Would the subprime crisis happen if property supply did not grow so fast or high? related questions

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Would the subprime crisis happen if property supply did not grow so fast or high?2Alyssa Pacheco2012-11-03 10:19:03
subprime was doing so well and the houses were built , right? MedlinePlus ates of interest and then went to the monthly payments or anything like that , and basically monthly payments soared. and other things that eventually led many subprime borrowers to keep their payments and foreclose on their homes ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus what investors thought property values ​​always go up . subprime mortgages were traded on the market . but the value of homes dropped because too many houses , more executions , and the houses lose value relative to the initial assessment . their actions are perceived to be worth less . lowers confidence and people sell sell sell . yes ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well, I do not understand why sell sell sell lead to the collapse of a company , but that's a different issue . if you do, then my question is, what happens if the subprime households still taken back by the lenders did not lose value ? if the initial loan was $ 100,000, and until the borrower has returned $ 10,000 ( whether principal or interest ) , then by default and the lender takes the house and the house is worth $ 90,000 and the manages to sell at that price , then what is the problem than nonprofit are doing ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Who is to blame for the subprime mortgage crisis?1elcapitain2012-09-19 16:30:04
This is something I found online ... I think it sounds pretty conservative biased ... let me know what you think: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1997 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Fannie Mae is a GSE ( government sponsored entity ) regulated by Congress . ? Fannie Mae buys mortgages from other companies. MedlinePlus ? It is backed by taxpayers for all losses , but keeps all profits . MedlinePlus ? President Clinton loosens Home Loan Requirements . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1998 MedlinePlus Banks ? Start making thousands of bad loans , 0 down , no documentation , for 120% ! ( 1998
I figured out what the subprime mortgage crisis purpose is...what do you think?0Kaiya2012-11-05 12:00:14
Starting with Carter's "Community Reinvestment Act" on to Obama suing Citicorp for the Congressional Black Caucus to force them to make loans to unqualified buyers... The whole agenda was to make taxpayers buy homes for people who otherwise could never afford them........ The plan was after people who could not repay their loans defaulted and foreclosures began, that would be used as a sympathy issue and more bailouts would be called for (or it would be "cruel"). Now 40% of those who were offered refis to prevent foreclosures, defaulted yet again! There were 1 MILLION foreclosures. If an average house costs $200,000, WHY DIDN'T WE JUST BUY A MILLION HOUSES AT $200BILLION INSTEAD OF BAILING OUT THE BANKS AT $700BILLION? Aren't we just being royally screwed?
Do Right-wingers Simply Lack the Intellectual Development to Comprehend the Causes of the Subprime Crisis?1Shakespear2012-11-06 01:52:03
The propagandists of the bankers (ie Faux News) wants to promote a simplistic explanation, no sense of the financial crisis that does not bother to examine the capitalist system. Instead, they want to blame the "do good" Democrats forcing our dear and trusted bankers to write mortgage loans to poor people who could not afford those houses. What nonsense fairy tale! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Who remembers a time when people were rushing to exploit poor bankers are required to write mortgage loans? I have friends who earn very meager still living in the same apartment old shit they did 10 years ago. I'm more politically involved and have never heard of any program that would have allowed these wonderful friends to buy houses. Why are people still stuck paying exorbitant rents on apartments of shit when they could have bought wonderful houses instead? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And we're not talking about a couple of my personal friends. These are apartment communities are huge and filled with tenants who work relatively low pay. No "do good" Democrats were demanding affordable rental properties for these people. During the peak of the bubble of low-income people who supposedly could have bought a house for $ 175,000 for the same amount they were paying in rent apartment in ruins MedlinePlus dangerous neighborhoods. But I do not know anyone who made that purchase. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In contrast, and as we all know, was middle-class people with good incomes who moved in newer homes and larger. He was wealthy investors who were gobbling properties and then "flipping" them weeks later. That's the story we all remember. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The fact that the collapse of the housing bubble is that most defaults came from the middle class. The poor never were buying homes they could not afford the demands that Democrats did the bankers. That never materialized claim until long after the crisis broke out and was looking right BS explanation that would exonerate the bankers while blaming the liberals and the poor. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus As we all know, the bankers were getting really filthy rich during the entire housing bubble. Shares of Countrywide Financial, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers were all flying to new highs almost daily as record quarterly earnings became a regular event. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Furthermore, the amount needed to bail out bankers exceeded the value of the properties in default. In fact, the bankster bailout requires more money than it would have been necessary to pay the mortgage each and every credit card for all Americans. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What's more, the crisis is global. How is it possible that a few million dollars in bad loans for middle class Americans in homes secured by the property itself could have brought the entire world capitalist system to collapse? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus No, no. There must be a rational explanation and depth of the crisis that the bankers and their propagandists want the public to know. The bankers were involved in a MedlinePlus highly leveraged Ponzi scheme with MedlinePlus many with Enron-style accounting tricks off-balance. MedlinePlus * At the time of the crisis, only $ 11.5 trillion were paid all mortgages and every credit card for all Americans. However, the rescue is now over $ 18 trillion. Why banks need more bailouts money than they actually have a debt?
What will happen to next year students due to the economic crisis?0Jaizzer2012-10-26 08:40:40
what will happen to the new students going to college next year they need student loans to attend? my only chance to go to my dream school is through private and government student loans granted . i actually do not have a credit guarantee and not very well on my own ... any help ?
Israeli army helplessly trapped by a line of ham and cheese sandwiches How fast can NATO supply troops?0eliska ware2012-09-11 15:32:03
Yes you heard it here first MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The armies of Israel stopped hoplessly - locked in an illegal activity in Iran and held hostage by a circle of ham and cheese - MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How fast can the super NATO friends get a loan from taxpayers and from start and end of war against Iran to keep Israel safe? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Remember that Jesus is judging you now
What's a high paying job that a high school graduate can get that is not in sales? Or a fast college situation2hong2012-11-02 04:18:02
I was wondering what a good paying job for someone with only a high school diploma would . Maybe something entry level . Also, for someone who does not have much money or can not get loans , which is a fast track program college career could be achieved through a community college leading to a well paying job ?
Do you think the high gas prices helped bring on the mortgage crisis?0helly2012-11-04 01:06:15
Not fully, but a little. A friend of mine was saying that it would be easier for people to pay off loans if they weren't putting so much money into buying gasoline for their cars and heating their houses. Any thoughts?
Why is the mortgage rates going up so high and so fast?3student042012-09-29 07:27:03
If Obama gave stimulus pacakge $ both the banks and the banks want to lend money so that the economy can recover from the recession , so why mortgage rates to rise so high and so fast? This makes people less attracted to buying a new home . I'm from so cal and repayment of $ 8K , its nothing because the median home price is $ 450K and more
Im applying for a crisis loan from the social fund, any ideas as to what they regard as a crisis ?0sreedharan2012-11-06 01:38:10
Where can I find a lagit loan without high interest rates and low monthly payments fast?3G'Woyne2012-11-05 19:05:01
I have to get a quick loan (Tuesday if I can ) so I can pay my bills . I need my payments to be established for every two weeks.
Is it a good idea to borrow a high-APR auto loan, although I don't need it, to build my credit rating fast?2pratima2012-10-19 15:39:03
The manager in the finance department suggested that I should at least keep the loan for 24 months to increase my credit history significantly. So my plan is to pay most of the loan in 1 or 2 months , and pay off the rest in 22 to 23 months . I figured this way I can avoid paying too much interest to obtain the so-called " momentum " . Is this idea sounds silly or reasonable ? Thank you !

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