I purchased a car with my grandmother as a cosigner why is her name on my vehicle registration? related questions

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I purchased a car with my grandmother as a cosigner why is her name on my vehicle registration?4lisa clem2012-10-10 12:57:02
I bought the car and asked my grandmother to be an endorsement because I am new to credit and no credit fantastic. I got a great interest , but I looked at my vehicle registration and having both of our names on it . I 'm the one who put the money down is making payments , the car is mine , but for some reason even though he lives out of state called on my record . I'm also trying to prove I'm an independent student , but his name in the register of my worries me are going to think that she helped pay for the car or something. My boyfriend had to have his mother cosign for your car as well and said his name is the only one in his record , his name is only on loan . So why does my grandmother on my record and there is no way to remove it ?
Can I change the name on my vehicle registration?0Justino2012-08-30 02:55:12
I live in Washington State , I bought a car for my husband and then the loan is in my name . The divorce was awarded the car. ? I can change the name on record with the Department of Labor to his name instead of mine? Or the car has to be repaid or refinanced in your name before you can change the registry ?
Can I get put on the registration of a vehicle if I'm not on the title?0Lasea2012-10-11 00:21:25
My parents are the only two names on the title of my car , which is still being financed through a bank. I still make payments to those who pay for the loan. At the time it was purchased was in college . My overall goal is to ensure my car under a policy with my husband , instead of being under my parents ( It is much cheaper ) . They told me to do this I have to be on the record . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thank you !
Removing Co Buyer from Vehicle Registration?1Elise2012-08-19 00:23:04
My boyfriend co - signed auto loan. He took possession of the car, though , and talk more. He already has a car and just doing this to mean. I am the main buyer on the loan, and need the car , my credit score is too low to refinance on my own. Is there any legal or other action to get the car back and be able to keep it all the time to make the payments ?
I recently purchased a vehicle and fully paid for it. Now if I want to borrow out of it what are my options?1Hasan2012-10-21 19:14:03
I'm doing this because I want to have my cash tied . Of course , I'll be looking for the best price available . Also, what would be the effect on my credit ? My plan to repay the loan in three or four years .
I got a pre-approved car loan through Capital One and purchased a vehicle from a Honda dealer. Help?1lasa2012-08-29 06:58:18
Now I get a phone call from the dealer stating very rude I have to go and sign a new contract and that the bank has paid for the car saying that I did not get approved and have been found in some other bank to finance me . My question is, I'm hooked for nothing if I can not return the car . ? They gave me the idea that I was still approved by the Capital One card that brought and I also told them that I was not taking my credit. But now I'm getting offers in the mail drop them running. I just want to return the car . Its been about a month .
What right does a cosigner have to repossess my vehicle if i've only been late once?2economist2012-08-27 08:10:16
I started working for my cousin who owns a small business . He did not want me driving my truck close to customers , as it was a couple of years and dented on one side. So we went to go see if I could buy one . My credit was bad ( divorce , etc. ) and the only way to get a truck would pay a large sum of money down . could not. My cousin offered to co - sign . I felt like it was a bad idea and said no. He continued to nag , so I did . Anyway , I've been paying for two years and have been late once, for a few days . In today's economy I think is pretty good , and now I'm a small business owner myself. Well , now says he will come and take the truck . He also says he has a lawyer and I have to sign a contract to provide insurance information and all documentation for the purchase of vehicles and loans . I'm still willing to follow the truck and I'm still making payments . We have provided banking information in the past and have tried to get a loan to take over the truck soley trade in. My question is, can bring the sheriff department to my house to take possession of the truck and I have to give all this documentation you are asking .
How can I repossess a vehicle I am a cosigner/co owner?0Yaun2012-10-19 17:44:34
I've been a co-signer/co-owner my ex . fianc
Can a cosigner has a right to return the car back if his name appears on vehicle title? ?3Nelson2012-09-07 23:54:02
I also signed by my boyfriend and we are no longer together. He is the owner of the car loan account . What rights do I have if I can my name appears on the vehicle title ? If not the account holder to pay the amount , then I can ask people car loan to bring the car . How to get out of the offer, even if my name appears or not in the vehicle's title ? We are not in contact with him , so do not have the option of asking also.That refinancing is the situation and not want to ruin my credit history. What to do? I can not see any legal counsel to get out of this agreement? Please let me know how to get out of this agreement as soon as possible? I am ready even if the car loan people take the car too? I never used the car so far. It is with the account holder only.I signed this agreement last year and I have spent half the amount of payment also.From that time the car is in sole possession .
I am a cosigner on a car loan the vehicle was reposse is there a way for me to avoid being sued?1jagadheeswar2012-10-26 07:35:02
I am a co-signer on a car loan the vehicle was reposse there a way for me to avoid being sued ?
Ok so i am another one of those people who make the horrible mistake of being a cosigner on a vehicle. ?1zeta2012-10-25 12:58:02
I am trying to remove my name from a vehicle that I have access to im trying to buy a car for me , but all that remains to be approved is the debt ratio for the current vehicle loan in question . i have a very good credit and my credit cards are minimal , but I still can not get approved . I have tried to contact the former many times, but he is not cooperating . not be approved if I had to refinance and he is so selfish he does not care what you are doing this to me . I ran many options through my head , as refinancing the car in my name and then have the car taken from him , but threats in name is not worth risking my safety or my family. this has been very stressful for me and I need help with any other options to help resolve this safely . I was thinking of filing a civil complaint against him with the hope that they will be forced to withdraw my name from the vehicle and he has been making payments and I have no access to the car at all . What is the process of a civil lawsuit and what might be the cost ? it is a long process ? I'm sorry , or the long story , but I love to have all my options on how to resolve this disgusting mess of a mistake ? trust me , it was a hard lesson learned ! Thanks in advance for all your advice !
My grandmother is going to be put in a nursing home, and she has a car that she is still paying for?0Zoombi2012-09-07 01:08:04
She became ill unexpectedly , and now she can not work , so she can not pay for the car . Now she has to pay even more 8k on it . She does not want your bad credit , but she does not know what to do with it either. Your auto loan specifically states that you can not sell the car to another person with out explicit consent , and looked at the website of auto loans , and states that one can not assume or take over payments for the beneficiary . Now what ? She is not expecting to be in your time , but it will be at least 18 months. Also who is to say about these things ? She suddenly got sick , you know . I would love to pay for the same car , but I have no money to pay for a car that I can not use . ( Not that I can use it , but you know you can not pay for a car if it's not mine , I have that kind of money . ) MedlinePlus Is it possible that if he was to place car in which someone is allowed to take over the payments ? Maybe even get refinanced . MedlinePlus I do not know, but I need some help with this. Can anyone give me any advice at all ?

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