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What's the quickest way to raise your credit score?0Mary Lee2012-09-03 21:51:02
In the last two years I have increased my credit score by 200 points with just paying the debts and charges. Now all I have left my student loans to pay off , but still shown as having five active accounts on my credit report , which I read could still show as wrong. I have no credit cards , auto loans , and real estate accounts . I was afraid to get a credit card for the job I got into when I was 18-22. Should I bite the bullet and get a credit card , provided they agree to pay monthly? Will quickly raise my credit score ? Is there any other option ?
What is the quickest way to raise my score? How do I raise it over time?0A.S.A.P Story ending edit or comment please2012-08-14 17:04:36
Unfortunately I have 25 years and I am desperatly trying to raise my score, which is now 546. All credit cards are in the collection. Loans from school are also in overtime. I have also borrowed $ 12,000 to place in a car. I'm trying to raise my score a considerable amount in a year so you can buy a house. What I can do? Nobody will give me a credit card , even a secured one . No errors in my credit report either. It seems that once you have your bad credit ruined for life . Does the credit repair work in my situation ?
Whats the quickest way to bring up my credit score? mine is terrible and im not sure why? i have three credit?0Jarrad2012-08-26 14:46:17
letters that I have never been late for a bank loan guaranteed 've never been late on, and a new car so it was new two years ago , I have never been late on, there are some negative marks on my credit and have law lexington working in removing those . but my score does not seem to come up ! What I can do? I am a responsible , trustworthy , hardworking and I have a credit score toilet!
Whats the fastest way to raise my credit score after bankruptcy?5lilmissluck2012-09-15 22:51:06
My bankruptcy has been discharged for 1 year. I have a credit card Capital one a few months ago . I was approved for a $ 500 limit and I have paid the full amount each month , it rose to $ 750 after 3 months . I'm still paying off the entire balance each month . I started to check my credit score online in December , and the average of all the credit bureaus was 618 . In January, up to 621 , 621 and even now ( February) . I have only credit card , I'm doing the right thing ... Why will not my score by how much? I do not have a lot of credit cards (its what messed up my credit card to begin with) . I did apply for a Best Buy over the weekend , but was not approved . I'm looking for a new car, and I Carmax approved " without the necessary documentation " to 11.65% . I do not know if you have a car loan will help or hurt . Does anyone out there have more experience with this?
Quickest ways to raise credit 12pts?0Lorielle2012-09-23 09:55:03
I have no debt on the credit card . Having a car loan / payment and have 10,000 in student loans that do not start paying until July. I've never had a credit card , you should pursue a I do not want to dig a hole . Or take a personal loan ? Something to build my credit ? Nothing in all collections to play int an option to increase slightly.
I need cash fast - what is the quickest way to raise 3Kassy2012-09-26 17:42:06
I need money fast - What is the fastest way to increase
My credit score is at 680, but I need it at 700 to get a mortgage loan. Any way to raise my fico score fast?0Drew2012-10-07 02:08:23
We need to close the loan by February 1 . We are selling our house and pay off our debt with the proceeds from our sale . Will this raise our game? Would not it be better to pay off credit cards ( we have two with $ 1,400 balance . Or pay two bank loans (one for one and one for a consolidation loan ) ?
Whats the fastest way to get my credit score up 10 points im trying to get a home loan and my score is too low1Brooke=HELP2012-10-16 02:49:02
What is the fastest way to get my credit score up to 10 points im trying to get a home loan and my score is very low
What is the best way to raise your credit score ?0kite2012-09-30 22:47:02
My husband and I plan to build a new home as soon as may be approved for a loan . We are financially stable and have the money to pay the monthly payments , but our credit is not the best because of credit problems in our early twenties . I'm looking for quick ways to increase our credit score and if anyone has an estimate of how much may increase in six months ? ? ?
How do I raise my credit score?0victorline2012-10-12 17:38:43
I have always paid my bills on time . My 3 credit cards are paid on time . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One card has a limit of $ 2000 -I never spend more than $ 300 ( gas) . I've had this for a little over a year . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One card has a limit of $ 1500- I never spend more than $ 300 ( expense) I've had these three years . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus One card has a $ 500 limit - never spend more than $ 70 ( Kohl's card ) I've had this for three months . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have also been to two letters from my mother find out for three years . This was when I was first building credit and did not qualify on my own. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have two federal loans from Bank of America and Wells Fargo . I have two private loans B of A and one from another bank. I will consolidate my federal loans after graduation for savings, extended repayment and so it ends up being only one account . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I know I do not need to open and online accounts. If I keep my payments and not to open any more credit lines of credit rose when I start making student loan payments ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What else I can raise my score until I graduate ? I pay my bills in full and I can not think of any other way except wait until graduation when I can use my student loans for me.
My credit score is only 530 now, i need it to be 620 what can i do to raise it ?0Aaron2012-09-23 22:19:03
I checked my account and history and my score is 530 and you tell me if it's worth paying these things or not ? MedlinePlus I have a car note , I have been paying for 3 years and never missed a payment . MedlinePlus I have a student loan that I have paid off , but I was 90 days late once in about a year ago . MedlinePlus I have a credit card for $ 500 for 4 years and a couple of utility bills , as four years ago . Around $ 100 - $ 200 MedlinePlus I do not understand why my score is so low , I mean that we have plenty of small bills in there, but nothing huge and I've been paying my car was 17k and never missed a payment on it . Some of these things on my credit card say that discharged , do I have to pay that? or will pay those things increase my score? Also, how I can improve my score quickly? MedlinePlus Please help and thanks
How do I raise my credit score to what it should be?1Lourdes2012-10-22 06:53:04
I just got a lot of money . I used most of it to pay off all my debts . I have no unpaid loans and the story was very good . I just resigned from my last job , and found a new one a week later . I start one in a couple of days . So of course my income for my new job has not kicked in yet. I tried to get a car loan , and all that will take a low credit score and basically told me my debt- income ratio is not good . They continue to see outstanding loans , which paid off . How do I prove that these loans are paid , so my credit score is where it should be . Be that is supposed to be higher.

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