credit card debt ? Or just deal with it until you actually make money ... ? Thank you.
Take a 401k Loan? In this bear market my money is not making money in compound interest?3tricica2012-10-01 16:50:03
During the last 3 months my 401k lost more than 7 % interest. Currently I have about 15 - 16k in there now with a contribution of 5% and also a company party . I can only borrow up to 7k it. I have some student loans (about 14k ) with 10 % interest and a 5.5 % interest, but do not think about the consolidation of these because my plan of debt is such a short space of time . I would like to take the loan to pay 7k student loan with 10% interest , and the use of the 24 months of back pay schedule with my 401k instead of month 60 . Deductions for payment plan out of my paycheck every two weeks, after taxes , of course . But this will not be uncomfortable for me . In such a situation , would not it be better to take this loan to pay off the debts with interest? I would have to pay the 401k loan with 7-8 % interest and would actually be able to repay the money within 12 to 24 months time .
We are wanting to consolidate our Medical debt and other debt, what is the best way?2charlton2012-10-05 15:43:02
We have a lot of medical debt and can not wait to get our credit back up , also has a loan that you would like included in debt consolidation . What is the best way? We can not afford to pay what we are willing to pay each month . We expect to consolidate into one monthly payment and then pay off well for next tax season . Any idea ? I'm looking for people have done this and what companies they have used too? Or should we go through a bank? Please help !
Parent's make money, wont pay for college?4jacky202012-11-02 19:06:02
I have a big problem that really need help . I'm a junior in high school and I've been thinking a lot in college . I really, really want to go to a state university . Costs include food, tuition is about $ 15,000 a year . This does not include books and other personal expenses . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is my problem : My parents are divorced , have been for about ten years. My dad never pays anything of mine or my brothers except for child support , which is a very low amount . My mother makes about 50k - 60k per year , while my father more than 100,000 a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My mother and my father will pay my college car , no nothing . Bascially , I'm on my own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Although my mom makes a lot of money , still living paycheck to paycheck. I do not think the budget is money well and it also has a lot of secrets . She has all the credit and bad debt , I believe she filed for backruptcy once when my parents divorced . Anyway , that's the whole point . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus My question is , given the amount of money my mother makes me even get money for college ? Okay I have degrees on an average of 3.5 , but nothing spectacular . How am I even going to be able to pay for college ? Is it possible to borrow up to 60,000 for four years ? Also , you can use your credits for other things like books and school supplies , laptop , etc ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to go to college so bad , but my question is can I do ?

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