I wanna go to school for Graphic Design but don't know where to get started. HELP? related questions

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I wanna go to school for Graphic Design but don't know where to get started. HELP?0ght2012-09-02 03:25:04
I have 20 years old from a small town in Illinois , no finance whatsoever. I recently lost my first job .. I think it's finally time to go back to school . I've always really loved and wanted to do graphic design forever, but do not know where to start , does not even have a car .. ? MedlinePlus Where I can get financial aid / student loans ? And what is a good college to go to? MedlinePlus I am very shy and lonely .. but I have to make a change ..
Confused about what career to go in to (graphic design or game design...)?5Maddy2012-11-05 22:08:02
So yeah , im a Junior in college and we have not decided what I want my major to be. Basically , I know you love computers , art , video games , photography and playing with photoshop so at first I assumed he wanted to be a game designer ... but by the time we actually had to apply for college , I realized art school ( SCAD in my case , I had already been accepted ) costs a ridiculous amount of money I just I can not afford it, even with loans . So I decided on graphic design ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus But now , I'm a little worried about what the actual job prospects of a career can be and whether to settle for something with a more secure income ... I guess what I 'm asking is , is worth it to become a graphic designer given how competitive it can be, and if there are other options to consider if my interests / hobbies include video games , computers , photography , etc.
Starting a Graphic Design business.?4Rebecca McGhee2012-11-04 01:11:03
Ok I have a lot of experience in advertising , marketing, print and graphic design . (business cards , letterhead , ads , etc. ) Due to different life changes I would like to work from home . I was thinking of starting my own business doing graphic design print materials for local businesses , etc. For those who have started their own business please provide a bit of sense to me to start . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Material Business need ? should get a bank loan ? ? MedlinePlus - Things to consider ( business taxes , etc ) copyright MedlinePlus - Any MedlinePlus links to websites that can give me some direction. MedlinePlus This is a big step , so would appreciate any advice you may have about how to start your own home business . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you.
Starting a graphic design business and looking for advice.?0Marti2012-10-09 17:35:56
I know a similar question has been done before, but mine is a little more specific. I'm a little desperate so I'll keep this as short as possible. Graphic Design is what I love. I feel depressed even when I have no project. I do this as a living part-time, completely independent. I'm not looking to get rich doing graphic design, but a little more economic security. I have not an hourly rate or fees blocked. I let people tell me what you think my time and work is worth it for them. People tend to give me much more reasonable offers this way than previously thought. My question is this. Should I continue to work from home and just keep doing things by e-mail and phone? I really like the personal interaction with my clients and have an office for you to stop by whenever they feel and be able to talk to me about your ideas. The population of this city is about 6500 -7500 and as this is not a big city by any means. I live about an hour away in any direction from the nearest big cities. I do not even have a lot of customers, but are loyal for sure. I have a website and I use only as an online portfolio, and I did not see the need to do anything else. I even started a separate account Guru and was doing some work and marketing of there, but receive payment from the escrow service they have is like pulling teeth. With all this in mind (very sorry for the length), you should definitely consider getting a small loan from the SBA to establish an office to work from and I work from home I have and wait until I move to a larger city of get an office? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus (Also, I found out they were subsidies to business owners who renovate old buildings in their place of work by updating everything. Any information you may obtain one of these grants would be great, as there are a lot by beautiful old buildings here that I could use for an office.)
Am a graphic artist , i do portrait painting and design. i need financial assistance 2 start can any one help?1chanel2012-10-10 23:54:02
Why do I need this help is because I am not from an affluent family and have no access to bank loans. and also live in a country where a lot of tribal sentiments . I am a born artist with talent . I really need some help . I think if people really are concerned about my situation can help and support me by sending me some money through money transfer Western Union or other source , if desired . Is this okay ?
So i wanna buy my friends pt cruiser, but i dont have enough money?0Kane2012-09-24 12:26:03
she wants 5000 for it in cash, and I will have around 3000 for next spring . She wants to be paid in cash so you can use that money to pay for a Chrysler 300 , the newer . It is a 2002, has only 34,000 miles, drives like a dream , some minor cosmetic imperfections , and is limited edition . Is it a good buy ? I want to get something around 5000 and it is small and good on gas . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The question is , is there a loan out there I can get ? student loans or something? I really like the car, and I need it because my dads old truck wasting gas away like crazy .
Teach me how to buy a new car but not getting scam at the dealership because i dont wanna end up paying more?0riley1592012-09-17 07:28:06
please tell me the best way to buy a car . I'm thinking of buying a 2006 Mazda3 , which has a total price of 17,450 plus VAT. I approve online auto loan for $ 19,000 at capitalone.com . I know that all dealers scamming customers and ends up paying more for the car . I want to avoid scam by dealers . CapitalOne is sending me a check for $ 19,000 for the auto loan . So this means that I will pay cash to the dealership not ? But this Mazda dealership wants to apply for credit checks , but I said I 'm paying cash . Well , please help me how to buy a new car, but do not get scam at the dealership because I do not want to end up paying more ?
My boyfriend is in a stuck financial situation. and i wanna help him but i dont know how?1Stella2012-10-05 09:05:02
heres a little about your situation: he is a one to one worker for social work and a balloon artist . lives with me but has an apartment . He started it in a job so he would not get paid until the end of next month. not spending money on gas , but usually due to a one on one of the workers everywhere need a person to spend a lot of gas. and eat here at home , so I never spend money you do not need . but hes having a hard time trying to pay your bill apartment , car insurance , student loans , gas , and other bills you have to pay . What should I do ? I want to help , but I'm not sure how
Should I continue going to school for fashion design?0Joslyn2012-08-16 23:21:34
I have been attending the Academy of Art University online, this is my second semester. I really love , but it costs $ 2,200 per class. Then I have to buy books and supplies .. A total of between $ 400-900 per semester. I am a single mother , worked as a waitress. This has always been my dream. But after doing extensive research I found that many people do not always get a job in this field. I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on this, if I will never be able to. My dream was to open a boutique, but again , I would need money to boot. I'll have a lot of student loans to pay, because that's how I'm paying for school. I live in Wisconsin , which is a state of fashion , which means that he would spend if I wanted a job in this field. So my question is , should I keep doing what I love, no matter the cost ? Or should I look into doing something else with my life? Thanks for your opinions :)
Looking for a school in networking or game design were the future going to be in class or online what the cost?0Gen2012-08-14 16:27:03
I get this e / mail about loans and grants from Bach. I thought science $ 30000.00
Is it possible to Attend a High dollar school (Online) like UAT: Game Design or Fuil Sail while...?0in serious need of help2012-10-13 08:50:26
In addition to serving in the U.S. Army , UAT online states that costs 5105.00 per semester or about that , I guess my real question is, I can go to these schools online and not pay much or anything at all my pocket because of grants and loans , tuition assistance ect ect ? MedlinePlus My home of record is Texas if that means anything , but I am currently stationed in Germany . Any and all help is greatly appreciated as always . Thank you all.
Wanna take a school loan to buy a used car, is that allowed?0golden eagle2012-09-03 10:38:02
I need a car for next year and with the economy as it is unable to get a job this summer . So I was wondering if I could get this student loan where I just pay the interest each month, which I could afford and I get one U.S. dollar 150 check every two weeks at school and buy a cheap used car . Like a 2000 dollar or less self . Well , so is this legal and do you know where I can get this loan

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