How can I consolidate payday loans in Texas at store fronts ? related questions

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How can I consolidate payday loans in Texas at store fronts ?0Candace2012-09-02 18:33:02
I have both types of loans , both online and in stores. How I can find the best solution to solve this problem. The first step , and so on ?
Best way to consolidate payday loans and cash store loans?2Adoni2012-09-10 21:52:03
want to consolidate my debt payday and cash loans in the shop of a monthly payment
I have 2 store front payday loans and 3 online payday loans. I heard that one of my loan companies are illegal?1Mark G2012-08-25 18:45:19
Kingston Financial, BIG , and other media assets , I 'm not worried about the store fronts , but does anyone have any ideas on how to get me out from under this debt ? I got fired and I can not afford to pay all or even the interest that I paid off loans twice with just paying the interest. please help .
Cash Store Payday Loans? What Happens if?1Delia2012-10-14 17:51:03
I have a loan out of the cash shop and starting to cause very annoying when I have to get me to pay for food and other stuff, because it only gets limited . Now I realize that the payday loan is not the way to go and I regret it now . I can not afford the next payment , however I can not pay overtime , I can give large semi monthly fees to pay. What will happen if I can do this ? Should I talk to them about it ? tht is the best way to go ? I really do not want to be rude and no answer calls or anything, but I can not have this thing on my head haning loan more cause im sick im getting so stressed . I have to pay over time. Any advice is apriciated . thanks in advance
Being sued by Payday Loan store?0CARRISSA2012-09-27 07:26:11
I have a consumer loan out w / one of those stores payday loans . My pay was $ 92.00 per month . I also had a payday loan that I recently paid regularly . At one point I had lost my job and then found another but my salary dropped a little , so I had a hard time keeping up w / the payments . I did try to negotiate w / them , technically speaking, I " m behind a month ( paid $ 50.00 in June, not in July and August is not due yet) Now , I have given a summons to appear in court in September ( that was fast ) I did not mind paying until June and I 'm not saying not to the rest of the debt. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone else out there have been sued by stores payday loans ? Here in Wisconsin legislature has been trying to get a handle on these sites .. any suggestions where to start ? I'm calling my lawyer and see what he has to say about it too. Again I repeat that I do not owe the money I'm trying to get out of owing anything ... except what they have tacked on.
Can a payday loan store boot my car for nonpayment?4ravin2012-09-29 12:53:24
I have a vehicle registration signature loan .. I've been paying for 2 years and the interest is killing me , I can not do it any longer . But the place where I got the loan is saying that it will start the car if you do not pay ... Is this legal ?
What happens if i didnt pay my payday loan for the cash store?4cbarnett2012-08-30 04:14:15
What if I do not pay my payday loan for cash shop ?
I had a payday loan with ace cash express in texas do you know what they can do i only got it in dec 07,?0Bunnie2012-08-24 00:20:21
the collection agency guy said I had to take 500 tomorrow and will close the case and I tld nsf to google and this was a serious matter that I have a payday loan with no intention of return on investment , which does not is true , what I can do or what are our options ? What can you do ?
Payday loans how to consolidate?1rashawn2012-09-14 02:22:04
Has anyone heard of the possibility of consolidating payday loans ? Wages may attach to them? If anyone knows of a good company , please let me know
Can I consolidate my payday loans?0My dancer chick2012-10-04 15:46:52
I know I'm a complete idiot , even to get one , but now I have 7 payday loans and want to get rid of them all. Should I use a consolidation company Debt Solutions as fate? I tried to get a personal loan , but I have been rejected in all and I have enough in my 401k to borrow to pay them all off . Can anyone give me some good advice ? I'm really desperate to get them and I know I'm an idiot , so please advice only.
Can I consolidate payday loans, so I can pay them off once and for all?2RAY2012-09-11 00:52:03
? I can consolidate loans payday , so you can pay once and for all ?
Who can I consolidate my payday loans with?0tomika2012-09-23 01:22:02
I have three payday loans , totaling $ 3,800.00 . Pay all of them every two weeks I hurt so bad , I never have , but I thought it would be easy and yet it is not. I have a full time job and a very hard worker , I'd pay these payday loans friendly so the next time you can borrow without any problem . If I can get to an amount to pay the 3 payday loans so that I too may be able to pay some of the household bills , buy food for my children and pay their school too. Any help from any consolidation company will be a very big help for me . Thank you. Barbara Green

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