Can anyone tell me if my Education Maximizer loan through Bank of America was unsecured? related questions

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Can anyone tell me if my Education Maximizer loan through Bank of America was unsecured?0felicia taylor2012-09-03 03:23:02
They offered me a loan Maximizer education through Bank of America back in 2005 . I received the money directly . Never went to school . I only asked for proof of registration , ran my credit and asked for a proof of employment . I borrowed 30,000. Since then I have been on time with my payments until I tried to file chapter 13 bankruptcy . I never went through bankruptcy and was fired a month after the filing of the same . Now , somehow I automatically put my loan in default and to make a long story short it's been a year and is now with a collection agency and has accumulated 35K . Let me know if this loan is dischargeable through bankruptcy, is unsecured ? ? ? ? ? I have read several sites that claim that it was an unsecured loan . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !
When will Bank of America accept a settlement on a personal unsecured loan?0mnarjann2012-10-03 11:09:11
Bank of America offered me a deal of approx . 50% in April , when I first told them just lost his job and could no longer make the payments. At that time I was only 3 weeks ago . Now I am employed and want to settle the account . After August 1 account now will be 4 months late. I called today and was told it was not available closure account . Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with them or when they accept a deal ?
Is the cost of education fast becoming a bigger gamble while America mires in governmental mismanagement?0jewels2012-09-14 17:29:03
First, we're talking about years. 10 economic turmoil . The citizens did not cause this ... should be gov. No relief in sight . MedlinePlus Sophomore loans may not be discharged in bankruptcy . They follow the student throughout his life until the loan is repaid . This is why student loans are easy to get .
Is the cost of education fast becoming a bigger gamble while America mires in governmental mismanagement?4,mary2012-08-25 16:08:19
First, we are talking about years. 10 of economic turbulence. Citizens did not cause this ... has to be government. No relief in sight . Sophomore loans can not be dismissed through bankruptcy. They will follow the student throughout his life until the loan is paid. This is why student loans are easily available
Can i still get a car loan through my bank (bank of america) without paycheck stubs since i get paid in cash?0Mel- Ms. Sue2012-10-13 03:11:33
? I can just take my income tax papers and if so , what do they do with them ?
I have a student loan check that has Bank of America listed as the bank how do I cash it?2Science2012-10-20 22:40:04
I have a student loan check and the bank of the list is the Bank of America . Nowhere leaves me cash and do not want to go to one of those places fast cash because they charge so much money . I can ? Receivables as Bank of America without having to open an account ? If so , how do I do it ?
Would a bank like Wells Fargo or Bank or America loan me $3500 after I was denied credit thru a jewelry store?1gopak2012-10-25 22:12:03
I have 26 years now . I ruined my credit when I was young and foolish and 18-21 . I have taken steps to repair it. I have a car loan for $ 18,000 that I have been paying for 3 years and I have a couple of credit cards I manage fine now , but anything with a credit limit of over $ 1000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to propose to my girlfriend and get her a nice ring . I found that I could afford a $ 3500 ring . I designed the perfect ring in Blue Nile and was going to try to use the Bill Me Later , they let me pay in 6 months without interest. That's how I came up with the $ 3500 to spend on the ring. He could afford to pay about $ 300 a month for the rest of 2009 and then pay the rest with my tax money in February. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But needless to say Blue Nile denied my loan application for $ 3500 ring . I have really wanted to propose now , I do not want to have to wait until early 2010 and wait for my tax return $ 3,000 . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So if I were to go to a major bank like Bank of America or Wells Fargo or something you think I paid $ 3,500 with less than perfect credit ? My credit score is around 620. The reason that my credit card was rejected on the Blue Nile was due to " a history of deliquent payments "
A cash bank loan from Bank of America how does that work.?0asi2012-09-14 20:19:01
Ok , so I asked how I can reach $ 2000 and some of you suggested your bank loan as a cash loan . I wanted to know they are pretty easy to get. I mean they have as collateral if that is what they need and my mom may co - sign as she makes $ 20 an hour .
What is the best bank to get an auto loan wescom or bank of america?2Dorothy2012-11-04 22:27:02
Im thinking of getting a loan of $ 15,000 for a new car toyota yaris 2008 and priced around $ 14,300 my payment is $ 4000 not know how much taxes and licenses to be added.
Can a Bank of AMerica Credit Card put a Levy on my checking account at another bank?0kenji862012-08-12 18:47:37
My dad passed and letters arrive at the farm. I also note , but did not realize it had gotten so high. I was told by Bank of America credit cards are unsecured loans and can not apply to accounts that can proceed to the collection and if the collection agency does not have luck to return to the bank and the bank will to be amortized and will be in my credit report for 7 years. I will try my best to satisfy. My concern is true I can not Levy ( freezing) of my checking account at another bank.
Help to get unsecured education loan?1Sunny2012-09-27 02:33:04
Hello , MedlinePlus MedlinePlus CREDILA rejected my application as I have no blood relation as coborrower colleteral to offer MedlinePlus I have offer UK university and only need about 6 lack rupees loan . MedlinePlus Suggest some way to go , please
Can you cash a Comerica Bank check at Bank of America?1Thomas2012-09-25 15:18:09
I have a Comerica Bank check student loan , but there Comerica near me. I'm pretty sure I gained a PNC bank last semester, but I can not remember.

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