I am getting non stop collection calls from 18006690102 its BoA? related questions

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I am getting non stop collection calls from 18006690102 its BoA?7chantea2018-10-05 19:34:13
I 'm so sick of this! This has been going on for a month. Most of the time they call their recorded voice just says " please wait for a representative to an urgent matter " So whenever you get time a living thing that is going to tell him that called you ups and hanging accident then every once in a while a living will asking you to verify your name , address , phone number and email address . Then tell me you are a collector within BoA soon as they say looks like your current have a good night and hung . When trying to interrupt them when they are talking to you quickly arrive . They say that by law they have to go through this speal . MedlinePlus Now I try to call this number again and give them heck sometimes holds more than 1 hour , I called the # on my credit card and can not help either. MedlinePlus We have a mortgage , car loan and a credit card with BoA and never missed a payment actually paid a few days before the due date . So far I have received 48 calls from this number in the last 20 days . MedlinePlus Is there any way to get this to stop! It seems that these idiots who answer the phone are just extort someone for $ $ $
Fraudulent collection calls?0Please help me!!!!!!!!!!2012-08-09 00:02:03
Last year I did some Internet research on payday loans .... I put my data to see if you qualify for a payday loan online and was denied .... anyway they charged me $ 50 just to tell me that did not qualify and I just ate it cost as a lesson learned ... but then things got worse! I have been harassed in the last year of any unlawful collection agency saying that owe money on a payday loan that I never got and I'm being sued by the government and my Social Security number is going to freeze! BS! ! First asked about the number of emergency loans from the place and gave it to me ... I do not have any system of n exist (because they never did a payday loan) This was my first clue that this collection agency was a phony! They call my work and tell my co-workers are the police and they claim to be! I asked them repeatedly to stop calling my job! Yet a year later still asking! They call from many area codes, it is always a foreign accent or middle-eastern Indian and American names using false and even once when I asked to speak with a manager, obviously, the man had some sort of device change Voice on your phone and tried to pretend it was someone else! ! That is call an attorney that promises to stop collection calls, but I could not help either ..... I said they could not establish the location of the company because of all the different area codes and providing false information. Obviously the website I asked about a payday loan with sold my information. I am sooo tired of these calls and do not know what to do to stop them! Since they are not a legitimate business that does not respond to legal threats.
What do I do when a collection agency repeatedly calls my work after they have been asked not to?3virangergal2012-09-20 11:01:03
Back in October 9th "I took a few payday loans . I was behind my own, because I had to take a leave of absence from my job because of a domestic dispute . I quickly realized that day loans payment of a vicious cycle and I was even further back . I made ​​payments for a few months and realized balances were not going down, but getting bigger . I ended up paying more than they actually paid in the first place . ended up closing my bank account to avoid paying extra to catch up. Now they call me all the time. in my cell, they just do not answer, because I have nothing to say at this time. And in my work. I asked them not to contact me at work and my boss has told them . But they keep calling. I mentioned the FCRA and simply hang up. What is my next step ? I know that you can send letters asking them to stopped any contact with me, but I can not find the correct mailing address to form. the two largest are 500 Fast cash, and a box Click.
Credit card debt, bank collection, phone calls?0사람이나 사물2012-11-02 20:24:02
I have over 25,000 in credit cards and a car loan of 14k . I'm at the end of everything, just start working . What can the bank ? 22k in CC and the car loan is 14k with the same credit . What should I do ? Bankruptcy ?
How to stop unwanted phone calls?1hallucinogen 2012-09-06 03:25:05
I know everyone has business people calling your house to try to sell something or to consolidate your loans . MedlinePlus But I'm sick of them , today I had 4 of these calls in an hour, that 's ridiculous . MedlinePlus I bought one thing from my provider that held call numbers , but now sound and leave your numbers! Is there any way to stop these numbers '0845 ' calling my house ? ! They drive me crazy . MedlinePlus They call until 8.30 at night and is very annoying , I come home from work and want to relax not respond to phone calls nonsense! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Please help !
How do I stop harassing phone calls?0Tomercena2012-10-17 01:38:14
This man with an accent called saying a month ago that took a cash advance online . First call all he knew was that he was almost a grand but if I paid at that time was to take 5 Somehow something that I said it did not take a payday loan and did not know that . Next call I 'm going to jail for fraud, theft by deception . I still said no and can provide bank statements . He said he has 19 tests you did. I have two and I did not know that my bank can prove it. He informed online CyberCrime Unit , because in fact knows all my information . Today I have another call on my answering machine is now ( cybercrime ) and I have to call him. I'm so tiered of this type , but this time the number was blocked . BTW I have a loan in April with a problem , and it paid as I was called three times and was as sure of that said yes
How do I get Sallie Mae to STOP harassing me with countless phone calls?0Antonio2012-10-26 05:55:08
I have no income , I'm an unemployed college graduate . Many times I spoke with PPL letting them know this and they still continue to call 6-10 times a day , and have been doing it for about six months. The only reason I was able to make one payment is tax money . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently received a letter saying that they can take legal action against me and state that should the total amount of my private student loans . Federal jobs put in deferment. They say I dont qualify for forbearance because I already did twice. An indulgence my checking account would only like a month and went back to the harassing calls . Help !
I am in debt, should I ignore those creditor and collection calls; file bankruptcy; or try to repay the debt?1tera2012-10-06 07:49:02
I am a 24 year old in California who is currently unemployed . I am a full time student and have less than $ 1,000 coming in every month. I have about $ 15 - $ 20k in unsecured credit card that I paid for 6-12 months. Also I have a secured car loan of $ 25k , but luckily , I am able to pay every month on time. I get phone calls every day , but have ignored them all. Since my credit has gone down the drain , I still miss those phone calls and have canceled my debt ? Or should I try to talk to the creditor agency / collection and try to pay ? You should consult with a debt consolidation agency ? Finally , in case of bankruptcy even be an option for me ? I would be grateful for any advice given ... thank you!
Collection agencies constantly call, asking for MANY different names. (None are me.) Why? How can I stop this?0opg2012-09-23 13:29:12
My credit is good : I had only a small loan in my life , paid off early , no debt for more than 10 years MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus I've had this phone number for 3 years and has always received harassing calls from many different collection agencies . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And they are always looking for names of different people - none that I've heard . Also often the exact same call several times for several weeks , each seeking a different name . Report wrong number proved futile . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This is getting very frequently , several times a day now . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. How MANY wrong names being tied to my number for 3 years? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. I will switch to a mobile phone soon. I have a home business . So I have to be my age # play a message with the new cell #. How I can avoid these places to point the new # harassing and my cell phone - and lose my cell minutes MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no time or money for legal action useless . I do not want justice - I just need to stop before I get the cell phone next month MedlinePlus . MedlinePlus Thank you !
How do I stop annoying phone calls on my cell phone?0Francisca2012-11-06 05:53:36
Recently I've been getting a lot of phone calls from loan/payday loan companies and education recruiters. When they call I tell them to take my number from their records. But they keep on calling me anyway, daily! How can I stop this? It's very annoying!
Stop sending me emails for cash loans,credit cards and selling me stop?2Ele2012-09-03 08:05:03
Stop sending me emails for cash loans , credit cards and stop selling ?
How do I stop a finance officer at a dealership to stop the harassment?0Suzy Kasza2012-11-02 15:02:02
On August 4 , I can apply for a car loan at a dealership . I pass one credit union unaffiliated . I have bad credit , but not bad enough . I also apply for the extended warranty Gap and later I decided to cancel. On August 21 I went to cancel. I had to talk to a finance officer . He was rude and obnoxious. So I told him he is acting like an idiot and told me I could do what I never get credit again. So I thought nothing of it . A week later I receive 4 credit financial undertaking other refuse . for a car that never applied . How I can prove that this man is harassing me ? . Its funny they were all applied in the day he got into it .

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