I have attented university of phoenix, and I am now withdrawing from the school, I started in feb 2008 ...? related questions

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I have attented university of phoenix, and I am now withdrawing from the school, I started in feb 2008 ...?0Bkp2012-09-01 20:50:03
the reason I 'm retiring is because I feel I 'm on my own , all assignments / tasks are done online without textbooks or teacher intruction ... I came to my final decision and will just go to community college . my biggest was my degree in business administration , my question is , since I'm from the financial and ended only 2units, the difference will be refunded to my loan Sallie Mae ( student loan lender ) or are the funds that I sent ? ? .... I'm new to this, so I want to make sure what happens when a student drops ? ? ? What are the steps ? ... I sent the withdrawal of the university that was yesterday ... advice please .... thank you!
Unused loan money after withdrawing from University of Phoenix?0dav-02012-08-10 06:48:02
Im in classes 7 and 8 of the University of Phoenix Online ... I can not stand it and I leave to go to another school. No this is my question, my second disbursement of the loan just came out a week ago. Now there is a surplus balance of 2400 on my student account. They get back to my lender or me? I have read many things online about other people's money has just disappeared .. Now I'm terrified of the same. I'll try to call them tomorrow , I hope you can really get a hold of someone and not have a turn around ! Anyone know ?
Withdrawing from a university before a financial aid disbursement is issued?0Jenifer2012-09-09 15:32:02
Hello ! I need serious answers here everyone ! My financial aid loan term is of 11.08 through 11.09 and is only partially disbursed. I am due to a payment in a few weeks . I'm not happy with my current university and wish to withdraw . The financial aid department says if I retire I will not have money in my new school until after November. So, my question is should I go ahead and stay enrolled in this school I am at the moment until after the release and then removed so you can use the money left at the next school. Is this possible ? I am currently attending Ashford University Online and this school has done nothing but rob me asking the lender to withdraw $ 99,999.99 over four years for my student loan . I think this is an extraordinary amount of money ! I am also upset with the way the system works and how they make us pay $ 1,062 for the class we drop . They are a group of thieves . So can anyone help please?
Withdrawing from 1 school & going to another.. can I do this?0Demetrious2012-10-06 08:36:08
Ok, I started taking online classes at the University of Phoenix in September 08. Well, I did not realize before you start taking classes there is a school that terrible. I've been bouncing between advisers time I've been there. My accounts always remain in disrepair and never get the amount of disbursements should again. Let me just from a class because it did not meet attendance that particular class. I'm pretty sure I did meet the necessary assistance, but I can not prove that as I am not able to get into that class now. Since being removed from the class, I was told that I'm only getting $ 451 back in disbursments that was supposed to be given to me about 4 weeks. Well, I have my refund Friday and actually was only $ 451 and my friend and I both added and said we should have received at least $ 2000 back because my number is supposed to be $ 3571, which is posted on my account , but used it to pay for the class dropped, I understand that, but I should not have taken so much out! I am currently in my 8th week of the first set of classes of my second academic year. So I have two weeks left until my next set of classes start. But anyway, I thought about removing them before classes start my new classes. However, I'm pretty sure you have to pay a toll if I leave because every time I refund of $ 451. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered my transcripts and prints them. I asked Ivy Tech and would love to start as soon as possible. I've been accepted for the fall of 2010, but I know I could start classes before that. My question is, would it be able to get financial aid and my Pell grant and loan again if I was going to pass them off next week from UOP and Ivy Tech start within a month or so?
How do I go about withdrawing from school in this situation?0alobi2012-09-27 03:41:03
I just got accepted into a university online about 2 days , and my classes even begin until October 4, so that is more than a month from now . In the virtual campus to show what my estimated payments would be if my loans get approved , yet nothing is promised . Now , even though they have not accepted any loan , however , and I have not taken a class yet. ? I can leave school without being penalized ? And if so , how would I write the letter of withdrawal ?
University of Phoenix?0Mio2012-09-15 05:09:04
As a former student of UOP not recommend this place to anyone shit . If you decide to take this for what its worth or ignore it and find out later in the long run . The staff is terrible ... Admission Visor advertisement sales people . Guess what my admissions counselor out there and said he found something better . CHOOSE CHOOSE MY FINANCIAL ADVISER FOR ME student loans and even counsel me they were and what interest rate THERE ? HOW DO YOU FEEL IF YOU HAD GOT PUT ON A STUDENT LOAN INTEREST RATE YOU CAN HAVE LOW LOAN FOR ANOTHER AGENCY . Also as I found out my student loans were when I went to the ENE ARMY BASIC TRAINING May 2009 ... CAME HOME WITH FOUR ACCOUNTS LOANS FOR STUDENTS WHO WANT A DIFFERENT payment of $ 50 $ 100 PAYMENT WITH SOME INTEREST RATE HIGH SKY . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Four different loans ? ? WOW it takes MUCH DIFFERENT AGENCY I only did 12 classes with them ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I enjoyed my classmates Honestly I DID , but the staff and the people who work there are GARBAGE . Basically , a car dealer even GET A LEASE IN JUST TO MAKE A SALE . Everyone knows leases are scams . ONCE IN IT YOU CAN NOT LEAVE WITHOUT CREDIT spoil your hard work ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus SO I hope this FAQ for those who were planning to attend. Please do not make the mistakes I made . Not only am CAUSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN STUDENTS BUT NO CREDIT DEBIT CREDIT TRANSFER ALL MY ... So basically I lost money, and having to put more money to transfer credits NT ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus GOD BLESS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS and efforts.
Can I sue University Of Phoenix for this ... ?0Karen2012-10-15 14:33:47
I start school at the University of Phoenix in March 2010 , all was well until I have to move to another country , after I took some time to get everything done as it took me over a month and I only University of Phoenix given as 20 a few days to return to class when I arrived at my destination , I contacted them and let them know that I need more time where I was in contact with them it was not my place , but I guess I didn
University of Phoenix?0Chaseone2012-09-28 06:09:02
I'm thinking about getting an associate degree from the University of Phoenix online program . I am a housewife and that's the best option for me right now. I read a lot of good and bad reviews . I was wondering your opinion on them if you attended school , or if you know someone who has , online or on campus . Were you able to get a job with the degree you received? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Currently considering the Associate in Arts in Administration Health Care / Medical Records . I'll go through Petra ally to become certified medical billing and coding or anything else to help , if needed , to be more qualified for a position. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I worry that I will have to repay these loans , but will not be able to get a job with this degree . I do not want to waste time and money for nothing . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for any information you can give :)
University of Phoenix online...?0Jannett2012-09-01 05:47:03
Ok , so today I was talking to a counsler by phone today and filled out the application for the school , student loans and grants. I said let me know within 5 days is going with them . Now let me tell you a little about myself bt . I have 28 years old , a single mother of three children and have no schooling , further than high school. I can not really attend a local college until next year once my youngest child can go to school full time. I was hoping to maybe find an online school to get some education in the meantime. I enrolled in Associate of Arts in health care . Can anyone tell me if this was a good decison to choose this school ? ? ? If not , do I have to go through with it yet because I filled requests for loans , grants and school ? ? ? Please help ! I've been reading a lot of bad reviews about this school .
University of Phoenix most expensive?1Jame2012-10-01 09:58:04
I have been researching online for an online university that will put me in debt for the rest of my life . Please do not give me rude replies on how I should go to a normal school and not a line , because I am a single mother of a 1 year old and this is the best option for me . Everyone said that the University of Phoenix is one of the most expensive universities online and I have been researching and this is not true . They are all the same price or more . Devry is much higher than UOP. My question is , does anyone know what the best online university is ? I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what will give me the best education and not let me pay off loans until I 75.
Have you or anyone you know? University of Phoenix online?1Khyir2012-08-23 15:27:02
I know two ppl who took classes online and now both are working in call centers . Does the University of Phoenix , if you really produce results or is it typical to get into debt (loans from financial aid) and still end up in a job and a career? Anyone here ever graduated from there or know someone who has done and the degree helped them get a career? Do you have a title not to say anything to employers? Would it be a waste of my time?
Rasmussen vs. University of Phoenix?2caintgetrite2012-10-12 15:46:02
I'm trying to decide which school to go with out of these two . I made an investigation now while stunned my mind! I have 25 years old, married , works full time , and have completed the FAFSA and only qualify for loans . I have an associate degree in accounting and a community college credits would transfer to get my degree in accounting . I prefer online classes . I tried both online and in class formation and prefer the line. By the way , I would have to pay for school and I 'm a normal average person paid . Any suggestions ? Thank you !

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