Cash Store Payday Loans? What Happens if?

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Asked at 2012-09-03 12:02:02
I have a loan out of the cash shop and starting to cause very annoying when I have to get me to pay for food and other stuff, because it only gets limited . Now I realize that the payday loan is not the way to go and I regret it now . I can not afford the next payment , however I can not pay overtime , I can give large semi monthly fees to pay. What will happen if I can do this ? Should I talk to them about it ? tht is the best way to go ? I really do not want to be rude and no answer calls or anything, but I can not have this thing on my head haning loan more cause im sick im getting so stressed . I have to pay over time. Any advice is apriciated . thanks in advance
Answer1Jalisa jAnswered at 2012-10-14 17:50:00
Sounds like you have it in your mind that your situation is the fault of the lender . It certainly is not. You made a legal agreement to repay the money , and they will be held until the debt is paid. MedlinePlus Obviously you can not afford the loans and it seems a little immature to have begun this way
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