Fraudulent collection calls?

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Please help me!!!!!!!!!!
Asked at 2012-08-09 00:02:03
Last year I did some Internet research on payday loans .... I put my data to see if you qualify for a payday loan online and was denied .... anyway they charged me $ 50 just to tell me that did not qualify and I just ate it cost as a lesson learned ... but then things got worse! I have been harassed in the last year of any unlawful collection agency saying that owe money on a payday loan that I never got and I'm being sued by the government and my Social Security number is going to freeze! BS! ! First asked about the number of emergency loans from the place and gave it to me ... I do not have any system of n exist (because they never did a payday loan) This was my first clue that this collection agency was a phony! They call my work and tell my co-workers are the police and they claim to be! I asked them repeatedly to stop calling my job! Yet a year later still asking! They call from many area codes, it is always a foreign accent or middle-eastern Indian and American names using false and even once when I asked to speak with a manager, obviously, the man had some sort of device change Voice on your phone and tried to pretend it was someone else! ! That is call an attorney that promises to stop collection calls, but I could not help either ..... I said they could not establish the location of the company because of all the different area codes and providing false information. Obviously the website I asked about a payday loan with sold my information. I am sooo tired of these calls and do not know what to do to stop them! Since they are not a legitimate business that does not respond to legal threats.

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